Matt Berry: Lone Wolf

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Khadi I : up until 0:36, I really thought this was a serious documentary. Then Matt said "pic-teers" and I choked laughing!!

Joanne Elliott : She's a feisty tart

TheSonOfJazzy : There is nowhere for the Elk to hide.... WITH HIS SHITTY LEG! XD

Galo Spinelli : Founded this completely high. Thank you Matt, we need a planet earth movie type with 2 hours of this. From Argentina with love!

Sasha B : Many liken the elks behaviour to be that of gay XD

SlyRy : Stink to HIGH HEAVEN

Pat Tanackered : Matt Berry has a voice smoother than a cashmere codpiece

President Wevil : "it could be Dyslexic, it has wandering brain" Yep, me in a few words lol

Horatio Moonraker : "Fighting a black Elk, in a black area." #ELM


Chynaash : Starts out educational sounding and BAM Matt kicks the show into his favor and teaches you his way. I think I might be pregnant from his voice alone.

SEE YAI AYE : So which one was Dentay?

Leo Lopez : but stink to HIGH HEAVEN

Maria Louise Emms : Where are the mice..... better than anal

ChillCosmos : How much stereo system did you consume this morning

John Aquarius : I HERE FOR MATT

Rick Sanchez : Can someone tweet this at Joe Rogan for me please. Thank you.

Coco Johns : is there anything else like this, this is the best thing on earth!

CallmeGio ™ : LOL. 5 star documentary. hahaha

Animal Lover 101 : lol love this vid

ISexuallyIdentifyAsTheGrimdark41stMillenium : What show is this from?

Raúl Torres Gómez : This is funny Af

agumon949 : "the elk are furious, and therefore glow red"

nigelcarren : Oh jeez, I was going to half-listen to this while working... But this deserves better. I am going to make a pot of tea, lay down some old newspaper and crack open the best Bissssssskitsssss! Yesssssss.

Gabe Thornes : Showing them picteeures

The Gamer Cousins : Where are da Shi’ brained ones? Oh right here Your it

blizzard veritas : Love these

nigelcarren : 40 MPWH!

Marcus Skyfall : Whiskey!

PallasAthene12 : When the sad day inevitably comes that Attenborough passes on, we have already found his successor.  Top high winds actor *and* nature documentary narrator.

Beef Chavez : It's crazy how you can see the lame elk try to topple one of the other elks to distract the wolves.

Magic Snow Wolf : Omg! This is hilarious! 😂😂 when he swears though

Peter File : 1:35 😂😂😂😂

Boiled Octopus : Where's the mice one??!!

James Annett : this is genius

cissokho maguette : haahahahahaha

ZINCOVIX8754. : Amazing.


Keith Leeuwen : GREAT !