Patton Oswalt Talks About the Golden State Killer

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New Message : "Not to discredit what the police did...." Well.. maybe that ONE policeman....

Norrin Radd : It's a shame she wasn't alive to see this happen.

Daniel Scranton : I love you, Patton. So happy for you.

Jeff Sorensen : I was watching his reactions on Twitter when he was being told. It was awesome. I can't imagine what he went through yesterday. What are whirlwind.

kaemjalo : im not crying my eyes are just sweating i've done a lot of eyelid clenches today

Delilah Hart : I wish Michelle McNamara were here to see it all.

19thHour : Police are still looking for local high school student Patton Oswalt who was found to be in possession of an illegal *Kentucky Waterfall*

jenpenn22 : My father was murdered and his killer has never been caught. That afterword literally made me cry. I wish I could tell her how much hope those words gave me after 32years without my father and no closure. Thank you so much Patton for helping it come to fruition and making sure we all knew about her work.

Ghost Helwig : I’ve been so emotional about this today. That the Golden State Killer has finally been caught is remarkable. It’s been so long, it really seemed like we were reaching the point where he would never be caught. And then he was. Police, the crime lab technicians, the wonderful Michelle McNamara who refused to let his terrible crimes be forgotten - they all contributed to finally catching this man. I only wish Michelle was here to see it. Her work made a difference. His victims will never have to fear him anymore.

comets & blueberries : put him in with Cosby.

Marcus Chan : Gonna go get the book now and what a fantastic full circle this is. I was kinda tearing up!

SweetBabyJames78 : Finally some closure for you Patton, you're the best!

James Nicholson : Wow- he married an actual crime-fighting superhero

OneHourShower : Patton seems like a genuinely good dude. Sorry for all this pain. I’m so glad they caught this scumbag.

Mikayla Bansie : Oh Patton, i'm hoping you & your kids are healing from your lose. Love Peace Resist, from Canada

SweetBabyJames78 : That what the most beautiful thing I've heard!

JCTheFluteMan : I love that he still wears his first wedding ring on his right hand


Mimi Marino : Good work, Michelle and Patton!

kareem ahmad : may she rest in peace

beccabunny09 : So he's always been a hobbit then

RudeBoyisSkankin : Dude of course it was a cop

Lily Hammer : The way Patton has shared and handled his grief is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I love that his new wife helps keep the spirit of his late wife alive for their daughter. I’m so unbelievably grateful and overwhelmed that they caught this man and that Patton’s family can have that sense of closure to share with the victims families. Patton, we love you. The world is rooting for you.

Aaron N : I heard about this book a few weeks ago on NPR and as soon as I heard about the news I thought about Patton immediately and felt so happy about the work of his late wife and the victims closure. Thank God for the work of your wife, Patton, I know your an atheist by the way, but thank God for this moment.

Ashley : Michelle, it's done. It's over. It makes me so unbelievably happy to think that somewhere, wherever she is, she is resting easy now. My heart is bursting ❤

Jaclyn N : MFM love to Patton!

Nikki Mills : I lost it when he read her letter to "the old man". This is such a surreal moment. Michelle McNamara deserves credit for keeping this case relevant. Without her the term "Golden State killer" would have never been coined. Her dedication and obsession can clearly be felt through out this book. The writing is absolutely beautiful and so eloquent. If you have no read this book I highly recommend, obviously if you are in to true crime. It's chilling and gripping. At times I was so tense and scared I would have to stop reading it. If you are looking for a brief synopsis check out podcase "I'll be gone in the dark". It's a 3 part podcast, easy listen and explains the book pretty well. I hope with the arrest of J.J. DeAngelo, Michelle McNamaras family is able to have some closure and she is finally able to rest in peace.

GR46404 : After so much about Trump, is it great to see a good person. I am not saying Patton Oswalt is a saint, just that he is fundamentally good, while Trump is fundamentally bad.

Seriously Sketchy : Bless him honestly!

MyRedPony1 : I watched HLN's 'Unmasking a Killer series about the Golden State Killer. Profilers said he could be ex-military or ex-cop. He's both. He served in Vietnam and he was a cop. Finally, after forty years plus, he's done. There's justice for all the victims, for all their families, and for Michelle. I'm sure she's smiling down because of this. Good job, Michelle. You did it!

Care Bear : He deserves all the best!

SPACE GIMP : I've been following Michelle's work on the GSK and she was so close they need to atleast need to mention the work contributed

j p : Patton Oswalt - You should be the the spokes person for America. you are a great person!

dominic romani : If there were one celebrity incouldnsit down with and have a meal and chat for an evening, without hesitation I would pick Patton Oswalt. I hope he gains some closure with this

David Cunningham : This entire story with the killer, his former wife, the book, and his arrest in the end NEEDS to be put into a film!

Natalie Rose : Dang it I saw Patton Oswalt and clicked to laugh my ass off but now I'm crying. At least it's happy-crying.

Michael Lair : Anyone else notice that he looks just like Dustin from season 2 of stranger things with that hair

Richard M : I don't know him personally but I salute his courage and his late wife's work. His stand-up up had me in tears and I am so happy to see him here

Pete Gromov : Killer turned out to be a cop. No wonder cops had no incentive to catch him.

Samuel : oh stop it Patton ..police were following up on it....i appreciate his wife writing the book and keeping the story alive but Police and DNA are what caught him. Not his wife.

Porsche Collector : I don't believe in coincidences

CN What I'm Saiyan? : >Talks about The Golden State Killer >Golden State Killer found later that day >Few days after Michelle McNamera’s 2nd anniversary of her death Life and coincidences have a beautiful way of working itself out, sometimes. May she finally rest knowing her work has been achieved. Bless you all, Oswalt... “It’s chaos. Be kind.”

Liam Lennon : Didn't know that Patton was in "Stranger Things" back in the 80s

Jennifer King : I can't believe that anyone would dislike this. 36 people are just awful.

Gabe Bendetowitz : That’s true payback

Iliana Molina : We love you Michelle.

lalalalala : I love the way Patton and Meredith speak about Michelle. Their daughter is so lucky to have had three such wonderful role models.

Tye Wolfe : Wow, this comes almost exactly two years after her death....Just amazing.

Parth Singh : If you want to know why the killer is such a big deal you should listen to episode 53 of podcast "Casefiles" .

Myuutantobasuta : Woah Young Patton looks like that kid from Stranger Things