[Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 - The god of music 'Jack Black'! 20160130

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_//FanFan// //Fanatic// : lol he sings "growl" just like I do! XD LAMO

Krishell is where I belong Aquino : Omg how did I get all of them right

rotzi rockt : this is awesome!! xDDD

Sohaila : They need to create an entire series of this game 😂👏🏼

Xxxsorrow : Seem to~day.~

heycraig : SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

jo duong : Jack Black is just too awesome!!!!!

Zachary Windsor : Jack Black is a gift

Amaya Kanosh : If this isn't every international kpop fan then I don't know what is. (especially me)

Thatch Netherfold : I happened to come across this video as a post on Facebook, then after I search it on Youtube, I can't stop replaying this, man!!! XD Jack Black had a HUGE KNACK for variety man!!! XD

ButtonWalls : Nigga I don't speak in shapes, where can I get a translation?


Faiz Jefri : i lovd this show XD

JuggernautOfWar : Is this from Running Man? I absolutely love that show and yet I speak practically zero Korean.

EdDy4RheelZ : As Korean American, it's sad to say, this guy is better than me at impersonating kpop songs. If I was there impersonating kpop songs, those guys wouldn't know wtf I'm singing even if their lives depended on it.

Roulette Bang : Oh my god why is he so funny 😂

Ricky Spanish : I can't stop replaying the 2:02 mark.

Lindà ELF : i didn't guess some

Alek Lara : Why am I so obsessed with this right now

Mitchell H : 3:02 his laugh and point like "Yeah yea awesome, I have no idea what you are saying" XD

D3bS ACDM : It's weird if I also recognized all these songs! 😅

Steve Biebel : Are you guys sure that South Korea hasn't kidnapped Jack Black and put him in a weird game show prison?

Miriam Lachica : What was the EXO song in this video?

Aaron Grace : So damn funny.

Sufi Lipshaw : Damn. That heart attack rock version will sound so good 😂

Sl8err - Fitness & Training Vlogs : I think Vic Reeves should try this

Shannon Alme : Does anyone think this is weird for him?! All c9mments say how good he is...duh! Jack black is an amazing musician but why is he doing this shit? So weird!

Dale S : This show was made for Jack Black

David Herzfeld : this is brilliant

Oscar Sironi : oh boy, I'm fucking crying, don't know if for Jack or the Korean guys reactios

ChrisMC : Jack Black is a better singer than me.

George A. : I wish Jack Black was still popular :(

NinjaLifestyle : This is great

decentradical : That last one could've been Danzel - Pump It Up

WarSpiritUK : how

misskuni : I love Jack black so much. I just love him.

MisterFuturtastic : Did Jack Black lose some kind of bet or commit some crime that he is paying restitution for?

mrmime00 : god i love these koreans ! :D

Dj Tzonev : Did they kidnap poor Jack? He looks in distress... :(

FireMammoth : I wander if Black was seriously evaluating his life decisions while on stage performing

StoneMountain64 : jack black is the man!

King : Jack Black is the greatest human ever

theoutcast32 : Thanks for the subtitles

Hope Hurteau : sounds like my fat asian gf when shes in the shower

Ed Boi : I have never seen Jack Black act so much like Jack Black before.

Silas Bowden : lol

Josh Daly : this is amazing haha

Venser : lol I got the first song way before they guest it and I don't even listen to K-pop. Catallena hoi hoi hoi Starcraft 2 basetrade TV!

Jack Flannigan : dafuq did I just watch?

BigWeirdo : So this is where Jack Black has been since School of Rock...