Michael Jackson Goes Out To Buy A Wedding Ring!

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Jeff's Father Busts Michael Jackson!!

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Jacinta Nestoria : Smooth criminal indeed. It should have been obvious, what he was doing, but he groomed the entire world. Instead of rushing to defend a serial predator, people should be educating themselves about CSA and the grooming process.

Joseph Rinker : If people can't believe the kids from the documentary because of lack of evidence then how can you believe Jackson without proof that he isn't lying? Some say the kids want money and maybe that's the case but turn it around...look what money can buy. Y'all really think that celebrities don't pay top fucking dollar to get out of trouble? Look at OJ! Just an example. The only people that will ever know what really happened are the people directly involved. Wade, safechuck and MJ.

annieemarriee : ROOTING FOR JAMES SAFECHUCK RIGHT NOW! James, you shall get the closure you deserve!

Antonella W Guadagni : Simi Valley California jewellery store... didn’t Jimmy Safechuck live in Simi Valley city?

kiyonexus : 0:23 That's James Safechuck. He lived in Semi Valley and was born February 1978, which makes him exactly the age of that boy in the footage. You can't get any more accurate than that. He told the truth mentioning they had a mock wedding. The ridiculous MJ fans in denial. MJ was never interested in women... the fact that he would pull a publicity stunt with Presley shows what a manipulator he is. In the documentary, Safechuck also states they would go to different jewelry stores and pretend like they're buying the ring for someone else and pretending the boys hand is like the hand of a female.... crazy.

Matilda Uebel : I just can´t understand how anyone can still think he was innocent. And I hope James and Wade have a strong support network around them so they can stand strong against Michaels defenders. This should never have taken this long in the first place.

Disney Lover : So sad. And yet there are still so many people who defend him. Just because he’s ‘Michael Jackson’. Awful.

Manubibi Walsh : So much old stuff resurfacing and fitting with all the other pieces. I'm honestly in a shock.

applebug : I've never doubted the men. no surprise smh

Tracey Mitchell : This supports James' story that Jackson bought rings for young boys. No way was that for an adult, all his money and a ring from a department store. Doubt it. I hope someone will be able to confirm who this boy is. James may not be the only one because I can imagine there are a lot more boys than we know of.

Angel Nicole : I wish this would’ve been in the documentary!

sandy haqqy : and he and Cheryl crow never dated ... let alone get a marriage proposal from is a joke

nemoran : If there had been any proof MJ was looking for an actual wedding ring it would have been major news in the media but it was not. MJ simply was looking for rings either for someone else or Safechuck himself as Safechuck said he liked jewelry . So what? That doesn't mean MJ gave him rings for sex and married him. It's absurd. Every single act of kindness is twisted against this man.

Cynthia Denniston : Wow!well at least people know now that James was telling the truth

Boss Lady : I’m not messing with wade but I do find the other guy more believable 💯


Pappa takko : Omg James Safechuck told the truth!

sandy haqqy : see how footage like this gets overlooked and then turns out its evidence... really gross

Richard D : Watch it back again. He went to a jewlerry shop before this shop. So got ring before going into this shop. Which is still bad. Why bring a kid to a jewlerry shop? lol Nobody knows who the kid is 100% but why is he going around with a kid?

Kali Piana : micheal jackson AKA M PEDO !!!

gypsytwigg glitter : Wonder what Cheryl Crow thought or thinks of this Bs.....he lookin more n more guilty AF....smooth criminal alright 😑

Richard D : Nobody knows who this kid is but MJ is going shopping with a kid. It's crazy. Why did he go with this kid? What was so special to MJ about this kid?

Hey U : Uh, this article is in the L.A. Times archives online. The workers provided a list of what he bought and no ring was listed. Back in those days the tabloids really made up stuff literally about possible marriages and engagements etc. Seems very innocent compared to today’s gossip. I think that the director of Leaving Neverland searched and found this one video to Taylor it to a narrative he wanted to create. The store in 1989 said he didn’t up any rings. Hmmm

Meow : A lot of conspiracy theories swirling in the comments😂

Katalin Németh : Mass hysteria this whole, ridiculous.

T A : Jordy Chandler was able to describe Michael Jackson's penis in a lot of detail. Jackson then settled out of court for over $15,000,000. Can any child describe your genitals?

