2017 Ohio State Drum Major Tryouts

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JTsuits : i can't even make fun of the first guy , he's a god dam animal

Jules Townsend : Holy shit I didn't even know Target employees were that good at this

Dennis Vu : why did they bother continuing after the first guy?

jasmine heim : i know this band tired of playing that song

Matt ____ T : Is contestant #2 Gabe from The Office?

Kaded : 11:10 yo wtf


Andy Malik : Babe: Come over Me: Can't, busy. Babe: My parents aren't home. Me: 0:52

Renee Maggard : Talk about #3 as much as you want... but she’s one of the drum majors this year. Girl knows her stuff. She was only a rising sophomore when she tried out in this video.

Hudson T. : That first guy though

Allison Lennox : I would love to learn how to run like that just to be weird

Ludwig van Beethoven : im gonna say whats in everyones mind. what the hell is this.

Jay Privacy : So much respect for these people. The band doesn't get paid. They don't go on to a NFL. They do it cause they love it. It's brutal, competitive, and to the people who don't get it they're considered band nerds/geeks. But I loved every minute I wore a snare drum and did drumline. I loved working up the warm ups, cadences, drills, and show tunes. The parades were great too. It's tough if you're at the top level. It's physically challenging but more mentally challenging. It's so much fun and I really do miss the shit out of it.

Pingu1wilson : Congratulations to Konner Barr and Morgan Davis who are head and assistant drum majors for the 2018 season.

bee pot : This is one of those things I didn't know was so intense

zeeba08 : WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED??!!! Hella dope though

James Higgins : First guy much cleaner routine. Movements were precise. Excellent depth with little to no movement on sustained backbend. Second guy had better baton skills but sloppier movements throughout.

Cory Lee : You don't have to be gay to do this but it doesn't hurt.

sorry m8 : The first guy's performance was just so damn smooth.

Daniel Halliman : Anyone else sitting here wondering why they are watching this, but can't turn it off?

clay corpuz : it annoys me how people are making fun of this and don't know what they're talking about...

Phil Swift : The first guy ended up being the drum major.

Zan Ford : Man these comments are funny as hell..😂😂😂

HoneyBadgerAirsoft : German soldiers marching into poland- colorized 1939

Marquies Riley : Number one was all business and no play...dude was really good...

ZAEEE : anyone else love the sound of clapping?

Michaela Fleming : High stepping for Jesus!!!!

emory grove : weird flex but ok.

Jovonne Alexander : Damn you gotta be athletic asf to be in the band nowa days

Kras 4 : John LaVange set the bar high.

Edward Cumpstey : 0:27 When you finally graduate.

BABY JAMES II : omg my friends would roast me to no end

Le Po : Drum majors are just music cheerleaders

Lehmann Peters : The first guy got it for 2 years!

NathanIzHere : assistant TO the head drum major

hollythehoward : Well this is a good way for the band to memorize their music😂😂

Imazombie1 : Guaranteed I would be impaled with that thing

jdrummer : since did a drum major become a feature twirler

Destini Moore : I know the band tired of playing this song over and over again lol

WootTootZoot : Pure unadulterated corn.

Roy : I feel more bad for the band then I do for the candidate's lol

firefighter3760 : this reminds me of the Looney Tune Frog....Michigan J Frog

quincin2000 : #1 Is a Beast 💯


eenbeenman : All that's missing is a flaming firecracker stuck up the arse.

sspann11 : I like my drum majors wielding a mace, not baton. Age of the metrosexual I guess. I see a lot comments of people saying they're laughing at the routine. When was the last time someone laughed at an HBCU drum major tryout? That's the difference. When I was in an urban band in high school we were the cool kids. Although OState's field shows are entertaining, I'll take the HBCU drum major over these robotic drum majors any day. Being loose and precise aren't mutually exclusive

Life With Carter : My man john is kind of raw. Not gonna lie, this is it chief.

Alex Teagle : Pretty sus

Justin Winner : I think that number one was the best. he was in time the whole tryout and and was the steadiest at the hardest parts

Rizzo RIZZO : Put that first guy on the football team and maybe he can run the god damn ball.