2017 Ohio State Drum Major Tryouts
For some reason I watched this whole thing 2017 Ohio State drum major tryouts

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Six candidates tried out for the coveted positions of Head and Assistant Drum Major for The Ohio State University Marching Band. Each candidate goes through three sections of tryouts: -The traditional Ramp pregame entrance/salute -Individual twirling routine (set this year to the mashup of "I Get Around/ Fun Fun Fun") -5 high tosses with individual catch 2016 Candidates in order of appearance: John LaVange Konner Barr Morgan Davis Kris Hamilton Tyler Nichols Joshua Guesman After a Statistical tie, LaVange and Barr competed in a run off competition consisting of the ramp entrance and twirling routine. (Sorry for the quality of the run off) John LaVange was announced as Head Drum Major and Konner Barr was announced as Assistant Drum Major


Jules Townsend : Holy shit I didn't even know Target employees were that good at this

Dennis Vu : why did they bother continuing after the first guy?

JTsuits : i can't even make fun of the first guy , he's a god dam animal

Phil Swift : The first guy ended up being the drum major.

Jovonne Alexander : Damn you gotta be athletic asf to be in the band nowa days

Jay Privacy : So much respect for these people. The band doesn't get paid. They don't go on to a NFL. They do it cause they love it. It's brutal, competitive, and to the people who don't get it they're considered band nerds/geeks. But I loved every minute I wore a snare drum and did drumline. I loved working up the warm ups, cadences, drills, and show tunes. The parades were great too. It's tough if you're at the top level. It's physically challenging but more mentally challenging. It's so much fun and I really do miss the shit out of it.

sorry m8 : The first guy's performance was just so damn smooth.

James Higgins : First guy much cleaner routine. Movements were precise. Excellent depth with little to no movement on sustained backbend. Second guy had better baton skills but sloppier movements throughout.

carlos : 2:18 me with my knife when i hear an intruder in the other room

hollythehoward : Well this is a good way for the band to memorize their musicπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Phin86 : I want to know how a bunch of non-band people managed to end up to OSU'S DM tryout video. Funny seeing people not understanding what is going on

Grouchy Dude : After the first guy, John LaVange, they should have just packed up and went home.

Edward Cumpstey : 0:27 When you finally graduate.

C Cla : That first dude was spot on from my completely uneducated to this type of thing point of view

Rcity2332 : Watching the first guy, was like showing off a prized horse.

Sumnusson : "Stop being so extra" Me:

Hudson T. : That first guy though

candy apple : am I the only confused at what's going on and why this was in my recommended.

Mindraker1 : The first guy's physical appearance certainly helped him.

HoneyBadgerAirsoft : German soldiers marching into poland- colorized 1939

goldeeena : the first guy is me in ballet class after two coffees

bee pot : This is one of those things I didn't know was so intense

Life With Carter : My man john is kind of raw. Not gonna lie, this is it chief.

BABY JAMES II : omg my friends would roast me to no end

MGA2 : I like the occasional drops. Shows that they are taking it to the edge and not worried about a slip up.

Kairos Kronos : You've gotta be in better shape than the athletes you're cheering on! Crazy. Respect.

Marquies Riley : Number one was all business and no play...dude was really good...

kay mo : I didn't realize white college drum majors be doing all of that, especially back bending

Forte Piano : That first guy's girlfriend must be the luckiest girl on earth. Dude's a beast with his hands.

Fortnite Videos Not Daily : Band kids: cool!! Fortnite kid: OMG!! THATS THE FORTNITE DANCE!!

JUANABLAZE MUSIC COM : How did I get here ?? πŸ€”and why can't I stop watching?!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Kras 4 : John LaVange set the bar high.

Luce Del Sole : I knew candidate 1 would be be the winner

Cory Lee : You don't have to be gay to do this but it doesn't hurt.

Rizzo RIZZO : Put that first guy on the football team and maybe he can run the god damn ball.

Tayy Marie : Did you guys notice that contestant #2 is the one who posted the videoπŸ’€

Imazombie1 : Guaranteed I would be impaled with that thing

_ Kingstonh7 : 0:52 drum major fortnite dance inspiration??

TheBrownShinobi : Upset nobody talked about the fifth guys twirling routine. It was really nice minus the couple drops

Vince Johns : Should be an Olympic sport. What a fine athlete John LaVange is.

Destini Moore : I know the band tired of playing this song over and over again lol

TheHigherVoltage : That's some amazing talent. Not sure what you'd do with it after college tho.

Trinity Ann : the first guy was the best in my opinion. they were all good but he was something different

Jodi Ann : First guy was like β€œall my life I had to fight” he killed it

young nurse : # 1 won the first round #2 won the second round 3rd round it was a toss up between 1 & 3 . ( excuse the pun ) lol All and all #1 won in my book ! I used to love to twirl the batton when I was their age !! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


arm613 : Konner Barr, congratulations! You did a marvelous job. I hope you enjoyed your year as Assistant Drum Major.

Tony Smith : Can't believe I'm saying this...but here I am..a Michigan fan watching OSU drum major tryouts. Respect to OSU from up north. Fine band program.

Moon Noggin : All are just killin' it !! John connected with the audience. What a hard job the judges had