Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | MACARONI & CHEESE PASTA Recipe By Our Grandpa

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Maruzca : i'm ugly drunk crying over this video. what these people do is so beautiful. this is truly what humanity needs. please keep it up. big fan of yours!

xᴠʀʟᴛʙ : Me, if I want to make noodles for just one person.

Lyra Sabadakya : There is no insect thats disturbs cause if they do grandpa will cook them too

Eric Zhao : No hate but the grandpa is getting all the credit. The other guy should get some of the credit in the videos as well

Shisuko : This channel needs to get verified

Jessica James : Who are these 2.4k entitled idiots who disliked this video?🙄🙄 Grandpa, you the best! Much love to you xx

kidanny my king : 👴 Grandpa is so cute, and adorable, I love the way he say my channel. Got to try his food cus looks so yummy and healthy.

saltine Krause : Why is there dislikess?!

Johan Michael : Damn your videos are adorable and relaxing at the same time. Keep it coming!

shemo - chan : For those people who criticise him about his cooking methods First of all and So far He prepared dishes that could be made easily at home Many people may have their original Receipe and some may add carrots and other vegetables So There is nothing such as the accurate receipe and many chefs use creative ideas to make simple dishes more delicious I was shocked that people mocked him saying that it's not cheese mac or he shouldn't cook like that *people* They are poor ANd orphans For an old man like him to prepare many plats to eat It's amazing beautiful and unique He doesn't have teeth but ate crispy food to make sure his plats are delicious for those hungry kids We always watch famous cooking shows on tv and eat gourmet food But we don't share happiness , when sharing happiness , it grows I apologise if my comment is boring and doesn't suit such great video like this But I just want to make all things clear for those haters who can only mock others We are all equal We should help those kids and others around the world Not just eating and becoming fat while others wish to eat something to stop their hunger Allah shall reward you Mr.grandpa Your humble fan from egypt

Nam Trung Nguyen (Rook) : People who dislike this vid are idiots.

bangchan sonyeondan : I subscribed because of what you do. Not only do you take care of yourself, but you take care of others and that’s what makes me happy. Lots of love! ❤️

James Horace : Out of curiosity, why are people disliking his videos?

bkat33 : I think the dislikes are because he botched tf out of this macaroni. The pasta is way overcooked, evident from it breaking and falling apart. The milk curdled because the heat was way too high. He added uncooked flour to hot milk and butter mixture, which will surely impart that raw flour taste into the finished product and could also cause clumping.

Village Food Life : amazing recipe grandpa, i love your all recipes and really respect for your great works for the orphaned kids. i love to watch the kids happiness

Sharlon Dically : May GOD continue to guide and protect you grandpa God bless

Rohan Varma : Like = Mac and Cheese should be eaten with a fork Comment = Mac and Cheese should be eaten with a spoon

kbamm69 : im starting to think that they cook foods that will appeal to the broadest audience (donators) because from the looks on the faces they don't really like the food

Khxgc Jgdjgx : كل الكلام الحلو قليل بحقك ربي يطول بعمرك

NavaIMTutorial : *One thing that I am Amaze besides the Food is.. How come the Animal/insect NEVER Bother/disturb even for a Once??* 😃

V : I disabled ad blocker for you. Enjoy the revenue, you deserve it. Love the village style thinking and may you continue to help your community.

وزير الدفاع النصراوي : الله يكتبله الخير ان كانه مسلم

Benedita Mendes : This grandpa got 'em skills!!

ITZ Charlie : U make the best delicious foods ever ;)

Michael Creech : I am grandpa’s #1 fan!!!!

Venezuela Xiong : This is the best thing that Iv'e seen on youtube.

sassy : Ummm ummm delicious and I want a bowl

Vijay Shaik : Grand pa 😀😀😀is soooo cute 😘😘😘

Taslima Begum : I just don’t get how the cheese sauce gets so clumpy and the curds of the milk are always the end result it’s never smooth anyone know how to fix it.

Ricardo H. : That’s the type of person everybody should admire, he looks like a regular old man, but his a great hero, saving children from hunger and cooking a new recipe everytime. Many people at his age are just cranky and they just stay sleeping in a couch, but he has still the courage to prepare a new recipe at his style, he is a chef, a hero and a really good role model at the same time.LONG LIVE GRANDPA! :)

Osito S : I like how you give them a good portion of food!

ghufran al : Amazing!!! God bless u with a long happy life grandpa!

Arczero : i'm gonna learn how to cook from Grandpa <3

Lockhart : God bless you, Grandpa. You're very kind man and I think, you're a good cook.

Stephen Ward : The most unamerican way to cook the most american food lol

Chessislive : It's very warming to see such honest and kind hearted people

Priyanka Yadav : They use good quality of food material....god bless you👏😍

Sharon PrayinAllDayEveryday! : Luv mac & cheese.. Eat it just about once a week faithfully...😊💙💙

Arczero : we all love you grandpa =3

Rico L : Grandpa the macaroni and cheese looks very delicious

Noot Noot : I got a feeling the thumbnail is photoshopped

Invertex : Omg no... why would you pour all that milk in there and then melt the cheese in the milk?? You're supposed to drain the water from the noodles, add some of the milk to it if wanted and then melt the cheese and butter on the moist macaroni so you get some nice stringy cheesy goodness. This could have been so much better ;_;

Silly Silly Goose : you guys look so beautiful and innocent ;-;

Shane Swanepoel : God will give you all the blessing and love you deserve grandpa, I pray that God will work through your life and help you achieve more goals for helping the kids and people. God bless you and may you have peace over your life.

RevengeMoney : For some reason watching Grandpa gives me such peace.

Adriana Miranda : Admiracion y respecto para estas linda personas q a pesar de las condiciones aun asi preparan rico alimentos para esos hermosos niños Dios los bendiga


thảo Phạm : he knows many western recipes haha

2,000 subs without videos : How to make mac n cheese. Step one watch this video :)