Keith Mareno : I am 100 % with James, but a few things don't make sense about this news clip with MJ in a jewlery store

JaDversary : Wasn't it already confirmed that he didn't even buy rings that day but just sunglasses & some toys? Apparently this "ring" wasn't even bought that day

cbeartv00 : Um for all the wallies below saying.... Omg he didn't marry anyone with it..... That's NOT the point !!!!!!

Fuckallstars : Just shopping for rings in disguise

Fiona Arizona : 👀

Shxken UP : Wedding ring? That's a gift store. Also, no rings were bought. People just want to find ANYTHING. This has been public knowledge for a long time.

DJ Blur : he liked jewelry

PS4 & Stuff : Madness

Jason Flynn : Tons of evidence supports that he didn't do it. While the "evidence" that says he did do it is "he said", "she said" accusations. Alsoh accusers have been caught in lies many times. This footage doesn't prove anything. It is weird that he went shopping with a child. But considering his only friends were children, it adds up. Overall this is incriminating what so ever, strange? Yes. But something that "exposes" MJ as some monster? I think not. Also we need more then this to incriminate him, especially since the footage is choppy and could imply tampering. It's innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around

wakousy remu : this is real but it doesn't proof Safechuck story is true. Because in the documentary Safechuck said Micheal doesn't want to marry yet he married him. And also Micheal must have been very loyal because next to Safechuck there is no one that comes forward that you might consider beleving if look trough everything.

Shea Harris : "wAtCh fAnS tRy tO dEbUnK tHiS" I've never seen so many idiots in a comment section. What is there to debunk? Michael Jackson in fear of being mobbed wore a disguise and went shopping with a kid at a jewelry store and a gift store. He went shopping all the time and bought people tons of things. That's all this says. Also might I add that this is in Safechuck's deposition but he didn't say he got the ring from this event. Actually when they unmasked Michael Jackson, the police saw that they bought things from the gift shop but nothing from the jewelry store. This footage proves nothing people.

PIRATE X : And now we all know who that ring was truly for, Jimmy Safechuck. Hope you can get through bud. I feel your pain.

Jay Babcock : If you have a brain you don't need to be told he is a pedo. Its so obvious. He was mentally deranged. Separate the art from the crime. I am not going to burn my MJ vinyl but I know damn well he is a pedo. I never worship artist or anyone. I may like what they do but most all artists are insane and not good well people.

Barbara Coleman : ...and this shit storm continues! Check your dates people! Safe chuck claimed Michael bought the ring in 1993. This is a clip from 1989. Clearly that's a huge time gap. Fact checking is the intelligent choice.

Andronique Thomas : OMG no one married this guy.

classic : See, Safechuck was not lying!

nemoran : Of Course MJ bought rings for Safechuck since Safehcuck himself said he liked jewelry. MJ gave many things to many people if they said they liked something. The LA Times reported at the time that MJ was looking for rings not wedding rings that's just tabloid speculation like the whole Sheryl Crow thing. Safechuck said MJ gave him a signed document at that wedding. Where is that? Doesn't exist. That would be proof. Safechuck got the idea of that marriage from Victor Gutierrez's pro pedo book Michael Jackson was my lover. There Gutierrez talk like Jordan and MJ were a couple who had a honeymoon. Safechuck's entire story has 15 ideas from Gutierrez's book! Including the marriage.

Karl KingSon : Why hasn’t anyone asked themselves, just doing some simple commen sense thinking, wasnit at all possible that in the TWO years the filmmaker took to research and create the nArrative of James being given this “ring” that the director or his team didn’t FIND THIS EXACT VIDEO and decide to use it? Look at the date people! It was posted in 2015 !!!! And the director admitted to shooting the sequence of the ring testimony after the original cut was already done to add more to it! We have become a society that is so easily manipulated. All the ways they claim Michael manipulated they are doing EXACTLY that to the world. What a shame

nemoran : Karen Faye who knew MJ for 26 years said this: Michael loved shopping. He loved looking around. He took me on quite a few. If you would dare say you liked something...he would buy it for you. He gifted me with art work, books, jewelry, shoes, CD’s, etc. over the years. Safechuck said he loved jewelry so MJ bought him some. Now he is using those rings against MJ concocting a BS mock wedding around it which he can't prove as he does not have the signed document he claims MJ gave him.

Kimblee V : Poor Sheryl Crowe being dragged into that mess.

miss K Lorena : This proves that James Safechuck is telling the truth. This video must be diffuse everywhere.

A Matt : Michael Jackson bought jewelry for everybody this doesn't mean anything

PS4 & Stuff : Lol