2017 Ohio State Drum Major Tryouts

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JTsuits : i can't even make fun of the first guy , he's a god dam animal

Matt ____ T : Is contestant #2 Gabe from The Office?

Daniel Halliman : Anyone else sitting here wondering why they are watching this, but can't turn it off?

Hudson T. : That first guy though

Destini Moore : I know the band tired of playing this song over and over again lol

Marquies Riley : Number one was all business and no play...dude was really good...

Kras 4 : John LaVange set the bar high.

Justin Winner : I think that number one was the best. he was in time the whole tryout and and was the steadiest at the hardest parts


Peanut Hammer : 0:52 when the pizza rolls are done

bee pot : This is one of those things I didn't know was so intense

Erick D : I wonder if they grow up dreaming about this lol

Sal Ruiz : can you imagine getting in a fight with these guys

Spartacus Aka How that gold taste Aka Fuck crassus : Its almost 5 in the morning and i am seriously considering moving to the US just so i can watch this shit in person.

Jacob Morningstar : That first guy nailed the pregame

Caleb Hedemark : Was I the only one who thought every person had their own routine to impress judges and it wasn't 40 mins of the same thing

tntkop : You know what this competition needs? MORE COWBELL !!!

daniel castillo : you guys can make fun of this, but this looks hard as hell!

Renee Maggard : Talk about #3 as much as you want... but she’s one of the drum majors this year. Girl knows her stuff. She was only a rising sophomore when she tried out in this video.

Music2Die4 : I thought the first guy had a dynamism, presence, and spontaneity that the others didn't. I thought the second and fifth guys were close 2nd. I think the judges got it right.

I have a youtube channel : This is the funniest thing related band that I jave ever seen. 😂😂😂.

jaydensoasian : Wait wtf am I watching

Pingu1wilson : Congratulations to Konner Barr and Morgan Davis who are head and assistant drum majors for the 2018 season.

Andy Malik : Babe: Come over Me: Can't, busy. Babe: My parents aren't home. Me: 0:52


Kid From Burke : That first guy is insanely good

LIA aj : I wish people would stop calling this gay and do their research... This band is obviously dedicated, and will do anything to find the best fit drum major. If you have no idea how a band functions then DONT USE YOUR PREJUDICE. Self centered bastards. 🙄

Owen J Roberts Band : I felt like Barr had more spirit and energy than LaVange, but LaVange gave more of a showy performance for the audience

Adgerlina Sneed : I never laughed so hard in my life

Josh C : Honestly I liked Barr the most, he had literal tons of enthusiasm throughout the entire audition. But I can't even twirl a baton, so what do I know.

Larry B : the first candidate was the best one. I'm sure there is a scoring system based off precision, agility, presence, & style. You cant compare this to HBCU drum majors. The styles are completely different.

zeeba08 : WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED??!!! Hella dope though

beantown : the first guy was the best

Mike C : the most homo-erotic thing i've seen in a while

Pat Wilson : Morgan Davis you can twerl that baton! you need to take that talent a HBCU that has no-one to twerl.. and You need to show out!!

arichard richard : Nothing like a hbcu drum major 🤦🏾‍♂️

clay corpuz : it annoys me how people are making fun of this and don't know what they're talking about...

Ludwig van Beethoven : im gonna say whats in everyones mind. what the hell is this.

PJ Bottoms : I don't understand how Jon could have scored higher in the twirling routine. Jon had 2 major and obvious drops. Konner had one drop, but he was juggling 3 batons to Jon's one. Jon did a standing back tuck, but that is a gymnastic/cheer skill, not a drum major/twirling skill. Had he tossed the baton and then did a standing back tuck, it would have been different. Also, Konnor showed more variety and originality in twirling skills. Jon was a little faster. It's subjectve I know, but I thought Konner's skill set far exceeded Jon's showmanship.

Jose Garcia : Rip them legs

ptoyman : For years this Cleveland native has marveled at how the OSU drum major would lead that massive Buckeye marching band down the field. I had no clue as to how that individual was selected for that honor. I greatly appreciate this video. Not only do I now realize how grueling and nerve racking this tryout must be, but I now have an appreciation for the sheer athleticism that is required. That field entrance and pregame show will now be even more impressive to me after watching this. That high step looks brutal! After 5 yards I would’ve collapsed. Congrats to all the candidates for they all did a great job! It was close but my pick did win. But #2 was incredible! I enjoyed the band as well. Thanks for this post!

T Ned : What the hell did I just watch

Benjamin Byrd : A bunch of jive turkeys

Kaded : 11:10 yo wtf

Mark Jr. : This is interesting, I never really paid attention to them before I just always was amazed by the band.

Isaiah Johnson : anyone else love the sound of clapping?

Zan Ford : Man these comments are funny as hell..😂😂😂

jace gryder : if someone could explain what is going on bc i thought a drum major conducted the band? what is going on? sorry if i sound stupid but i’m just really confused

Hilo : This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

Simplicia : Contestant 1 did the best at the fight song but contestant 2 on the beach boys song :() ooooooo boye