Superman vs Nuclear Bomb | Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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Happy Hoovy : Superman confirmed for Fallout 76 DLC

Jic Jic : His clothes still fine 😉

omgitszeo! : Can lift 200,000,000,000 tons can't push a rocket

SquirrelForce : ...So he can sit in the center of the sun for years while growing stronger but a nuke turns him into a dry zombie?...Makes sense.

Luca Todorov : Superman: *barely survives nuclear bomb* Wolverine: wuss...

Spectrumpicture : The fluctuation of supermans strength and ablities are all over the place with each installment. These writers need to establish a baseline.

Randey !! : *My mango is to blow up and then act like I don't know nobody hahahaha*

-Daft Duck- : Too bad Captain Communism was asleep when this was happening, he could've DESTROYED Superman with ease

KIKO1 : This is a really creepy sequence but very cool.

SiNKarnage : Superman is Shigaraki confirmed no wonder he loathes All Might

Game Generation : Let's be real, Russia would send more than one nuke.

Tristan Alexander : 1. The nuclear bomb should have made him stronger considering he gets his power from the sun aka solar radiation. 2. Plants already converted that solar radiation into sugar through photosynthesis, this makes no sense whatsoever.

Jarrod A : Iron giant did it beater

Prakhar Mishra : Apparently his suit is stronger than him

Vinit Dhurve : Moral of the story- Never let superman do gardening

ThePolarBearFromNY : 2:20 when you need a booby touch real bad

Alec Robinson : They got the ICBM terribly wrong. The way it works is it launches upwards towards Space, and once it reaches a high enough altitude, the 1st stage separates as it is no longer needed to propel the ICBM any further. Now that the warhead is in orbit, the second stage uses small thrusters to angle the warhead down towards its target. The tip of the warhead is lined with a heat-resistant fairing, as gravity begins to pull it back towards Earth. The immense heat of Re-entry causes most of the fairing to heat up and decay. Depending on the way the warhead was programmed, it will either detonate at a set altitude or strike the ground and detonate. Air Bursts will kill a lot more people and cause more damage from the heat of the blast. However, there is little to no Nuclear Fallout. A ground burst will not kill as many people instantly, but over the course of the next few days/weeks, high levels of Nuclear Fallout will rain back down on a large area, harming and killing people, animals, and plants alike. Superman's only chance to stop the warhead would be to intercept the ICBM before the first stage of it separated. If he failed to accomplish that task, bye bye Americans and the island.

Aurey Cox : Another example of how frank miller is an awful writer

Sibren : Mans just deflated like All Might

MrNoobyBoi : And people say Superman is stronger than Goku...

Die pyrocynical : Why is superman looking like tommy wiseau in the thumbnail ¿

Network 33 : 1:37 Superman tryna be Bardock 🤣 FREIZAAAAAA lookin boi 🤣

Ultracrepidarian : But, now instead of a quick death, the citizens will have to meet a slow and painful end from radiation poisoning. Sounds like the real bad guy here is Superman.


Game Generation : Who would win? One immortal alien that can lift the entire Earth or one big *radioactive* boi?

GameWorks12 : And this guy is suppose to beat Goku 😒

Usksu - : Damn his suit must be as strong as he is

4th2north Entertainment : Superman had a super hit of crack from my eyes view

Lord of the younglings : damn all it will take was 2 nukes to kill superman

WHERE IS THE CHEESE BOII : People think Goku loses to this guy.

Love in History and science : Why does Batman have such a hard time defeating superman. He’s a billionaire with multiple nuclear power plants.

Mohd Zain : Goku would fuvk this in 1 millisecond

Owen Korando : My boi super man looks like a nut sack a little bit

Riding Fire : Superman was about to die from a nuclear bomb........................................MEANWHILE Goku turn ultra instinct and fights someone who has the DAMN power to destroy multiple Galaxies MAKES SENSE DEATH BATTLE

CADLER : Drama is more powerful than a whole planet

Papi Chulo : Man can move planets but struggles to lift a rocket?? They always make Superman weak as crap. And they wonder why people talk crap about DC

artur mrq : Por que ele ficou todo aloprado daquele jeito?

Prehistoric Matt : He just killed an entire ecosystem

Zane Wong : I mean I know that bomb was BIG but really Sups , Frank Miller really dialled u back for this comic


Darkassassin770 : Those flowers were SUNflowers and restored his powers through symbolism

OsKBLaZe : 2:16 *Me in the morning after a night out drinking.*

Quốc Đạt Trần : He should have used flex tape. Much easier.

O.D.L.1776 : ¿Que es ese esfuerzo para mover el misil? Es superman...eso seria una tonteria. ¿es que pesa mucho? XD

samara wallace : People arguing logic of how Supermans powers work.. in basic superman really only got one main power which is energy absorption if he absorbs the right energies he gets stronger while if he absorbs the wrong types he gets weaker... dont over complicate it with comparing a nuclear bomb to the sun like the others have just assume its got some bad energy/radiations that dose kyrptonians harm otherwise you may as well go down the path of explaining the difference between a redsun and a yellowsun

Star Lord : Oh come on Thor, give superman a break. He just saved U.S

mintythekid 9 : Then how he gets back his power tho?

LV35 Boss : man this looks like an animation

Noel Ramos : Not comparing them but the hulk would have ate that nuke like a snack

Kisu Bags : Most boring corn bread hero ever