Steve Vai Halo2

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Martin O'Donnell : Wow, 48.5k (now 301k and growing) views? Is that for real? I had no idea that so many people would care about this relatively obscure moment in history.

UltraViolence : Obscure moment in history?! Dude this is my childhood! This is what magic looks like!

Chris Richfield : I remember the day Halo 2 came out so vividly. I was 11 years old, and i begged my mom to take me to get the game at midnight. She agreed because she knew how much i loved Halo, but told me not to play until after school the next day. I brought the game manual to school and remember reading it all throughout the day and being hyped to use the new battle rifle and dual wield those smg's. For my 12th birthday i invited like at least 15 kids from my school and hauled all the TV's in the house into the living room and system linked them and we ate like 200 hot wings. I'm now a grown ass man and still have never experienced a greater party than that.

LateNightGaming : This was so heartwarming. Halo’s music used to be so incredible. Installation 04 was such an important part of my childhood

Frostmaster : So Vai just improvised that dive bomb at 9:11 on his first play-through of the song? Did he even realize he made one of the most iconic dive bombs in history right there?

alekkek : Bungie: yeah we're making a game that's like on space and stuff, it's called Halo Marty O'Donnell: *proceeds to create the best soundtrack ever heard in gaming history*

Homjek - Halo Videos : [ ] Easy [ ] Normal [ ] Heroic [X] Legendary

It's a Question : 8:49 did he seriously just improvise that right there on camera? holy shit

ArZChenemy : Mendoza: "Why do we always have to listen to this old stuff, Sarge?" Johnson: “Watch your mouth, son, this "stuff" is your history.”

Gamecheat13 : Thank You Marty, Very Cool!

Riley Atkinson : Where has this video been for the last 14 years?


Colin Hawks : Who else is a guitarist AND a Halo fan here?

Konuvis : I had no fucking idea that Nile Rodgers and Steve Vai worked on the Halo soundtrack! My mind is so blown right now! This was awesome!

SuddenlyOranges : Getting to *see* that iconic guitar sound in action is kinda surreal. Thanks for this.

Robert Siegfried : "You might not get it now, but your kids are gonna love it" -Marty McFly

Juanito Spiderman : I am watching this today.. for the first time. And I had the biggest grin on my face when he played the opening riff. I was in 7th grade when Halo 2 came out. It was the staple of my adolescence. I'm 27 now and about to play Halo tonight with my friends - the same guys I played with as a kid.

Corey Ballenger : Whether you know it or not, Marty, you and your crew, along with Vai, made history that day. I'm not trying to sound ironic, either. Millions and millions of people have heard this composition and will remember it for the rest of their lives, me included. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Joren Hitosis : I was blinded by this video’s majesty. You could say I was paralyzed, dumbstruck.

Mo : This was one of my dad's all time favorite games. But my sisters would hog the xbox all the time. One time, when I was six, I woke up at about 2am and heard a noise downstairs, so I went to go see what it was. I walk into the living room to find my dad in front of the tv, in one of our gaming chairs. He pauses the game, turns to me, and only says "It's my turn" before getting back to playing. I never played it til after he died. I INSTANTLY fell in love like he did. Thank you so much for creating one of the most amazing and memorable soundtracks.

JJ_ : I think I might cry 9:12

Jayden Abraham : Why am i crying...WHY AM I CRYING

WonderMePartyStrip : Wort wort wort 😢

Greenskull : History.

Guitarsquatch M. : I never knew how important 9:15 - 9:30 was to me. I got chills and a little choked up when he did that.

BxR : Memories 😢 Remember when the Halo Devs listened to us and cared?

MasterSidenine : Been a diehard fan since the Combat Evolved came out in 2001 and I remember playing on The second mission Halo and just getting into this badass Jeep/Hummer like vehicle called a “Warthog” AND THEN the music started playing as I’m traversing a ring like planet and it was at that moment my childhood and life changed forever! I went to school for audio production because of your incredible work!!!! Thank you for releasing this it’s amazing to see this go down!

A G : 5:25 - If you’re not sitting within full hearing-damage range of your amp when you play then you’re not real enough to chill with these guys.

Halo Canon : Thank you for uploading this! I love seeing behind the scenes stuff like this.

Daniel Tallo : At 9:12 chills ran down my spine. This is absolutely magical.

TehDaftAssassin : This is absolutely incredible, I had no idea Steve Vai was this iconic guitar part that I've loved for years. I legit started tearing up when he played that first time and pretty much laid down 90% of the song. This music has made such an impact on so many people, and not just this song, but the entire soundtrack for every Halo game you've done. I've listened to the ODST soundtrack more times than I can count, and seeing this iconic moment has completely blown me away, thank you so much for sharing this.

Icky : "why do we always have to listen to this old stuff, sarge?"

SameBasicRiff : are you f****** kidding me? next level respect for Vai after seeing this (im only around 9 min too). I sort of respected him the periphery of my taste but watching him here is like a new level of guitar god ive never seen. 7 string bros - where this at?

The Vengeful 'Vadam : The amount of chills that I felt at 9:13 when he practically nailed the intro on the first take is unfathomable. What a legend. Thanks for uploading this, Marty. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

Furai Unicornex : 13, October 2003. Obscure? Why?

The Silver Dragon : You can see they're all enjoying the hell out of it,that's awesome :)

thefowles1 : seeing marty enjoy his work at 2:20 was such a pure moment. this video is something i've wanted to see ever since that fateful november day in 2004. 14 years late is better late than never!

VAUREU : This relatively obscure moment IS my history.

Punished Creepswork : marty, if not for your work, i would have never learned the importance of music with visuals.

Jose Andres Macas Velez : 13:25 so... this is Reclaimer no?

Ö _ : Is there anything Nile Rodgers HASN'T worked on? Haha

Backtooth101 : You're like the John Williams of video games. Probably better

Impulsejupiter7 : Marty are the rumours true that you are coming back to compose for Halo Infinite?

Justin E. : 9:10 ... goddamn the nostalgia. My childhood being spitballed right in front of me

Max Hernandez : The people who disliked are heritics

TechMetalRules : Nile can't not make it funky! He's awesome! It's fun seeing him try to shred on Vai's axe, haha!

4th Reich : Halo 2 came out when I was four, and finally was allowed to play it with my brother when I was five. Watching this is like watching people craft those memories of the first time I got to save humanity as the master chief with my brother. I want to say thank you for releasing this video, it really means a lot

L33TBrownGuy : This is like seeing the Bible be written in front of me

Pante Edochie : Lmao they were probably like "hell yeah we've got ourselves a game!"

Jordan De Knikker : Martin O'Donnell, is this the guy that did the guitar shredding in "Reclaimer" in Halo 2 OST: Volume 2? That is trulythe most fiery guitar licks I have ever heard.