Joe Rogan - Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence

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Karisma King : Every time he stops talking I'm just imagining equations flying around in his head.

Graeme Davidson : I know he’s super intelligent.. But the way he talks and goes silent and moves his head scares the shit out of me.. He knows something we don’t.

A : Ever seen worry on someone's face and depression. That guy looks like he knows something bad and he's part of something that scares the shit out of him. Very Strange guy.

Baseline Garage : This guys a robot

AsSaSSIN305 _ : Clearly 100x more of a thinker and doer than a talker.

I Write A Song A Day : Holy crap he got Elon Musk on the show

Jerry Atric : "It could be terrible or it could be great. It's not clear. One thing is for sure, we will not control it."

Greedo's Revenge : To quote Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." I believe that quote deeply applies to this topic.

dastv89 : Joe is much smarter than people give him credit for, he is sitting with ELON MUSK and having an exceptional banter

ecbenny J : Every genius is a little strange in behavior

NALF : Did Elon and Joe dress each other, what is going on???

Michael Kelly : I could listen to Elon all day -> riveting topics, insightful and good-natured. Great interview. Thanks and enjoyed it!

Twahir Abubakar : Elon isn’t a robot, he isn’t from the future, he’s just a smart guy full of anxiety. He speaks like that because he’s so often misunderstood that he’s learnt to measure his words so his intent isn’t misattributed. Now, concerning AI, I’m sure humans legacy will be that of our hominid ancestors. We’ll contribute a small “genetic” code which might be useful for ai’s day to day, or at least go unnoticed (like the dozens of redundant genetic carryovers we have). We on the other hand will be remembered as the missing link between the evolution of cybernetic life from genetic.

Bumpertrash1 : So terminator might become a reality?

Mid NighT : 10:54 100 years from now the AI’s will play this clip and taunt us with it

Luis Dej : His mannerisms and his facial expressions “How can I answer this simply?” “How true is this?” “Can I disclose this information?” “Will the shareholders frown upon these words?” “Can I agree with Joe on this topic?” “Can I laugh at this without repercussions?” Makes me believe 1000 things are passing by his mind before he answers

Joshua Susice : This guy seems a little depressed He tried to warn Humanity and has given up for the most part.

2A : "Love is the answer. Be nicer to each other and give more credit to others. Don't assume they're mean until they're actually mean. It's easy to demonize people... you're usually wrong about it. People are nicer than you think. Give people more credit." - Elon Musk, September 2018, Joe Rogan interview. This is the big takeaway from this interview. Thank you Elon for giving us these great pearls of wisdom. The world is a far better place because of your efforts. Thank you.

PoofyKittyPants : 8:50 RIP Joe's brain.

jesse 89B : Elon needed his battery charged he seems very drained lol!

Chris Kogos : Elon is a genius, he will be in history books for sure.

From Above : I cant stop thinking about the thought that Elon might be an alien for real.

Ace Dee : Rogan asking the right questions, this is why i love your podcast! :D

SDG Danny : This comment section is an endless goldmine

Frank Bruv : This whole video is Joe asking ridiculous questions and Elon coming up with ridiculous answers

JTsuits : I want to lock him and zucc in a room for 2 weeks and see what happens

Cool Guy : I'm 100% sure it's because he's high as a kite at this point in the interview but really, the only thing indictive of this guy's intelligence in this segment is the autistic way in which he speaks. You'd think a guy like that would be able to formulate better responses to the hair-brained questions Joe Rogan is throwing at him.

xtremerace : Does anyone else think he is just a normal dude and not this gawdy tony stark everyone makes out to be, got lucky with PayPal and jump started his career from there? He just has higher drive to do stuff just like most good business people. I mean if he were to literally create some new technology himself right now I’d consider it genius. He in fact is a business genius and knows how to leverage.

Gary Mackridge : Love how Elon drops a stealth Aliens reference in at 2.20 "not bad for a human"

GirlsDigMyTube : Isaac Asimov said this stuff ages ago what is the big deal if the Musk regurgitates it?

