Pantera - Cemetery Gates (Official Music Video)

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Thundercunt McGeezax : Roses are red, violets are blue. When I listen to Pantera, my neighbors do, too.


Ironworker Welder : *Rest in Peace Vinnie Paul. Hope you're somewhere jamming with Dimebag again! ♡*

Gaming FAQ : Rest in peace, legend

Drunk Savage : Tonight the Abbott Brothers ROCK once again! RIP Vinnie Paul

somarriba333 : R.I.P. Vinnie now together with his brother. :(

ClayMoore : Vinnie's jamming with his brother now. Rest easy, Vinnie Paul.

John F : Rest in Peace Vinnie. Dime is waiting for you on the other side. ❤

Drunk Savage : Raise a shot of the old Black Tooth Grin for Vinnie and Dime!

Dele Xovich : In my opinion, this is Pantera's best song. So much emotion in this song, combined with heaviness, the solo really speaks for itself.

Big Mike : RIP Vinnie and Dime

Sean Lefever : God I miss bad ass metal!

Dave Shattuck : Im an old man dying from cancer.Iv been to a few of there shows it was great. Pantera will always be true to there music

あっちゃん : Vinnie Paul R.I.P.

Sluggz659 : That part when Phil and Dime's guitar have that scream thing I've ever heard.


Valerie Marie : RIP vinnie paul

Carma Dragula Nefarious Queen : RIP Vinnie who else is listening to this morning Vinnie's death

Chris Autenrieth : So sad Vinnie Paul is gone! He is up with DimeBag jamming!

Awesome Star Wars Stop Motions and Other Random Videos : I don't always listen to Pantera, but when I do, the neighborhood does too

Bonclay : R.I.P Vinnie, my hero, can't believe it,,, He as hollow as I converse, I wish he'd waken from this curse Hear my words before it's through, I want to come in after you My Best friend My Best friend Thank you for everything Brother,,,,

There is no I in Eye : I felt compelled to listen to this at this moment. With love, R.I.P. Abbott Brothers


Dante DTeen Deline : R.I.P Vinnie Paul, reunited with his brother.

Savage Mister : Sadly, I never saw them live. I visited Dime's final resting place in Arlington though to show my respect. What a talent he was. What a senseless loss. Damn.

Tyler Gann : RIP Vinnie Paul! At least he's with Dime now...

bacho voni : Rip Abbott Brothers !

CrAzY CaNuCk : R.I.P Vinnie, finally rocking again with dime😭😭🤘

acc 320 : RIP Vinnie Paul, you will always be remembered as one of the greatest drummers ever

Tom Bellamy : Just found out about Vinnie Paul. R.I.P. I saw Pantera in 92, 97 and 2000. Saw Damageplan once in July 2004.

acc 320 : RIP Vinnie Paul, enjoy heaven with your brother. It's a sad day for metal

Rob Aldrich : RIP Vinnie Paul! You will be missed

APaganPerspective : Have a Black tooth with Dime .. RIP VINNIE PAUL

DAVID GOMEZ : R.I.P Vinnie Paul :(

Dave Mustaine : RIP my friends Vinnie and DIME thank you for everything!

cyborg farmer : Brothers in heaven. R.i.p.

Nathan 1978 : RIP Vinnie Paul

It Came from the Sky : Phil could sing, damn.

dirk allison : R.I.P. Vinnie Paul :(

scar IV : R.I.P. Vinnie Paul

Nathan Herrmann : Rip Vinnie

Team Cap : RIP Vinnie Paul.    : (

BrianS317 : This song really shows the bands true talents and his vocal abilities.

Eduardo Hiroshi Yamaguchi Kume : R.I.P Vinnie

Hugo Rafael : Rest in Peace Vinnie...

eddietools : 🐱R.I.P. VINNIE PAUL 🐱❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Michael Michael Motorcycle : Who else wants this blasted at their funeral?

pixesticz7 : 😞 Vinny Paul brought me here

Naxrox Druid : RIP Vinnie