Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | MACARONI & CHEESE PASTA Recipe By Our Grandpa

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Kags _ : People are saying he cooked it wrong? He makes a better mac and cheese than i do. Mine comes out of a box with powdered cheese and doesn't feed a hundred homeless folk in need. I'd say he deserves my respect and yours.

mariah : Look. If you think there was room to improve with the macaroni recipe, you're probably correct. But this isn't Gordon Ramsey cooking for 5 rich people, this an old man who with his core of kindness goes out of his way to cook a BIG meal for many many people who are probably not as fortunate as you. Just be respectful and appreciative and grateful that you can sit on your device and watch people do good things for others in need.

Melanie Anastasia : People who commented how Grandpa cooked Mac&Cheese wrongly, why don't you go try cooking some Indian Cuisine for 100. You people can't expect Grandpa to be proficient in cooking all cuisines. It's always easy to cook a new recipe for a small family, but NOT easy at all when you start cooking for 100. Can't you see that the Orphans/Homeless people who're eating Grandpa's food are happy!? 💖

Russel Crisostomo : Include grandpa in rewind 2019

Shisuko : This channel needs to get verified

Aspecterino Feglord : Can we all just appreciate how nice that grass was @ 2:35 ?

kyohoshi : No hate but nice photoshopping skills on the thumbnail :D

코 코:Coco : Please grandpa be careful always when you are cooking. We cheer you, god bless you always.

Issa Art : This is the good side of youtube

Village Food Life : amazing recipe grandpa, i love your all recipes and really respect for your great works for the orphaned kids. i love to watch the kids happiness

Ed Jackson : Not gonna lie, not the best macaroni cheese recipe I’ve ever seen. But this is amazing how you are caring for your family and humanity needs more people like you.

J3_nn Speed_builds : 8:20 me when someone is watching me eat and asking me if they can have some

christine lazaro : I almost burned the house down making macaroni and cheese grandpa cooks way better than me 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Marissa van Eck : Now THIS is my kind of cooking show :) This man is a living saint. How could anyone dislike it?

Mariam Abdul Rasool : Theyre making these videos to get income and entertain you and feed other people

Philip Huynh : This is the reason why I still have hope for humanity, with so much avarice and greed going on around the world humanity isn't entirely corrupted.

icantthinkofacreativeusername : trisha pastas preparing a mukbang

killox : I like how he makes enough to feed everyone

Michael Creech : I am grandpa’s #1 fan!!!!

Tyy : Almost every comment starting with “for everyone saying he cooked it wrong...” yet can’t find one comment of anyone actually saying that lmao

ǫɪ sᴏɴɢ : Is nobody going talk about the photoshop in the thumbnail..? *oh okay..* *no hate*

Sanjay Mallia : Who are these 3.4k idiots who dislike the video

Farah Amin : when he do something nice, people complaint how he cook. When he not doing something nice, people told to do something good. Keep feed people, dont read comment section. people are mean.

NavaIMTutorial : *One thing that I am Amaze besides the Food is.. How come the Animal/insect NEVER Bother/disturb even for a Once??* 😃


ᏇᏂᎥᏖᏋ ᏰᎧᎥᎥ : If you think this man cooked made it wrong, you don't know the first thing about making Mac n Cheese. Period. There are a lot of ways to make it.

Marvin Davis : His Mac n cheese better than yalls so STFU 😞love,u grandpa😘

Quinteze King : Do y'all be seeing the kids tryna eat and a huge camera in they face they look uncomfortable

Raji Anu : we should help others like this grandpa . likes for grandpa🖒🖒

Saksham Koul : When i come to watch grandpa's video firstly, I like the video because grandpa is doing a great work long live grandpa

Manikanta Perumalla : god bless like this type of people stay blessed lifelong

Just a Random Potato : I don’t freaking understand how there are dislikes. This grandpa is so generous. He put lots of effort into making a delicious meal for his family and all those children. Instead of watching videos like Jake Paul’s vids watch this. This grandpa deserves a lot of respect. May god bless this grandpa, his family and all the children

Rico L : Grandpa the macaroni and cheese looks very delicious

Jenna_ Slimexø : Mac-n-cheese lovers🙋🏽

Feisty Potato : I. WANT. SOME.

Mc Apfelstrudel : I really like the videos because of the mass he is cooking and because our “Grandpa” has a really funny way to act😂

Ren 3rdie : I hate T-Series, but I can't say no to grandpa.

Maruzca : i'm ugly drunk crying over this video. what these people do is so beautiful. this is truly what humanity needs. please keep it up. big fan of yours!

planetvance : Sorry, this one is a fail Grandpa. It's grainy and seperated. You should have fried the flour in the butter then added the milk and let it thicken the added the cheese and then the macaroni.

Carmen Sansom : Did y'all peep the chicken at 0:59 😂😂😂🐔🐔🐔🐔 Oh! Well they made another appearance at 2:28

stanley guo : Love the way he saids cheddar cheeze

satan and demon : 1 like is 1 respect for speak english

Michael Nichols : Why can’t you live forever :(

alex sanchez : I love you grampa your the best youtuber I’ve ever watched with all my heart

alex sanchez : Short name for macooroni in cheese Macncheese

lovelyleighquol love : His spirit is so humble 😇

Ricardo H. : That’s the type of person everybody should admire, he looks like a regular old man, but his a great hero, saving children from hunger and cooking a new recipe everytime. Many people at his age are just cranky and they just stay sleeping in a couch, but he has still the courage to prepare a new recipe at his style, he is a chef, a hero and a really good role model at the same time.LONG LIVE GRANDPA! :)

Elly Ferreira : Haaahh... Grandpa. Quando te vejo da vontade de chorar 😍 Você é tão especial Obrigada por existir, Eu te amo muito❤ Sou sua fã Brasileira de todos os dias🙏🏻

Damian Z : Mhhhhhhhhmmm So tasty dude😋