Steve Vai Halo2
27 minutes of Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers jamming and creating the Halo 2 soundtrack

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Can you handle it?


Frostmaster : So Vai just improvised that dive bomb at 9:11 on his first play-through of the song? Did he even realize he made one of the most iconic dive bombs in history right there?

Homjek - Halo Videos : [ ] Easy [ ] Normal [ ] Heroic [X] Legendary

The Channel With The Beats : "You can't put a choir, orchestra, and electric guitar in one song." Marty: "Watch me"

alekkek : Bungie: yeah we're making a game that's like on space and stuff, it's called Halo Marty O'Donnell: *proceeds to create the best soundtrack ever heard in gaming history*

TOAST : This is like seeing the Bible be written in front of me

UltraViolence : Obscure moment in history?! Dude this is my childhood! This is what magic looks like!

Guitarsquatch M. : I never knew how important 9:15 - 9:30 was to me. I got chills and a little choked up when he did that.

MRPIRATEFOX : Nile: “lets just vibe, see how it sounds” Steve vai: *creates the mjolnir mix and reclaimer in one take*

Siegfried Armory : "You might not get it now, but your kids are gonna love it" -Marty McFly

JackTheMennis : “Just vibe” then makes an absolute masterpiece on the first try

DrivenMind : This is such a fucking awesome and authentic video. People think these kinds of sounds come out of nowhere. I think my favorite part was watching Nile, (one of the most legendary rhythm and funk players on earth) acting like he's so ordinary Halo fan, and trying to keep his shit together realizing he's going to be directing Steve Vai to build the soundtrack for the next Halo. I still don't think non-guitar players understand the context of this video. Nile Rodgers is, right along with Vai, one of the living guitar legends of our time, and watching him literally pull the theme out of Steve Vai via musical osmossis is one of the greatest things I think I will ever get to whitness as a guitar player and video game nerd. So many things that would otherwise be lost to some stupid record label triviality are here on full display. Two guitar legends from different disiplines, working together to build one of the modt iconic game soundtracks in a generation. In it you see Rodger's respect for Vai's astounding technical mastery, and Vai's willingness to let a funk legend and apparent part time Halo nerd, verbally and physically direct him to the solo he was hearing in his head to befit the original. God damn I wish all Youtube content could be this could. Thank you so much for sharing this Martin.

Nicholas A. : Honestly the low quality makes the moment an even higher quality

Corey Ballenger : Whether you know it or not, Marty, you and your crew, along with Vai, made history that day. I'm not trying to sound ironic, either. Millions and millions of people have heard this composition and will remember it for the rest of their lives, me included. Thank you so much for sharing this.

It's a Question : 8:49 did he seriously just improvise that right there on camera? holy shit

Mo : This was one of my dad's all time favorite games. But my sisters would hog the xbox all the time. One time, when I was six, I woke up at about 2am and heard a noise downstairs, so I went to go see what it was. I walk into the living room to find my dad in front of the tv, in one of our gaming chairs. He pauses the game, turns to me, and only says "It's my turn" before getting back to playing. I never played it til after he died. I INSTANTLY fell in love like he did. Thank you so much for creating one of the most amazing and memorable soundtracks.

Clifford Evans : MARTY LISTEN ON BEHALF ON ALL HALO FANS We... We... We need you

Late Night Gaming : This was so heartwarming. Halo’s music used to be so incredible. Installation 04 was such an important part of my childhood

Chris Richfield : I remember the day Halo 2 came out so vividly. I was 11 years old, and i begged my mom to take me to get the game at midnight. She agreed because she knew how much i loved Halo, but told me not to play until after school the next day. I brought the game manual to school and remember reading it all throughout the day and being hyped to use the new battle rifle and dual wield those smg's. For my 12th birthday i invited like at least 15 kids from my school and hauled all the TV's in the house into the living room and system linked them and we ate like 200 hot wings. I'm now a grown ass man and still have never experienced a greater party than that.

