Sneak Peek: Aliens Acid Blood | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

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Nanodesu64 : But, I thought that in the Alien City they would use acid-proof materials... ah screw it, awesome sketch.

tin exx : aun no pierden la chispa xD

Something6000 : Acid is one hell of a drug.

Neon Björn : Alien ... yea i messed up

Neon Björn : Really Funny, but the Crate was falling from below the predator and when he crashes the box lands on him ... anyone else noticed before reading this?

John Harman : lol this is hilirarious

Jusoraas : Because Science.

John Cisney : Why didn't his acid blood burn the road when he landed on it?

miriam aquino : wht ..ur this nice guy...muhaaaaaaaaa!!!!

miriam aquino : hey

miriam aquino : soo sweet my sweet sweet!!! i lve u for tht too

Agustin Quezada : poor alien

YinTheShadowSorcerer : 0:33 guy with phone: Honey! Ur not gonna believe what just happened!?! D:

Chris SimplyChris : yeah it just adds to how epic it is :D

fantasticmoose : I love how easy it is to recognize Seth Green's voice in these skits. Somehow it just makes it funnier.

JosephDiEgidioIII : Hopefully Prometheus or/and Prometheus 2 will explain this.

beats0me : unfortunatly it's because we live in a time where people overanalyse jokes

bluegreen10000 : All holes are shaped the same

N.E.96 : @bluegreen10000 because its their own blood.

bluegreen10000 : Why doesn't their acid blood burn through it's skin

Hangar18productions : hell yeah back to old style robot chicken. no white people rapping is the way robot chicken should be

Immersion : lol

AZn5t0n3R : I wonder what happens to the emo version of the aliens.

Mike Dickey : Excellent! I needed a good laugh and I got it!

bowlofarthritus : HAHAHAHAHAHA

Brian Gish : L O L O L O L O L O L

Sebas Lobo : i lol'd

T0m Serv0 : Awesome!!

CV5Yorktown : ACME crate! YES

ArashiAiko : @platinumfork I was waiting for someone to say something about Portal.

dragnet53 : @R0ckerGam3r I actually agree lately they have been sad as of late. I think it is because of corporate pressure. But lately they have been improving.

UTLF : lol

SkwerlBergamot : man that sure is zany

Sword Impulse : love how the box had ACME written on it

vondior : lmao

TenouHaruka0 : @R0ckerGam3r Usually that just means the thing(s) they referenced are not familiar to you.

Kevin Liu : Apparently some people do not appreciate some good old slapstick

Morgan Adderly : @R0ckerGam3r dude you are trippin some of the stuff from the newest seasons is some of there best stuff to me