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Berd : this is the only good video on the internet

Istebrak : I think the potion seller at one point in his childhood wanted to be a knight. But because knights could only be from royal high born families, his dreams were dashed as he was low born. Instead he turned to magic and became a very successful potion master. I think he is perfectly capable of selling his potions to warriors and the like, but knights inspire a resentment in him. When they seek his help for their heroic conquests, denying them his masterful options is a form of momentary power over them, explaining the slight smile. He denies them the power of his potions the way the royals denied him his dreams of being a knight.

Lewis Gads : this is how I imagine buying drugs works.

Go to jail : ★☆☆☆☆ "Came for strong potions to succeed in my battle but received none and was insulted! Not coming back!" -Legendary Knight 09/22/11

Cobalt Falcon : Terrible salesman

Tippu : Denial - 0:33 Anger- 0:44 Bargaining- 1:58 Depression- 2:12 Acceptance- 2:25

Abelhawk : Is he trying to appear like the elf NPCs in Oblivion? If so, he's succeeding magnificently.

Bustin Kappas : If you look really closely you can see that this is actually not two people, but the same person playing both characters. Amazing video!

Kurika : 2011 was 8 months ago let that sink in

Tristan Moore : “8 months ago” -Arin Hanson 2018

Tokyo Mobster : I want this kind of YouTube again

Ghost1234 : This came out like 8 months ago

Reedolf Kekler : 16 year old me trying to buy alcohol

Jiggy Wiggy ASMR : This has to be one of my favorite one-man sketches on YouTube

uncle cordy : Lyrics : hello potion seller, i am going into battle and i want your strongest potions my potions are too strong for you traveller potion seller i tell you i am going into battle and i want only your strongest potions you cant handle my potions theyre too strong for you potion seller, listen to me, i want only your strongest potions my potions would kill you traveler, you cannot handle my potions potion seller, enough of these games, i am going into battle and i need your strongest potions my strongest potions will kill you traveller, you cant handle my strongest potions, you better go to a seller that sells weaker potions potion seller, im telling you right now, im going into battle and i need only your strongest potions you dont know what you ask, traveller, my strongest potionswould kill a dragon, let alone a man, you need a seller that sells weaker potions because my potions are too strnog potion seller, im telling you i need your strongest potions, im going into BATTLE, im goINg tO BattTle aNd i nEeD youR STRongEst pOtions YOU CANT HANDLE MY STRONGEST POTIONS, NO ONE CAN, MY POTIONS ARENT FIT FOR A B E A S T LET ALONE A MAN p o t i o n s e l l e r w h a t d o i h a v e t o t e l l y o u t o g e t y o u r p o t i o n s, w h y w o n t y o u t r u s t m e w i t h y o u r s t r o n g e s t p o t i o n s p o t i o n s e l l e r i n e e d t h e m t o b e s u c c s e s s f u l i n t h e b a t t l e -I CANT GIVE YOU MY STRONGEST POTIONS ARE ONLY FOR THE STRONGEST BEINGS AND YOU ARE OF THE WEAKEST- well then, thats it potion seller. i'll go elsewhere. i'll go elsewhere for my potions. t h a t s w h a t y o u b e t t e r d o i'Ll gO ElsEWheRe fOr my pOtIonS aNd i'Ll nEVeR COmE bAck GOOD. YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE. MY POTIONS ARE FOR THE STRONGEST AND YOU'RE CLEARLY UH NOT OF THE STRONGEST YOU'RE CLEARLY THE WEAKEST you've had your say potion seller but i'll have mine. you're a rascal. you're a rascal with no respect for knights. no respect for a N y T H i n G. except yOUR POTIONS. why respect knights, when my potions can do a n y t h i n g that you can

Drunk Asian : In a perfect world potion sellers would sell their strongest potions... But this is not a perfect world

Jarl Balgruuf : Thanks Arin

TheGoodFather : Alchemy-100 Speech-0

BruceWillakers : Holy shit man. This is so good.

Ty Brown : When you ask the DM to buy a man's potions over and over but keep rolling a 1.

ECTrouble : So this is what Arin watches in his free time?

old Goblin : Almost forgot to watch this today.

Rutsu Tayurushi : plot twist: potion seller knows they too strong because he gradually made them stronger while using them on himself. potion seller is the final boss, unknown to traveller, whom he deemed worthy of battling against, but traveler must prove hisself to potion seller by refusing buying potion seller strongest potions. potion seller wants traveler to go on an epic journey, against beasts of unreal origins, landscapes even the best combattant fears, he must grow, attaining skills all equal to potion seller, for, potion seller is tired of being too strong.

Zap Rowsdower : How is this a sustainable business model

Matthew Larkin : Game Grumps brought me here. I thought I would get answers. Alas I leave here with as many answers as the knight did potions.

Doomphase : Ok fine YouTube I’ll watch the damn video

anthony montuoro : Here cuz of game grumps

LucklessCope : 0:35 No wonder the potion seller didn't take this knight seriously, he can barely keep a straight face

TheAntiParadox : Why didn't he just ask for weaker potions?

The M.K.M. : welcome lovelies :D

Lord God : How does this potion seller stay in business with PR like this?

Miasimon : Tried to sell potions in Skyrim to a merchant who didn't have enough gold. Only thing I could think of: "My potions are too strong for you, merchant."

EMD 1594 : Anyone else here from Game Grumps?

agiar2000 : Jesus Christ, Arin.

casey muzzana : Why didn't he just ask for a mild potion.

