Pantera - Cemetery Gates (Official Music Video)

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Gaming FAQ : Rest in peace, legend

Dave Shattuck : Im an old man dying from cancer.Iv been to a few of there shows it was great. Pantera will always be true to there music

Drunk Savage : Raise a shot of the old Black Tooth Grin for Vinnie and Dime!

Sluggz659 : That part when Phil and Dime's guitar have that scream thing I've ever heard.

Drunk Savage : Tonight the Abbott Brothers ROCK once again! RIP Vinnie Paul

somarriba333 : R.I.P. Vinnie now together with his brother. :(

あっちゃん : Vinnie Paul R.I.P.

John F : Rest in Peace Vinnie. Dime is waiting for you on the other side. ❤

Thundercunt McGeezax : Roses are red, violets are blue. When I listen to Pantera, my neighbors do, too.

AnubisXII : Damn Phils voice is phenomenal. I don't think he gets enough credit. You should see how many chairs he had to smash to hit those notes just right. And Rex is underrated. He's a badass. And then theres the Abbott brothers. Gone much too soon. Rest in peace, my friends. Two of the greatest.

Fox Fighter : "Cemetery Gates" Reverend reverend is this some conspiracy? Crucified for no sins An image beneath me What's within our plans for life It all seems so unreal I'm a man cut in half in this world Left in my misery... The reverend he turned to me Without a tear in his eyes It's nothing new for him to see I didn't ask him why I will remember The love our souls had Sworn to make Now I watch the falling rain All my mind can see Now is your Well I guess You took my youth I gave it all away Like the birth of a New-found joy This love would end in rage And when she died I couldn't cry The pride within my soul You left me incomplete All alone as the memories now unfold. Believe the word I will unlock my door And pass the Cemetery gates Sometimes when I'm alone I wonder aloud If you're watching over me Some place far abound I must reverse my life I can't live in the past Then set my soul free Belong to me at last Through all those Complex years I thought I was alone I didn't care to look around And make this world my own And when she died I should've cried and spared myself some pain... You left me incomplete All alone as the memories still remain The way we were The chance to save my soul And my concern is now in vain Believe the word I will unlock my door And pass the cemetery gates The way we were The chance to save my soul And my concern is now in vain Believe the word I will unlock my door And pass the cemetery gates! Gates! Gates!

Bonclay : R.I.P Vinnie, my hero, can't believe it,,, He as hollow as I converse, I wish he'd waken from this curse Hear my words before it's through, I want to come in after you My Best friend My Best friend Thank you for everything Brother,,,,

Carma Dragula Nefarious Queen : RIP Vinnie who else is listening to this morning Vinnie's death

Savage Mister : Sadly, I never saw them live. I visited Dime's final resting place in Arlington though to show my respect. What a talent he was. What a senseless loss. Damn.

Big Mike : RIP Vinnie and Dime

tol get : I was 17, watching Headbangers ball on MTV when this song first premieres. My friend and I looked at each other and I said,"what the fuck is this? We were blown away! It was the most amazing and beautiful sounds i had ever heard. I was instantly a Pantera fan. Now, 28 years later, we lose Vinnie and 14 years ago Dime, so sad to see a huge part of my life gone.. R.I.P GUYS Thank you for doing what you did.

Valerie Marie : RIP vinnie paul

Chris Autenrieth : So sad Vinnie Paul is gone! He is up with DimeBag jamming!

Awesome Star Wars Stop Motions and Other Random Videos : I don't always listen to Pantera, but when I do, the neighborhood does too

acc 320 : RIP Vinnie Paul, you will always be remembered as one of the greatest drummers ever

DAVID GOMEZ : R.I.P Vinnie Paul :(

Dante DTeen Deline : R.I.P Vinnie Paul, reunited with his brother.

There is no I in Eye : I felt compelled to listen to this at this moment. With love, R.I.P. Abbott Brothers

Ironworker Welder : *Rest in Peace Vinnie Paul. Hope you're somewhere jamming with Dimebag again! ♡*

bacho voni : Rip Abbott Brothers !

scar IV : R.I.P. Vinnie Paul

acc 320 : RIP Vinnie Paul, enjoy heaven with your brother. It's a sad day for metal

eddietools : 🐱R.I.P. VINNIE PAUL 🐱❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Dele Xovich : In my opinion, this is Pantera's best song. So much emotion in this song, combined with heaviness, the solo really speaks for itself.

Team Cap : RIP Vinnie Paul.    : (

Hugo Rafael : Rest in Peace Vinnie...

Eduardo Hiroshi : R.I.P Vinnie

cyborg farmer : Brothers in heaven. R.i.p.

Richard Spillers : R.I.P. Vinnie

CrAzY CaNuCk : R.I.P Vinnie, finally rocking again with dime😭😭🤘

Nathan 1978 : RIP Vinnie Paul

APaganPerspective : Have a Black tooth with Dime .. RIP VINNIE PAUL


noah thomas : rip vinnie paul

Nathan Herrmann : Rip Vinnie


Kierkegaard O ironico : Descanse em paz, Vinnie Paul.

Michael Michael Motorcycle : Who else wants this blasted at their funeral?

dirk allison : R.I.P. Vinnie Paul :(

Los Cilantros Metal Punk : Rip vinnie

Kim D : RIP Vinnie Paul

Tyler Gann : RIP Vinnie Paul! At least he's with Dime now...

BrianS317 : This song really shows the bands true talents and his vocal abilities.

Tom Bellamy : Just found out about Vinnie Paul. R.I.P. I saw Pantera in 92, 97 and 2000. Saw Damageplan once in July 2004.