Limmy's Show - Millport

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SongBillong : Something we all go through but Limmy has put it into words better than any of us could. Perfection

The Mouldy Mushroom : I'm on the verge of tears because this is the only serious part of the limmy show and i know exactly what he means

Heddy Bell : My son sent me this - knowing how much I would like it.  He was so right.  This is very clever, very deep, very poignant.  Great piece of writing.

paul24111 : I grew up in millport and i was lucky to be part of limmy's crowed when he came down for his summer holidays in the 80s and 90s.Paul(twin) Alan W, Paul G ,Big Damo,Jack J, Allan E and more.Yes limmy you are spot on with what you are saying.Would be good to go back.x

charlotteyesyes : this is beautiful

David Sengupta : This is the single greatest most depressing moment in human history. And my pain isn't that you documented it, but that you reported it

goatoil : Beautiful piece of writing. One of his best sketches.

KeePlaysGames : You know, this is so deep. There's nothing funny about it or anything. It's just dead sad, I think.

Sir Cantona : Beautiful. Youth is wasted on the young

Claxtons : "I don't want to be here any more" breaks my heart every time I watch it. And I've watched it many, many times.

cds2006 : I know what you mean, but it's almost a sigh of relief from the girl serving (and, through her, from us watching) as she's able to snap back into her routine and not have to think about what he's presented. She's stuck too, but has the day to day repetition to distract her.

KenLAFC : So sad

Lucky : rough transcript from reddit. Hiya. This is a bit of a strange question but, can you tell us[me], how to get there? where is it? where was the photo taken? i know. thats Millport. right what you would do is, get the train to Largs, from there, take the ferry No sorry i know how to get to Millport, but can you tell me how to get to there? That is Millport I know but Sorry, you're confusing me now, where is it that you want to go Nah you're right, it is Millport, you're right but, see i took that photo when i was about 16, thats me there. Some day that, some summer, some laugh...just...tonnes of pals and we'd just all kick about [hang around] all day, summer just seemed to go on forever, just kick about, not thinking about tomorrow, what we're doing the day after that, the day after that. just kicknig about, no aggro, no fighting, no nothing, just having a laugh...and jumping off the pier, swimming about and all that and then at night, well every second night we'd all go for a and we'd all give him money, like the oldest looking one, he'd try and get served and..."get us a bottle of merrydown"... "get us a bottle of old english...diamond white and all that". "get us a quarter bottle of voddy [vodka]" and..."you only getting a quarter bottle of voddy?", "oh get us a half then", just falling about steaming[drunk]. you cant get away with that nowadays but, it was a laugh, we were aggro, no fighting, nothing like that, just falling about, it was...we made mistakes we know we made mistakes but that was just part of life...just part of living, wasn't it...thats what it was it nothing like now its...i dont want to be here anymore. i dont want to be here. i want to be there. so can you tell do i get there? you cant do that, i'm sorry aye just give us a return to Largs then

Oliver Emmett : I think it's perfectly fair to state that the only reason Scots people don't have trouble with the English accent is they're surrounded by it. On the television and the radio you'll be raised hearing the English accent everyday. It's nobody's fault that the Scottish accent isn't as prominent. I personally have no trouble understanding him, but I would suggest you get down of your high horse.

DrMcMoist : 7.99 for a return to Largs? Where does he stay? Fairlie?

scotlandr : I love how people clearly outside of Scotland have the arrogance and the ignorance to comment saying they cant understand the Glasweigan accent. Its pretty clear, if you honestly can't understand it then you must be really be slow and retarded, bolt.

Sid Arthur : me too mate

David Heffron : The joke is getting a return to Largs for £7.95. It's £8.90 from Central these days.

wysey100 : I actually can't remember the last time a piece of footage made me feel so emotional.

lewisisdaman : this is so sad :(

Craig Bisset : As a Scotsman I don't know pretty much what you are saying either! :)

Muffincakeswithsugar : subtitles for English speaking audiences please

TheLizardmonkey : Millport hasn't actually change all that much in the last thirty years to be honest. I went there last October and they were still selling He-Man figures in the wee shop... He-Man figures... still selling them.

Asif Khan : i wish there was no punchline to this sketch, it's so nearly perfect.

Austin Dyer : This is one of Limmy's best works of art, this sketch.

Nick Maitland : Great sketch. Would be interesting to see how this plays out in real life if someone could do it while remaining completely in character like Limmy.

Jimmy Shaw : Nostalgia

gloves71 : Sentimental bollox. There are always loads of Millports throughout your life. No need to fixate on one and say life has never been the same since. Boo hoo...

Sera : I love you Limmy

JALFC26 : Anyone saying they can't understand his accent needs to fuck off!!!

Alexander Lee : This man knows depression, as someone who works in a call centre this hit me like a ton of bricks.

Corrie : maudlin

Roddy Dykes : The silver lining to this is, we all feel this way, and we'll always have those memories (unless we get dementia)

waaaghboss64 : we need an english translation

231swift : anyone tell me what his last line is ? when hes given up and asks to go somewhere else Aye just give us "xxx" then

moodude : This cannot be English... moonspeak

Westy91 : It is in English you fucking plank

Im a wizard : I'm so frustrated I can't understand half of what hes saying, I thought I knew English.

Sera : It is English. The beauty of our language is its diversity.

David Coxon : For those who don't live in central/west scotland, Largs is a resort town on the west coast from where you can get a ferry to Millport, the town which the character wishes to retreat back in time to. So he's essentially caving in and just going to Millport on his own anyway, which is pretty grim.

Stephanie Fraval : Stephen Fry brought me here. I also had a little trouble understanding some of it, but I'm sure it would become easier were I fortunate enough to hear it more often. Beautiful accent. <3

Bremner92 : Another arrogant prick, this is easily understood.

Danny Wanny : Millport's great isn't it? Love cycling round

Victor Konishchev : I'm sorry, but I didn't get any word. Seriously, was it English?

SeventhEve : don't justify any stereotypes or anything...

SeventhEve : I'm sorry that I'm not familiar enough with the accent to get every single word. Those of you who are highly outraged that people should express frustration with understanding him are getting angry over nothing. There will always be accents that are hard to understand. I am American and understood about 85% of what they were saying. What was the last line? "Just give us ___, then"? it sounds like 'a ton of logs'

television and cheese : :(

IViewMusic : I would suggest for non-natives, like myself, to read "Trainspotting" by Irvine Welsh. For the major part it's written in Scottish.

David Carney : I imagine it has more to do with exposure. I had trouble understanding much of this but I'm not going to sit here and say he isn't speaking "properly" or any crap like that. He's just speaking a dialect I rarely hear, I bet if I watched it 10 more times I'd understand every word but the truth is we don't hear this accent often in the US.

JC Films : For the people that don't get it, when he says "getting to there" and "how do I get there" he is referring to "there" as when he was happy and wasn't bothered about anything else.