Talking Thrones : Joe interviews the Elon 9000...

Hikaze Yattis : 11:00 scariest shit i've ever seen.

Stephen Streater : There's a story about Steve Jobs meeting Seymour Cray. Steve was thrilled, and mentioned that the Apple was designed on a Cray. Mr Cray replied: "That's interesting, because I designed the my Cray supercomputer on an Apple!". Less well know, the ARM CPU was simulated on a 6502 computer. So computers have been (helping) design better computers for years - including designing computers that were better than themselves. We are already in the "singularity" - it's just more spread out than people realise.

AdventureTV919 : Technology will erase the "what if" factor of human thinking.

Poka Dott : Joe rogan sounds like a middle schooler talking to there crush lol

Sailin' On : Elon looks like a man that knows things we don't wanna know...

devwreck127 : A.I. is terrifying and will absolutely end us. Just imagine the scenarios. For example, a rich warlord and his gang sync their brains with technology and are able to instantly locate anyone through GPS and mass data collection and analysis, see them with infrared/thermal vision and shoot them with perfect precision using exoskeleton assistance. There would be no stopping that. Also, the idea that we will "merge" with something infinitely more intelligent than we are is insane because it will certainly view us as an impediment or leech and would do what it could, either secretly or blatantly, to rid itself of us. A.I. is the biggest risk humanity faces, and it's better left alone. The benefits in no way outweigh the risks.

Dessy Duke Lecker : Elon just admitted they communicate with symbols. Pay attention to their symbols. They are pedophiles and Satan worshippers. Wake up people

Bennett O'Brien : Whatever advancements are made with AI, they will one day be able to be applied to the human brain.

Indicas Prime : The whole A.I. thing is nothing but fear porn. What is it that makes a person like Elon believe a robot is able to think for itself? That does not make any sense. Elon to me may seem like a bright and intelligent individual, but I also think he's kind of a clown. First of all, robots CAN'T think and act on their own. They follow a direct programming that's implemented in them. When you say "robots are going to take over humanity" I don't know what the hell you're talking about. If there was a take-over happening, use common sense. Do you seriously believe its the robots, and not the people who built them or paid for them to be built in the first place?

Bo Tre : Elon looks like he's working on mutiplie ideas in his head while holding a conversation.

Nick Powell : When your wife comes home late and she has semen dripping from her hair, and she tells you she scrambling eggs at work to make a sandwich for a homeless guy. What goes thru your monkey brain. If you say anything that doubts what see says is truth, conspiracy??? When you see thru the lie it's not a conspiracy, it's using your intuition and connecting the dots. Its putting all the pieces of a puzzle together before you image the picture.

Dwight Fontenot : It doesn't make sense if he's worried about the dangers of A.I., but yet, he's advancing the capabilities via NeuraLink.

Jonathan England : It’s amazing reading the comments how 90% of the viewers seemingly hadn’t heard a word of what was said here. “Joes 👚 haha” or “Elon’s an autistic robot lol 😂😂” This guy is haunted by knowing the future and shouting a warning that obviously falls on deaf ears 11:04 But because he’s so depressed that nobody’s paying attention and calmly talking about it rather than running around in a visual panic - everybody’s got jokes.

tonelocrian : Rogan is obsessed with a doomsday precedent, but fortunately, Elon's not that dark. The interview is easily weighed down the common illusion of mortal global demise

Mr. Uncertain : It's funny how many comments on here claim to know exactly what's going on in this guy's head. Did y'all get the mind-reading upgrade package? Please keep your telepathy to yourselves, thank you.

sincity detecting : What does he really know? That he wants to say but cant?

Daniel Fernandes : It is so nice to see Elon musk talking relaxed and not worrying about time

Crazy Neighbor : Left handed: holding phone watching Elon Musk, having hard time eating mac n cheese with right hand 😞

fanaber70 : They all work for the Illuminati!!! Microsift, Intel, Apple, FB, Google, Twitter, YT etc.