Joe Rogan - Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence

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Karisma King : Every time he stops talking I'm just imagining equations flying around in his head.

n3x0tak : "I tried to convince people to slow down, slow down AI, to regulate AI. This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened... Nobody listened..." Elon Musk - 2018

Bianca Bloom : It must be lonely to be _so_ inhumanly intelligent.

Ryan Holder : Elon seems legitimately troubled by the prospect of AI. That should be concerning to everyone, tbh.

El Andru : I hope Elon writes all his ideas down. Time is a factor as humans. I just dont want any of his ideas to never be explored.

Talking Thrones : Joe interviews the Elon 9000...

Johnny boy : dude doesn't act human

Genevieve Barton : I believe he knows he has a genetic mutation. I also believe he knows more than he says. That is why he pauses all the time before answering as he has to censor his own words.

joel varghese : 13:10 'Its too late' . Its almost as if he's from the future and he's telling us there's no hope

Death At A Rave! : You can tell Elon knows something that he can't make public. Something very deep. Something that only a worried face would make..

NALF : Did Elon and Joe dress each other, what is going on???

F.B.I agent : The tony stark of our world I love this guy no homo

Jon Swat : Joe “Pass that whiskey we’re gettin crazy over here” Rogan

Jim Baker : He says he tried to slow down A.I. and nobody listened, this is past tense. Singularity is already in existence. This man NEVER EVER gives up on anything EVER. He's given up, hence it is alive.

Brad Whitcomb : "I tried to convince people to slow down; slow down AI; to regulate AI. This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened... Nobody listened..." Elon Musk - 2018 And then...SkyNet made the world new again.

Chris Kogos : Elon is a genius, he will be in history books for sure.

StepheN Sinitsyn : This guy doesn’t make Tesla, he is Tesla......🤯

m^3 : I am convinced Musk is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla. Tesla said the same thing about his own thoughts, that he constantly had ideas being born in his mind and it never stopped. Tesla could look at a blueprint once and not only memorize it but also could in three dimensions in his mind construct and deconstruct machines. I'm sure Musk is capable of this as well.

Tamas Nagy : Scariest interview l have ever seen. I hope he's wrong but its just wishful thinking.

Raymond Hughes : You can see his mind constantly working. His so calculated. You feel his putting everything into layman's terms. He knows something and it feels like he knows what's next. He is so far ahead.

Luis Dej : His mannerisms and his facial expressions “How can I answer this simply?” “How true is this?” “Can I disclose this information?” “Will the shareholders frown upon these words?” “Can I agree with Joe on this topic?” “Can I laugh at this without repercussions?” Makes me believe 1000 things are passing by his mind before he answers

J.C. Denton : Joe Rogan and his bald head make him look like a Vienna Sausage.

cr1sppp : Elon Musk is not Human

SiFu Mansa : Elon Musk isn't crazy he knows something

avi G : Elon musk doesn't want us to feel scared about our future. He is calculating words before speaking.

DangerousDan : You can just tell he's smart, the way he thinks about his response carefully before he answers. He's an engineering genius! But clearly knows more than what he is letting in about robotics and ai.

Justin2534 : Could you not scare the shit out of me?

Erik Wunder : My question is and always has been: why are we knowingly creating something something that will destroy us? What good does it do for anyone? It’s like building a time bomb in your own living room and eventually setting it to explode. What is the logic?

Jackson Mcgraw : This is like Skynet trying to stop itself from happening

Michelle Despres : Sounds like we evolve like alien greys. Maybe they are us from the future.

JTsuits : I want to lock him and zucc in a room for 2 weeks and see what happens

Jak3 Last Name : The only reason why he does not talk like a human Is because he pauses and thinks about what to say next not like regular people that just say a lot of things without thinking

Robert Campbell : it sounds like joe is literally talking to god!

Paul Armstrong : if AI is built in accordance to our ID we are so screwed... Our darkness will manifest into something much more powerful by exponential technological growth. Our generation is crazy just look at the political/ polarization in America for example. We are an unstructured and depressed people. This is the generation's ID that is creating our AI's. God help us.

Vital Hamster : Musk is an INTJ. This personality type struggles with Extraverted Sensing, their 4th and weakest cognitive function. SE is directly related to being able to act in the immediate context, which explains his lagged, out-of-body behavior when Joe asks him certain questions. The INTJ is labeled “Mastermind” in the MBTI system.

Mr. Uncertain : It's funny how many comments on here claim to know exactly what's going on in this guy's head. Did y'all get the mind-reading upgrade package? Please keep your telepathy to yourselves, thank you.

Hoof Clan : I literally have been thinking about this topic all my life

William Franco : People in power think they will be safe when all this shit blows up that’s why they don’t really care right now...

cocksman83 : No wonder Elon is fatalistic. He says he’s hesitant about AI, has wanted people to slow down on AI, but then opens Neurolink (because he sees a market) for the expressed purpose pf interfacing the brain with the thing he actually fears, said AI.... Some folks call that “Stockholm Syndrome;” others take to booze when they sell their soul.... Elon embraces fatalism. What a time to be alive..........

Orbotus : Look at Elon's pictures when he was younger. Hes just awkward because he's an nerd and probably been bullied. His balding and relationships probably didn't help + He doesn't sleep well. Hes not an robot guys. Hes just awkward and tired, If I were the guy that is able to colonize another planet I would think before I speak as well, he just doesn't want to sound stupid xD

Alex Lopresti : I believe humanity's future will indeed be to merge with "machines" and after that well, all the science movies we've been watching could most likely be a reality.

Mike 767 : Elon can you dumb it down a bit can’t understand you It’s a joke

Jack Roach : Is this before or after he smoked a tonne of weed??

Cbeddoe19 : Musk is a great leader. He leads by example. He surrounds himself with the best talent he can find. He doesn't ask anyone to do something he wouldn't do himself.

Michael Carnahan : 14:23 "It could be terrible and it could be great: it's not clear. But one thing's for sure we will not control it."

Thomas Bauden : The most relevant idea is expressed at the end of the video when it cuts : something objective like an AI would most defenitly considerate us human as a threat for the earth / as something to eliminate as fast as possible

D O B : It appears greedy humans will get what they deserve and then wonder what the hell happened.

rasstor : Please, they let's pray people !!!

Jordan Fisher : exactly! his dna has been spliced with reptilian

Graeme Davidson : I know he’s super intelligent.. But the way he talks and goes silent and moves his head scares the shit out of me.. He knows something we don’t.