Peanut Arbuckle : this is like a Monty Python skit

Mutant Mario 69 : Anyone else here from game grumps?

matthew styles : 8 months old? WRONG AGAIN ARIN

Ravageritual x : I found this piece to be a provactive in-depth introspective on the history realities of the human experience versus the realities of industry through the industrial revolution leading to today. On one had you have man. It could be any man, but in this case 'man' is personified as a knight. This personification is undoubtedly used to draw parallels between the sterotypes of the noble, honorable traits of knights, and the honorable noble ideals of mankind. Our initial exposure to this human, much like your standard first meeting of a new person, we are presented with a well spoken, self-assured individual. In the opposition's corner we are presented with the antithetical; industry. In this case industry is personafied by 'Potion Seller'. A rather ominous sounding entity, who purposfully is never given a name. This is done to leave a level of ambiguaty to net in 'industry' as a whole. Upon learning that the potion seller (industry) will not work for the good of the individual (knight) we see the facade that is mans self-assurance begin to fade. Man responds with reason and logic, he conveys he is going into battle. The appearnce of confidence has not yet slipped at this point, denoting that belief in the ultimate right of 'society' as a whole is strong, and that surely there is some mistake and industry will right itself once it is made to understand. This is when we are presented with the true exposition. The potion seller is refusing to sell his potions to the knight. I.E. industry is no longer serving the common man. The potion seller relays that his potions are too strong, thereby conveying that industry has entered a state above the common man. At this point the two begin to enter debate. Man tries to justify why the potion seller should continue to serve him, while the potion seller begins to take a rather interesting stance. As the man begins to become more forceful with industry, the potion seller begins to convey the idea that his potions are 'to strong' for the knight. Although he is witholding his services from the knight, he is trying to achieve an egalitarian stance. That he knows better, and is doing it for the knights 'own good'. This sort of tactic has been employed by governments and regimes to great effect in the past, we have historically seen the pitfalls of when entities of power take a "its for your own good" stance. This is further indicated when the potion seller states that his potions will even kill a dragon. A DRAGON. one of myth and legends strongest creatures ever depicted. I believe this is to convey that the potion seller, e.g. industry, believes itself to have transcended to a state kin to godhood. Here is where it gets really interesting though. Once logic and force has failed we see the facade begin to sleep. Here we are met with the true face of man. One that feels fear of the future, and the unsurity the resides within it. As a result it has turn to its own industrious ways to combat that fear. A self-created deus ex machina if you will. But this god-machine is found to be a run away train and man again is rebuffed by a monster of its own creation. This leads to the climax, or crocendo if you will. The knight asks "what do I have to do to get to your potions?" And there it is. With this inquiry industry is no longer serving man, and man has now entered the realm of serving industry. Profound. Faced with this knight is left with only one logical option. He must turn his face from the potion seller and learn once again to be self sufficient. He decries the potion seller for what it is, and what it tried to do (arguablly successfully did), and they part ways. He states that industry no longer exemplifies the traits and characteristics that man kind had in mind at its inception, to which the potion seller only affirms its stance that it has achieved an elevated position above him. In closing, I found this to be evocotive of the the marxist communist manifesto of old. It is a cry for mankind to better itself, and to strike out as a unified proletariate. After the market crash of 2008, there was a large rise in this kind of ideology but with an eventual fading over time. It is good to see men like this individual still shouting the battle cry of the working class, in an attempt to raise up his fellow man, but in a way where we all learn to better ourselves. God bless him, and god bless the proletariat.

Fiona Wait : *Hello, potion seller. I am going into battle, and I want your strongest potions. My potions are too strong for you, traveller. Potion seller, I tell you, I'm going into battle and I want only your strongest potions. You can't handle my potions. They're too strong for you. Potion seller, listen to me. I want only your strongest potions. My potions would kill you, traveller. You cannot handle my potions. Potion seller, enough of these games. I'm going into battle, and I need your strongest potions. my strongest potions would kill you, traveller. You can't handle my strongest potions, you better go to a seller that sells weaker potions! Potion seller, I am telling you right now, I am going into battle. and I need only your strongest potions. You don't know what you ask, traveller. My strongest potions will kill a dragon, let alone a man. You need a seller that sells weaker potions, because my potions are too strong. Potion seller, I am telling you, I need your strongest potions. I am going into battle! I am going to battle and I need your strongest potions! You can't handle my strongest potions! No one can! My strongest potions are fit for a beast, let alone a man! Potion seller, what do I have to do to get your potions? Why won't you trust me with your strongest potions, potion seller, I need them if I am to be successful in the battle! I can't give you my strongest potions because my strongest potions are only for the strongest beings and you are of the weakest! Well then that's it, potion seller! I'll go elsewhere! I'll go elsewhere for my potions! That's what you'd better do! I'll go elsewhere for my potions and I'll never come back! Good. You're not welcome here. My potions are only for the strongest and you are clearly not of the strongest, you are of the weakest. You've had your say, potion seller, but I'll have mine. You're a rascal! You're a rascal with no respect for knights! No respect for anything except your potions! Why respect knights, when my potions can do anything that you can?*

Jaquiline Kangas : I like how he started out thinking it was hilarious, and then ended up actually getting upset.

ItsJensanity : Where all the lovelies at?

Kegan Prichard : Here because of game grumps.

Jacob X : Welp, I found a new npc for my D&D campaign.

Gaming Elementalist : Thank you Arin, and thank you Justin for making this. You are about to get several more views thanks to Game Grumps, so glad I clicked over! This is what YouTube use to BE ABOUT!

Selena Gonzalez : Here because of Game Grumps

oblivionmad82 : When Northernlion started doing this voice I assume it was a Witcher reference.

Austin Obst : this is the center of the internet. all paths lead here.

Slick Solo : Who else thought this was an Oblivion bot?

Bawwbeh : He goes from stoic to amused to exasperated to sorrow to rage and then horror. This is the greatest, most emotionally driven story I have ever seen.