2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987

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One night back in August 1987 after a party at Disney's Vista Village (before Vista Way), I went out to the 7-11 with a video camera and a couple friends to see what people purchase at 2:30am. In this particular video, my buddy Ken is behind the camera. I'm the guy with the Orange Slurpee. More info on this video can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/1987seveneleven


TheEpicAlpaca : "Are you really taking pictures?" "Its not going anywhere dont worry about it" *gets posted to youtube 30 years later*

Doyle5x : 1987: HAHAHAHAHA Wassup man! 2018: Why are you filming me without my permission I am calling the police.

Lying : People were so social and nice back then. Nowadays people are just ridden with anxiety and shit.

Silent Gaming : I wish I could of lived then people have such good personality’s everyone so nice , now in 2019 people are dickheads😭

Easye אדם : I can't believe we missed the opportunity to have this life. Fucking damnit. I wasn't just being nostalgic when I thought the 90's was amazing or the beginning 2000's. Damn.

Ryanside : People probably weren't afraid of being on camera because there wasn't internet back then.

Steven Lawrence : i miss how friendly random people were back then.

James Hutchence : Phones killed social interaction.. this is an amazing video, I love the whole vibe

Lawlezz : It's nice to see how nice everyone is to each other. Very respectful and wholesome.

LogicMan 143 : As a millennial, watching this is like watching an old forgotten world. I kinda wish I would be in a world like these people. All friendly and cool to talk too.

UnendingGrimnesS : This is like a time capsule and its oddly fascinating if you really think about it

Dan Killen : "so what are you guys doin' tonight?" "PARTYIN!"

P F : Back before social media made everyone introverted.

Alex Marcel : People were so much more connected without phones

Farm : They all looked lean, muscular or at least glowing & healthy. Go to a 7-11 now at 2:30 AM. Drugged out, obese, visible tattoos & shame in their eyes.

k1d : what a little time capsule we have here.

Yall know me my name is McManus. : Back when human interaction was actually normal

hateallybad : All these moments lost in time, like tears in rain.

Logan Newquist : everyones so happy

J.P. Marini : My favorite moment is when the party guy apologizes for saying the F-word and then proceeds to want to know everyone’s names and shake hands. Genuinely a magical time in our world. I’m 29 and would legitimately trade every piece of today’s modern convenience and technology to have lived this past decade of my life back in the 80s or prior when people and life was so organic and unsaturated by all today’s social media bullshit.

PabloCruise91 : It's cute how people look so excited to be in front of a camera. Now anyone can pull one out of their pockets.

Whatshisname : people look so damn happy..

DanPointZero : I’m gonna build a time machine just so I can go back and smoke inside a 7-11

Flux Mulder : No social media, cellphones, or internet. I miss those times.

firmly grasp it : I rarely give out likes this video is something special

Kenabi San : wtf everyone chill af

Anthony Tonev : There is something magical about a world where people don't look at their phones all the time.

Brenton Widener : back then people were kinda exited to be on camera no and days people will sue you if you film them...

ASMRLOBE : An easier time. Less stress, less anger and everyone seemed genuinely happy and smiley.

marisadaniela6 : I found it! I found the embodiment of word wholesome and it's this video. Even though the guy was worried about his F word. Like i seriously love all you. Why am I crying at the cuteness.

Mako : this kid was ahead of his time he was vlogin before it even was a thing

Goose Chickinpox : I hope I get sucked up through a worm hole and end up in the 80s again... nostalgia like a mofo

Hawkeye Pierce : Blue shirt guy that’s said “partying” was coked outta his mind

Dancing Gold : John in the blue shirt looks like he found that good 80s cocaine

Go Practice : before the world as a whole tried too hard

Max MacKenzie : wow so social media was literally the worst thing ever invented?

Dan Von Carr : This is eerie in a way. I don't know how to explain it. It's like time travel.

Majin : Social media ruined everything

ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij : social media ruined the world

Ski Mask : these kids are now 40-50 yrs old

Tanrus : This video is so pure omg

Not Known : 2019 - "CALL THE COPS!"

Space Duck : My favorite part is the French lady using the mirror as a microphone. This video is all together magic.

jmd321321 : If a dude went around with a camera like that nowadays he would get punched in the face for sure.

Andrew Steffen : People were cool back then

Arthur Morgan : Try this today and they'll rip the camera out of your hands and say you can't film in here, then call the cops.

Mhmd Zam : when USA was truly the greatest

Cell Jr. : You do that in a 7-11 at 2 am today and there would be almost no interaction, and I'm pretty sure the clerk would kick you out of the store.. today

shuki jipota : One thing is for sure- people were way, way more friendly and less depressed back then.