when characters in musicals transition from speaking to singing
When characters in musicals transition from speaking to singing

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From @realchoppedliva on twitter Lyrics: Elizabeth wait! Would it change your mind if I said it was an orthodontist! I'm not just a witch. I'm a witch with HPV and I'm proud of it. Hey you listen here, Mister! I'm not gonna be an orphan, I'm gonna get adopted.... BY a rich man! You're never gonna be popular. Cuz your a LEEZZBIIYAAAANNN I can't live in this small town anymore. I'm gonna move to Boston with my COUSIN! And where do you think you're going Grizabel? A kitchen wench is a kitchen wench FOREVAAA Claire, I've been thinking then, It's so sad there's no musicals for people who are Australian I'm sick of always lying and pretending I don't think that pigeon should exist anymOOoooOooRee Alright then, let's raise a glass We're British and we're going to WAAAARR I cannot be in love You're my 𝒷𝒾𝑜𝓁𝑜𝑔𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 𝓃𝑒𝓅𝒽𝑒𝓌


Ada Dain : Vote to make a short musical with all these songs together in a way thats fluid but shouldnt be.

affie v : I can’t live in this small town anymore... *I M G O N N A M O V E T O B O S T O N W I T H M Y C O U S I N!*

Kolefish : Where do you think you’re going, Grisebelle? *A KITCHEN WENCH IS A KITCHEN WENCH FOREVER.*

soggy cereal : she looks like she jumped straight out of stranger things lmao

Aurelius : I can already see Amy Schumer stealing this idea for her next Netflix Comedy Special.

emotionalembryo : Nobody: Edgar Allan Poe: *IM GONNA MOVE TO BOSTON WITH MY COUSIN*

Alexia B : Is no one gonna mention how great her acting is?? Bruh

Don’t call me mom : why do i CONSTANTLY think about this god forsaken video

Sophie L : we’re british and we’re going to WORrrRrRRRRR

sad reee : Damn I didnt know millie Bobbie brown did musicals now

Shay Adair : I don’t think pigeons should exist anymore sjejdjrjf


korinakokk : The energy that this whole video radiates is literally the funniest thing in existence and I can’t explain it

eatpantssir : My musical theater teacher showed this... to the class. we watched it 4 times before he decided to continue with his lesson.

TDItaly98 : This is far more entertaining that's thought it would be

Polly ThePengiun : “🎶Cuz you’re a lessssBBBBIIIIIIAAAANNnnnn🎵”

твоя мама гей : Yes yes we’ve heard about the pigeons and the biological nephew but... *Can we get an F in the chat for Australian people?*

Renato Câmara : I died at the "a kitchen witch is a kitchen witch FOREVER" 😂😂😂

oof nyla : the fact that it’s the same background music makes it even bettwr WHAT THE HECK I POSTED THIS COMMENT 6 DAYS AGO 29K LIKES THATS CRAZY

Tom Haflinger : 0:46 - This person must be Australian because that southern accent sounds really messed up. 0:56 - Oh... now I don't know what to think.

_Under Trash_ : “And where do you think _you’re_ going, Grizabel? A kitchen wench is a *_KiTcHeN wEnCh FOREVAR_* “

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge : Why are people getting so many likes just for quoting the video

k : Idk why tf does ytb recomended me this but thank god

Danielle A.A : I cannot be in love *Music starts* yOuRe mY biOlOgiCaL nEpHeWwwW

AmaraEmme : The fact that the description has “lyrics” kills me 😆

y ESSA : i cannot be in love... you’re my *biological* _nepheEEeEew_

Farq Yu : Okay but low key she is amazing ahaha Cause I’m a lezzzzzbbbiiiiaaaan

mitchy bitchy : This has got to be the best thing I've ever stumbled across.

CherriWhine : I cannot be in love.. ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵐʸ ᵇᶦᵒˡᵒᵍᶦᶜᵃˡ ⁿᵉᵖʰᵉʷ

EmberTheatre : I got the story: So, a British witch named Grizabelle who lives in Australia was orphaned at a young age, but instead of going to an orphanage, she ended up living with her evil relative who made her be a kitchen wench. However, Grizabelle doesn’t want to live with her relative in this small town, and instead wants to move to Boston. When the relative finds out, they’re furious and tells Grizabelle that she will always be a kitchen witch. Around this time, Grizabelle finds out she’s actually a big lesbian. However, all of her relationships end horribly. After suffering a tragic breakup with a girl named Elizabeth over a dentist dispute, she begins to date a girl named Clare. She rants about how it sucks that she can’t be in a musical because she’s Australian. She also rants about how she hates pigeons. Sadly, all of her female relationships result in her getting HPV, however she doesn’t really care. When Grizabelle’s relative finds out about her lesbianism, the relative lashed out at her, saying she will never be popular because of this. Understanding this, she attempts to fall in love with boys but accidentally falls in love with her biological nephew. She proceeds to tell herself this is wrong, and is now confused because she thought she liked girls, but now also likes her male nephew. Not wanting to take any of it anymore, Grizabelle decides to put all of this behind her and join the Revolutionary War, fighting for the British, because Australia was part of Britain at this time. Grizabelle returns home a war hero with an excessive drinking problem.

Staer ‘ : This is the 3rd time I’ve watched this since it was put on my recommended 😂 Going on 4 Going on 5 Going on 6 Going on 7

Fuuka ! : You'll never be popular... *CuZ UR a LEeEeSbiAAn*

Weird kid on the block : "There are no musicaaals for people who are aUstraLian" 😂😂😂

Lily Fields : “Cuz you’re a leeEsbIaaAnnnnn” is my most favorite thing ever

lucia zhou : "it’s so sad there are no musicals for people who are australian" me: cries in upside down

Amanda Marie YALUNG : nobody: bus drivers from “dont let the pigeon drive the bus!”: 1:01

Alexis : 1. Little shop of horrors 2. Wicked 3. Annie 4. Mean Girls 5. Glee season 3 6. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella 7. There’s no musicals set in Australia 8. Most musicals set in NY 9. Les Mis 25th Anniversary version (yeah, it’s set in France but they literally have British accents) Stumped on “you’re my biological nephew”

Megan Jordan : This has ruined me!!! I’ve watched it at least 30 times since yesterday! I’m quoting it constantly! During church today I started thinking about it and I bursted out into laughter. Everyone was so confused 😂😂

David Basa : I’m a witch with hpv and I’m proud of it

Mosie M : “i cannot be in love you’re my B I O L O G I C A L N E P H E W” - daenerys to jon snow

Let Me Think About It : "I'm gonna move to Boston with my COUSIN!" I had to pause the video cause I couldn't hear over my cackling.

Haziel Lopez : Youre never gonna be popular.... cause ur a *LEEESSSBEEEAAAAAN*

MyLeg !!! : I like how every clip has that same transitioning bg sound

Meghan Reyes : “I’m not just a witch, I’m a witch with HPV and I’m proud of it”

Edwin Chang : 1. Why is this in my recommended? 2. *Category: Gaming*

Zoe Anne : We’re British and we’re going to wOrRrRrRRRrRrr!!

Molly R. : TFW you can’t live in this small town anymore so you are gonna move to bOStOn wITh yOuR cOUsIn.

Alexis : Tag yourself I’m the orphan that’s gonna get adopted by a rich man

TheRaymanFan : would it change your mind if i said i was an ORTHODONTISSST