Superman vs Nuclear Bomb | Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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Video Title: Superman vs Nuclear Bomb - Fight Scene | Batman: The Dark Knight Returns HD Movie Clip. Buy it on Blu-Ray- Batman: The Dark Knight Returns full movie Lego Batman Minifigure Alarm Clock Popfunk Superman Man of Steel Movie Shields T Shirt DC Collectibles Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Superman Statue Batman Stealth Suit Figure Thanks for watching the video and don't forget to subscribe. All contents belong to DC and Warner Bros.


Ibrahim Tarawally : I never knew that the sun is what gives him muscle mass. *Protein & workingout :* Am I a joke to you?

Mario Hernandez : I thought he could lift a quintillion megatons wtf

Raven Crow : Its named 'Sun'flower for a reason. Good one👍🏻

Jarrod A : Iron giant did it beater

Kalitoz Kaliente : Dam... Did Superman drain the energy of the plants... Now that shit is scary

Samuel Pippin : Can destroy the moon with one punch. Struggles lifting an ICBM

Ratita_ 603 : I don't understand superman got the power of 100 flowers? what a heavy man

Small Shift : Why is superman looking like tommy wiseau in the thumbnail ¿

Papi Chulo : Man can move planets but struggles to lift a rocket?? They always make Superman weak as crap. And they wonder why people talk crap about DC

Bowl Of Carrots : Radiation makes Superman more powerful... how does a nuke damage him?

Abhishek P M : Flower power seems to be the equivalent of spirit bomb.....hahahah


Bianco : Superman had a super hit of crack from my eyes view

Dookie Draws : Damn Thor. Hitting Supes with that lightning was cheap

Krispy Pata : Holy shot Russian can probably kill Superman wowwowowo

Alexsqad Alexsqad : The sun got sucked it of him his power his energy

Ruby Alistar : 2:19 everyday fap day

Gabriel Broughman : Wait hold up superman barely survives Nuke Godzilla breathes atomic breath which is a highly concentrated beam of nuclear radiation So that means GODZILLA CAN BEAT SUPERMAN

Krispy Pata : Ok i just learned that superman derives his power from the sun So when he radiated and turns to a malnourished guy what flower did he absorbs? Sunflower I see what you did there.

Mercer Cutright : If radiation hurts him how is he powered by the sun

Alexander Kim : Frank Miller made Superman a bit weaker to make him more realistic

Tforce Sims : 1:56 aghhhhh hes good. slap a bandaid on you'll wake up the next day.

Randey !! : *My mango is to blow up and then act like I don't know nobody hahahaha*

vermas4 : Sore loosers? Superman destroyed a full Soviet fleet, killed hundreds... I think the Soviet reaction is pretty appropriate

Robodredd : there is no sun, so it absorbs the sunflowers. Ummm, yes it's logical

2djdragosaur the assassin : I only have one question........ So now Superman can absorb energy from flowers? Flower power Superman?

Ranveer Singh Sangha : Here the reason why planet earth is dying and global warming because superman taking energy from plants lolz Come on superman you are better then this

Star Lord : Oh come on Thor, give superman a break. He just saved U.S

Usksu - : Damn his suit must be as strong as he is

Trey Lockwood : Superman didn’t have to keep on pushing the missile. Once he threw it off of it’s course towards space, he was good to go. Instead, he kept on letting the missile push him. Come on now, brotha man!

Saurabh Kashyap : But his dress remains Tip - Top

Love in History and science : Why does Batman have such a hard time defeating superman. He’s a billionaire with multiple nuclear power plants.

Derpernator : damn all it will take was 2 nukes to kill superman

Zane Wong : I mean I know that bomb was BIG but really Sups , Frank Miller really dialled u back for this comic

Jermaine Artis : Hasn’t he flown through the van Allen belt several times before? 🤔

GameWorks12 : And this guy is suppose to beat Goku 😒


Katherine Tran : Is nobody gonna mention how terrible he looks after the strike? He looks like a zombie

Richard Crosby : Is Ronald Reagan voices by the same guy who voiced him in the Boondocks?

metalslugmasters : How many kilotons produces a single Goku's Genki Dama?

BonnieTheFirst : I forgot that Nukes Can Emp in high atmosphere

Hun7erkiller : Why does that guy in the beginning sound like Doctor zed Also why is this in my recommended

SkyAnimates : Lifting power is unlimited, Can move a rocket

Synchromystic Theorist : *Supes should have absorbed that radiation!*

Agyei Baruti : Ronald Reagan was the devil.

Jordan the black genius : Superman (pre-crisis): *tanks big bang* Nuclear bomb: hold my beer

Tristun Alekzander : 1. The nuclear bomb should have made him stronger considering he gets his power from the sun aka solar radiation. 2. Plants already converted that solar radiation into sugar through photosynthesis, this makes no sense whatsoever.

AlySson Silvaah #TropaDomenyX : Incrível como a roupa dele tem mas resistência que ele

doggo : The power of the explosion caused an EMP. That's why the power went out in the city.