[Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 - The god of music 'Jack Black'! 20160130

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justlovesimply : lol although he sang jibberish, he was so passionate and sanged it with STYLE! AWESOMENESS!

skippykipper101 : Jack Black is actually quite perfect for Korean variety

Manal B : lol this is the international fans trying to sing kpop songs

Mekanacbf : We're all laughing & we all know that's what we sound like!

Sanchari Ray Choudhuri : Lets take moment to appreciate how Kwanghee got most of them right xDD

RolyPoly : Perfect game for a Western guest.

Santi Wulandari : I don't know if it's because the way i sing kpop like that, or what, but i can guess him easily

mccuish1525 : I only got Growl and Catallena

Body Mod Mommy : i forgot how much I used to love Jack Black's voice. About to go listen to some tenacious d

ShadowWhelp : This Show is called Infinite Challenge. It’s hilarious, very ingenious and would have huge numbers in translation, and modifications to a US audience. The premise is a group of contestants must work with guest stars to accumulate points through a wide variety of physical and mental challenges. Gold. Jack Black does a full episode.

Zoey Hansen : Me trying to sing kpop as an American

Sam Church : international fans can relate 😂

SugarPebbles28 : Black's version of "Heart Attack" sounds better than the original version LOL HAHAH

theeggman85 : Holy crap Jack is good at 2:04

Melissa Apoka : Them high notes though! Didn't know he is so good at singing..or humming

Eldritch : well he is Musician after all Tenacious D ROCK EM

Steve Walters : Jack*

reznoire : Jack Black is a boss.

Cj B : this is brilliant

YooSmurfette Uaena : I loved Jack Black :D

Chanyeolovemeright : I got the orange caramel Catalena really quickly yeah


jas n : this is one game they need to bring back more often LOL

ndgv2 : I bet Jack needed a drink after this show was over. Looks exhausting.

xxxJY : DAEBAK!! Loved it...and it made my day :D

Mike McDaniel : Correct video name from "Jakc" to "Jack"

Hello Sunshine : He nailed that AOA song and the Golden Caramel song...I love this guy hahha

insimilecupitre : exo's growl was on point!! i love jack black <3

JTsuits : jack black has a great ball sack

Auclair36 : Does anyone know if he's had time to prepare? Like, has he heard the songs previously and then they give him songs randomly from those he's heard, or is this the first time he hears them? If it's the latter one, Jack Black is even more amazing than I thought.

Jed Teng : Hes just really good at singing ,visualizing and hearing songs ,thats where he gets his music from ,he compose and write music on his own..🙄

David Fakler : Tenacious D new album confirmed lol

PabSwan : Jack Black is the king. It's like he actually speaks Korean but is just drunk

Krishell is where I belong Aquino : Omg how did I get all of them right

ChrisMC : Jack Black is a better singer than me.

Jebus Matoi : Let's take a moment to appreciate how much of a god Jack Black is.

Conski : can someone tell me the names of all the songs

MEGHAPSEY : Oh my gosh I laughed so hard!! That was ridiculously funny

Khusuke : LOL he completely nailed some of them! Too good!

doll face : 0:06 "i lived in china" 😁😁

decentradical : That last one could've been Danzel - Pump It Up

Ayutnaguu : Omg seemtoday lol

Kait T : I got it at the "HOI HOI HOI"

Mary Drew Morales : Jajajaja no me pierdo ese episodio xD

scandalmomo : This was hilarious

MithunOnThe.Net : MBC, please correct the 'Jakc' in your title

Daphne R : CATALLLENA CATALLENA. I was legit screaming at my phone xD

AleMcr17 : This was THE BEST! xD

RawrInYourFace : just imagine how much international fans are gonna watch this episode, and hopefully there will be more international celebrities to come on. That means more people wanting to learn Korean culture and the language

Gabriel dos Santos : He does not need a microphone.