Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | MACARONI & CHEESE PASTA Recipe By Our Grandpa

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Maruzca : i'm ugly drunk crying over this video. what these people do is so beautiful. this is truly what humanity needs. please keep it up. big fan of yours!

xᴠʀʟᴛʙ : Me, if I want to make noodles for just one person.

Jessica James : Who are these 2.4k entitled idiots who disliked this video?🙄🙄 Grandpa, you the best! Much love to you xx

Rohan Varma : Like = Mac and Cheese should be eaten with a fork Comment = Mac and Cheese should be eaten with a spoon

Shisuko : This channel needs to get verified

Eric Zhao : No hate but the grandpa is getting all the credit. The other guy should get some of the credit in the videos as well

V : I disabled ad blocker for you. Enjoy the revenue, you deserve it. Love the village style thinking and may you continue to help your community.

James Horace : Out of curiosity, why are people disliking his videos?

bkat33 : I think the dislikes are because he botched tf out of this macaroni. The pasta is way overcooked, evident from it breaking and falling apart. The milk curdled because the heat was way too high. He added uncooked flour to hot milk and butter mixture, which will surely impart that raw flour taste into the finished product and could also cause clumping.

Village Food Life : amazing recipe grandpa, i love your all recipes and really respect for your great works for the orphaned kids. i love to watch the kids happiness

planetvance : Sorry, this one is a fail Grandpa. It's grainy and seperated. You should have fried the flour in the butter then added the milk and let it thicken the added the cheese and then the macaroni.

Sharlon Dically : May GOD continue to guide and protect you grandpa God bless

saltine Krause : Why is there dislikess?!

Everything Everything : for all the people commenting about he didn't cook it right or doesn't look right. He feeds the homeless and parentless children probably everyday , But God forbids he messes up one time with a dish.Are you happy with yourselfs that your pointing out flaws of a saint.

Michael Creech : I am grandpa’s #1 fan!!!!

Lenny Leonard : Photoshop thumbnail? Lol

bangchan sonyeondan : I subscribed because of what you do. Not only do you take care of yourself, but you take care of others and that’s what makes me happy. Lots of love! ❤️

Mikael Borhzka : Grandpa Kitchen is the best youtuber alive

Quinteze King : Do y'all be seeing the kids tryna eat and a huge camera in they face they look uncomfortable

NavaIMTutorial : *One thing that I am Amaze besides the Food is.. How come the Animal/insect NEVER Bother/disturb even for a Once??* 😃

Ish Bunneh : Ew that looks like school food xD

saigwan sagemini : you should get a peace nobel price !

Nam Trung Nguyen (Rook) : People who dislike this vid are idiots.

Osito S : I like how you give them a good portion of food!

Rio Alex : Why not using gloves? It doesn't look nice touching the food with bare hands sorry....its a hygiene principle

Kaliyah D Abston : *BLESS YOUR SOUL, YOUR A GREAT MAN.* ❤😇❤

iridescent subliminals : 2:28 hehe, *chickens*

Scott Free : Why did he open the bags of macaroni and put it on a pan just to pour in a pot...

Ricardo H. : That’s the type of person everybody should admire, he looks like a regular old man, but his a great hero, saving children from hunger and cooking a new recipe everytime. Many people at his age are just cranky and they just stay sleeping in a couch, but he has still the courage to prepare a new recipe at his style, he is a chef, a hero and a really good role model at the same time.LONG LIVE GRANDPA! :)

Chessislive : It's very warming to see such honest and kind hearted people

Miera Nuy : Шо то ты муть приготовил

so sh : هل صليت اليوم على النبي ؟ اللهم صل وسلم على اشرف خلقك استغفر الله العظيم واتوب إليه اللهم احسن خاتمتنا 🌌💜 🚶

Can we get 5000 subs with no videos : Does my man have a man skirt? :O

Mayank Pant ? : I pray to god this man lives long life

Priyanka Yadav : They use good quality of food material....god bless you👏😍

Alex : Good job grampa! Each time i see your videos i think is really kindless what u do!!! But for next time i think is better to wash macaroni (or spagetti) first of all. I do every time i cook any kind of them. I think is more safe and also change the taste. But still only my opinion, your way to make it is amazing!!! Love your Chanel!!!

B I T C H P L E A S E : Mmmm THAT looks sooo good

Sarah Siofi : ♡awww the kids are soo cute!♡

Stephen Ward : The most unamerican way to cook the most american food lol

Michael Nichols : Why can’t you live forever :(

killox : I like how he makes enough to feed everyone

Shane Swanepoel : God will give you all the blessing and love you deserve grandpa, I pray that God will work through your life and help you achieve more goals for helping the kids and people. God bless you and may you have peace over your life.

Venezuela Xiong : This is the best thing that Iv'e seen on youtube.

RevengeMoney : For some reason watching Grandpa gives me such peace.

iCarTV : the pasta is too cooked

Taslima Begum : I just don’t get how the cheese sauce gets so clumpy and the curds of the milk are always the end result it’s never smooth anyone know how to fix it.

janna laachir : God bless grandpa

2,000 subs without videos : How to make mac n cheese. Step one watch this video :)

Rico L : Grandpa the macaroni and cheese looks very delicious