Mousek801 : "They let me pick, did I ever tell you that?"

CMDR Spoder : I'd pay money to get every bit of unused, used, chopped up or whole Steve Vai material that was proposed for Halo 2's Soundtrack. 9:00 onward is the Mjolnir mix extended edition, I swear.

TheTwober : I am surprised that the YouTube porn filter did not kick in while Steve Vai makes sweet love to his guitar. <3


Daniel Tallo : At 9:12 chills ran down my spine. This is absolutely magical.

Colin Hawks : Who else is a guitarist AND a Halo fan here?

These Bones : Lets just VAIBE.

MasterKnuckles 1 : I C O N I C

Whyamibzsdmhalt1 : "Can you handle it?" No, I can't. This is amazing.

Yeeter Beater : This relatively obscure moment IS my history.

Tom Foolery : 15:00 - 16:20 is absolute god tier. They should mix a version with that guitar playing.

Henri Lutz : "Let's just vibe.".... Steve Vai freestyles one of the biggest Soundtrack moments in video game history.

JuJu ReFeReNcE : That Microsoft logo popping up. Blue bacteria appears. Epic intro plays. Bacteria spreads around a globe. Bungie logo appears. Me when I was 6: "Holy shit..." Halo CE and Halo 2 were the first videogames I got to play and experience. I became a halo fan to the heart since then. Thank you Bungie team, for these amazing games I got to play everyday after school.

thefowles1 : seeing marty enjoy his work at 2:20 was such a pure moment. this video is something i've wanted to see ever since that fateful november day in 2004. 14 years late is better late than never!

Silverhand : You can see they're all enjoying the hell out of it,that's awesome :)

KnightSpeaking : Steve Vai pulling the MJOLNIR Mix from the aether on the first, improvised take is the most genuinely astonishing thing I've seen in a while.

Carl Ravensbergen : Whole thing is golden, but I've watched that 9:11 improv moment like, 20 times in a row...that is crazy. Love your work, Marty. Seriously, your CDs are the only thing I have in my car glovebox.

Jayden Abraham : Why am i crying...WHY AM I CRYING

Jordan De Knikker : Martin O'Donnell, is this the guy that did the guitar shredding in "Reclaimer" in Halo 2 OST: Volume 2? That is trulythe most fiery guitar licks I have ever heard.

nejnej00 : That Guy in the back realized a master piece was just created infront of him

Ryatt : I've never been happier to watch a 30 minute video.

big boy spaghetti man : as massive halo fan (the only fps ive ever enjoyed) and a guitar player this video feels so surreal i think im having a fever dream, i actually cried when vai literally just jammed out 60% of the recorded guitar part on the first try like he was doing warm up scales, its like he tapped into christ consciousness and brought us back sounds from the 7th dimension. thank you so much for this marty you are a fucking legend

John O'Reilly : This is unacceptable,the fact that Martin O'Donnell only has 12k subs is not ok. His talent at making music is phenomenal,just think of any of his songs from the original halo trilogy,you here the first few seconds and instantly recognize it,absolute classics

IronGuy64 : The power of humbuckers & single coils combined is just beautiful.

Frozzy G : Wow. I love that exact moment where everyone knew he got it. You can see everyone in the room acknowledge it at the same time :D Right about after 9:13, then really at about 9:50!

Max Hernandez : The people who disliked are heritics

Colin McGregor : I never knew Nile Rogers had such a big contribution to the sound of Halo. Absolutely fantastic

Lee : Its as if god himself is laying the foundation of life before my very eyes.

theCrabjuice : Goosebumps on that initial dive...this is an amazing look behind the curtain. Thank you Marty.

db_liam : My History professor told me to watch this.. now I see why

Jose : The “Hardcore” part at 13:25 is the riff played on the song “Gravemind” on the Halo 2 Vol. 2 Soundtrack.