Rocket Powered Birthday Cake [short version]

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Useless Duck Company : This is a highlight from my Rocket Powered Birthday Cake video. Check out the full version here!

Nico The Rabbit : Ordering a cake over the phone ------------ "And what would you like the cake to say?" [covers phone to ask wife] "Honey, do we want a talking cake?" ^ ^

David Cortés DaFailboatFan : Hey that’s actually smar- *rocket blows up* oh.

Stillouttolunch : This has made me so happy. Thank you.

QuarterOaSeel : I actually cannot believe that this made an almost perfect slice.

HJMadventures : but why

Don't Question Just Believe : I was opening up a soft drink bottle and I realised can't you automate this

Raddy P. aka Velo : First? Idk and idc... Great invention!

emauriciofg : RETARDED

Vault Boi : Good concept, needs mild tweeking

Golden Diamonds : This is a golden channel

ariana ghandi : Mmmm.... Gunpowder

EpicDonutDude : Genius

steve Griffin : What 3d design software are you using.?

chili24137 : If I'm not mistaken that little explosion at the end was originally used to release the parachute, right?

Soper Frazzy : *YES*

Cetera xD : 2nd 😂😃

Arthur MacKeith : What is the music?

A simple FISH : theres a channel called offical duck studio??NANI