Superman vs Nuclear Bomb | Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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Happy Hoovy : Superman confirmed for Fallout 76 DLC

Sibren : Mans just deflated like All Might

omgitszeo! : Can lift 200,000,000,000 tons can't push a rocket

SquirrelForce : ...So he can sit in the center of the sun for years while growing stronger but a nuke turns him into a dry zombie?...Makes sense.

KIKO : This is a really creepy sequence but very cool.

Jic Jic : His clothes still fine 😉

Level Nine Drow : This is SO stupid. God superheroes are so poorly designed. So, Superman gets his power from the sun, a burning ball of nuclear fusion, and can even fly INTO the sun making him stronger. But some how a NUCLEAR bomb hurts him? The sun is a constant ball of nuclear fusion, it's a ball of constant nuclear explosions, but somehow in the retarted universe that is superheroes a BIG GIANT radioactive nuclear explosion empowers him but an eedy beety tiny one that is a billionth of the power of the former, but is identical in every way hurts him? LOL The writes are categorically morons, the genre is a laughable joke. They want to beat around the bush and don't want to recognize that they made their heroes TOO OP. If you can fly through a sun, or a black hole, there isn't anything in all the universe that can destroy you, let alone a bomb, It's a boring character, so they have to change the rules to make the character interesting, even though it's silly and breaks the continuity of their shit universe. This just in, Aquaman is hurt by being squirted with water from supersoakers, he must retreat into his kingdom of ALL WATER EVERYWHERE to avoid his weakness to being squirted. The Swamp Thing is allergic to pollen. The human torch has a heat stroke from being out in the sun.

SiNKarnage : Superman is Shigaraki confirmed no wonder he loathes All Might

Randey !! : *My mango is to blow up and then act like I don't know nobody hahahaha*

Darkassassin770 : Those flowers were SUNflowers and restored his powers through symbolism

Jarrod A : Iron giant did it beater

Jhalen Hanshaw : I thought i was watching a Bizarro origin story lol

Network 33 : 1:37 Superman tryna be Bardock 🤣 FREIZAAAAAA lookin boi 🤣

Prakhar Mishra : Apparently his suit is stronger than him

Serite Ross : Woah... That's kind of disturbing... That he can just draw from other life to revive himself. That's a real plot twist I suppose.

TheHazeMonster : 2:20 when you need a booby touch real bad

Andrew Marshall : To everyone complaining about superman being inconsistent in his power lvl it's obviously because the enemies have lvl scaling on duh

SunBun01 : GOKU: hold my beer

Some random dude with a channel 241 : So he just turned into a ghoul

VALENTE VATO : 2:18 it's my sexy face

Aurey Cox : Another example of how frank miller is an awful writer

David Richey : Stop debating his powers and go get a job.

Jackson D : This man thinks he can pull a missle up with nothing to push against. I see why he works at a newspaper company lol.

Tristan Alexander : 1. The nuclear bomb should have made him stronger considering he gets his power from the sun aka solar radiation. 2. Plants already converted that solar radiation into sugar through photosynthesis, this makes no sense whatsoever.

Lord of the younglings : damn all it will take was 2 nukes to kill superman

Ramon Usuga : And you say this guy can beat Goku? Ok.

Anipix : Looks like he jumped into the lake of souls lol

Epic_ Donut2.5 : I have never seen that super power of regeneration ever. More ass pulls from dc to make Superman a god

Badmunky64 : I'm pretty sure that the voice actor for Regan in this is same guy (again as Regan) in The Boondocks

Radionatix : So Superman can barely survive a nuclear missile? Huh... I guess we should ignore that time when Superman survived without a problem a supernova.

Papi Chulo : Man can move planets but struggles to lift a rocket?? They always make Superman weak as crap. And they wonder why people talk crap about DC

Ultracrepidarian : But, now instead of a quick death, the citizens will have to meet a slow and painful end from radiation poisoning. Sounds like the real bad guy here is Superman.

Stasja : У автора представления о ядерном оружии на уровне детского сада.

Riding Fire : Superman was about to die from a nuclear bomb........................................MEANWHILE Goku turn ultra instinct and fights someone who has the DAMN power to destroy multiple Galaxies MAKES SENSE DEATH BATTLE

Terrance Thompson : WWIII Confirmed there telling us dead in are face 😂😂😂😂

Star Lord : Oh come on Thor, give superman a break. He just saved U.S

planet drazar : This version of superman looks like a meth addict who snorts thousands of pounds of meth a day

Tydoc Gaming : When you fight Goku

Lieutenant Nomad : 1:37 KAKOROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!

Owen Korando : My boi super man looks like a nut sack a little bit

Noel Ramos : Not comparing them but the hulk would have ate that nuke like a snack

Prehistoric Matt : He just killed an entire ecosystem

TheOnly 0506 : His suit is made of Zeus’s will 😂

WHERE IS THE CHEESE BOII : People think Goku loses to this guy.

CoffeeBasher Films Mhm : Looks like nukeular winter hit him hard

Cha-Cha Laka : Me recordó a Hércules cuando entra en el vórtice de Hades

shinigami 674 : supermam e meu cu pvt


Dan Knott : There's something oddly horrifying about the image of a gaunt, corpse-like Superman sucking the life out of his surroundings to sustain himself...

GenTech4 : Supermutant