People react to being called Beautiful (Brussels, Belgium)
People react to being called beautiful in Brussels Belgium

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spencer s : I called a girl beautiful, lost my job and charged with sexual harassment.

Kat G. : Aww that little smile after they're told they're beautiful. So adorable.

Alexander Caviedes Castro : People who think that you are beautiful: Your mother and James Blunt.

skipopotamus : Them: "we are taking pictures of something we find beautiful" me: "oh, sorry, Ill get out of your way"

road to 500 lbs squat : Notice how they dont take pictures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sumukh : I just can't stop smiling my mum looking at me from kitchen thinking I'm chatting with my girlfriend 🤣 (not to mention I'm single asf)

Bee K : Peter at 4:23 looks like peeta from hunger games🌚

Serena Rossi : Sadly we as humans are not used to it, we react with suspect, we just don't believe in our beauty.Still, we can see the wonder of any animal, or place, or art piece, or even a building, but not in ourselves...

Christian Burkart : It's so easy to make people feeling good. Why don't we do it all the time?

Ash : *I can’t stop smiling!! ugghh*

dolfree1 : It is unbelievable how beautiful people become when you say that they are beautiful! one word so powerful that transform everything... beautiful work!

International Harvester : 2:46 Her eye, ha! 😉

David Rodríguez : I love watching those seconds when people are slow to realize that they are calling them beautiful because their expressions, they look down, they smile, God is so vulnerable, it is the most genuine thing that exists, the reality is that it costs a lot to accept a compliment , It is not so simple. Also if you read this, you are beautiful too, have a beautiful day :)

Toriqdutya Nagara : 2:01 beautiful black

Christopher Boddey : This actually bought a tear to my eye

hiraeth : This video makes me feel so happy <3

Mr. Pucho : 1:13 beautiful

Xi-chan : 3:04 Play of the game

laman012 : look at us. we come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes, but are all so similar. we are all beautiful.

Damocles : 1:17 cute.

Diony Bigu : If someone call me handsome, i think i'll answer like this 4:10

Jijo Joseph : Where is Irene ? Video was edited. Maybe she requested the uploader.

Zacth ! : Damn, somehow i find myself in tear watching this vid. Need to say "beautiful" to my mom, bye.

Naledi K : i feel like the marta girl at 3:19 was going through something deep, her eyes are red and she really needed to hear that

Jason Berezowski : I was gonna pick out my favorites but damn they're all so beautiful.

KidOmega : 2:55 look it’s Hila Klein‘s sister

Alexandre Beaudry : So genuine smile. I believe that people tend to think about themselves as humble or inadequat when thinking about beauty. There is nothing wrong into cultivating beauty. I hope many people smile when they see them smile. Think about yourself and smile and look at your friend with an eyes that amaze you. Can find secret beauty.

MovieGoat : 4;17 She almost cried lol. She dont know she's pretty.

fabienzaca : This is so nice the way people react and their expressions change their faces brighten and are genuinely thankful for your compliment 😊. I don't know why this video seems like it was made long ago. like people will remember this video in like 40 years like the way we see some of the old archive footage of people back in the day who were beautiful as well

Jeremie Tshibasu : THIS IS BEAUTIFUL

Bjarne Knudsen : Big like from my side 👍💪 keep up with a good work

Peter Zha : Yes! More vids like this

Metal Mutant : Next project : People react to being called blyatiful

HM Strausser : 4:16 Best tsundere reaction

George Puscariasu : 4:23 Bjorn from Vikings

Harshul Bhatia : YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Yes you who is reading this comment 😍☺️

ruc123 : 4:16 you can see the girl moving in two realms. One is sadly her standard sad realm then there is a realm where she shines trough. When he says she is beautiful you can see her enter it briefly. The second time he affirms it you can see her enter it again very subtly. She needs a hug :^)

nunh : I loved Alex (4:19) and the loveliest of smiles!

Sergey Chichkov : It is a beautiful project!

Valentine Lee : Beautiful smiles... 🤗

International Harvester : 4:15 For a sec she had me thinking Emma Gonzalez

Arjun Vijay : 4:17, 😍❤️

j : 1:13 she is incredibly beautiful oh god

Sleepy Toons : The boy with the blue hair and his smile warmed my heart.

Roy Bs357 : US reaction Sorry but I have a boyfriend

Spondylitis : The girl at 4:15 really seemed like that meant a lot to her. Almost like she got choked up.

Maxim Gaiduchenin : 1:13 The smile has incredibly changed her. She looks so cute 😳😊😍

Vanirviking : I have never been affraid to walk up to a girl/woman, and tell her that she is beautiful/good looking, and just the walk off again. I would say 99% are happy with the comment. Maybe some think its creepy or something, but if someone is beautiful, why not just tell it to there face, and walk off again, with no other reason, then to just make there day a bit better.