Crazy Raina Uses Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass | News Bites
Crazy Raina just ate 13 bowls of pasta at Olive Garden Whats your record during Pasta Pass season

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We put Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass To The Test! SPECIAL GUESTS: Crazy Raina MORE FOODBEAST: Insta: @foodbeast Twitter: @foodbeast Facebook:


Juan Aguirre : I got full just by watching her eat.

elzeus13 : I learned how many bowls she can shove down her throat.

Margaret Lopez : You guys should get Matt stonie on here!! He’s a beast.

ECHO_ARTIFX : Didn’t know that a never ending pasta card existed?!


Jaemarlee Goin : I dont envy the guy who takes her on a date We going dutch

Brosyden : 1:26 So Hawt ! 😂🔥👌

Rman Nayr : RAINA'S A BEAST!

NorCaLove1 : You can use the pass until the end of September 2019. They extended the $80 one

Peter Pham : where can i get that t-shirt??

Chris M. : 1st

Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez : You guys make me very hungry

Brian Chapman : How many calories was that?

Anurania : The numbers on the pasta pass just don't work if you have to tip. That's like $5 extra each visit. $150 if you visit every day for a month. Your $100 pass turns into $400 if you use it every day.

Harkness78 : If I had the pasta pass I would never eat in the morning, just drink coffee and water. Then when the hunger got unbearable, I would go get a late lunch, put down like 2 salads and 2 bowls of pasta, and I would be full the rest of the day. $100 for your entire food budget for 8 weeks is a steal. And while some people say Olive Garden is not good, 56 all you can eat meals for under 2 bucks a meal is maybe the best deal ever.

Nicole Hong : This is disgusting.

Oksana M : Making this show , you are promoting binge eating . Doesn’t serve people. Programming them into obesity and low self esteem