Jack Black | Getting Doug with High

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MagnumMMAmadness 2 : I think sometimes anxiety from smoking comes from not having a clear mind or conscious. Getting high can be like truth serum for yourself, your ego goes away and reality can hit you and sometimes people freak out with there reality.

Urban Gamer Brigade : Doug is the uncoolest guy to smoke with if you’re not a pro

John Vallsäter : Worst energy in the room nothing is funny and Jack is panicking

Shred Boise : I feel bad for Jack. This show feels kinda like when you hang with an old friend, but they are still smoking weed and living in their mother's basement 20 years later and all you can think is "what am I doing here?"

Kevin Cafua Music : When you get Jack Black level high, it's like hearing loud final boss music without seeing the boss.

Rekt Feminist Videos : I think that it takes real balls for Jack Black to do a live broadcast whilst high even though he said that he doesn't do it much these days, which is understandable as his career involves being on the spot, active and remembering lots of lines. props to him, this was great! :^)

sk8ingthemystery : Doug did not handle him well, he was obviously too high. These are the kind of people i hate to smoke with

shadum : 19:45 Jack is already paranoid about ruining the show and what would happen if he leaves early, then Doug dumps it on him that a shit load of people are watching and tries to make a joke out of it. Doug is the worst interviewer jesus christ

MarvelousBanana : this gave me horrifying anxiety

Whatsgoingon why : this show never makes pot look enjoyable.

William Shakespaw : Yo Doug please read! some cool constructive criticism for your show, instead of having high up upright leather computer chairs which can make some people feel really horrible when smoking (I get this a lot and so do my friends) we call them whitey chairs because they make you turn white and have a bad trip because of the angling of them and skinny arm rests. I'd suggest some really big comfy sofas in an L shape with the camera facing into them both with a nice low table and some chilled out props like small trees ever side of the sofas, just something which would make you feel at home and relaxed. I can't imagine anything worse than sitting up right in a leather computer chair trying to relax and get really stoned which is what you want your guests to do and it's why most of your audience watches, but some of them I can see by their body language how they're reacting badly to the situation and it adds a negative ambience to the show. So all in all, a chiller set would be cool, I want to watch this and imagine it's me and my buddies relaxing having a chilled conversation rather than something which can be sometimes awkward to watch since I know the pain that person is going through. Hope you read this man, I love your show and I think this would benefit it incredibly. Peace from England! 

MartyMonster : If Jack Black is sensitive to too much THC, why did you not check before with him and have some lower THC strains for him to smoke with higher CBD content? Or just pure CBD vape at hand just incase he started to flip out.

Joel The Pizza Wizard : New host maybe? The guests are way too good for this

P. Taylor : Bad vibes from a shitty host.

William Jenne : I can't smoke anymore because of exactly what Jack is going through. It even gives me a bit of anxiety watching this.

Jon Sudano : Jack is the jean cream dream supreme

The Best Sandwich in the Sea : Get alex jones on the show

SoMileHigh 5280 : I feel his pain, has to be a rush of anxiety and his heart is probably racing, weed nowadays is crazy potent

ljm : 17:33 The show should've ended right there. He explained that he had a safe word, he said it and you have to respect people's intuition. Lousy of Doug/the producers not to call it quits there..

Brad Roberts : Doug feeds off the insecurities of unseasoned smokers. As soon as he sees Jacks spacing out he goes on a power trip. What a shit host.

TrTveT : Such a bad host.

Katie Lava Simonsen : Doug, being an habitual smokef, couldve been a better "tripsitter"

rangerstationlegion : For someone having a bad trip/getting too high jack handles it pretty well.

Yeshwuh : "It's more fun for me and it's for mun for you" jack black

range567W : I could never get high with Doug. He has such an enemy face

J Wizzle : Doug is so weirdly polite that it makes me uncomfortable...I feel like he's too formal and it makes guests feel on edge like they can't mess up

All Things Elon Musk : The guy talks to much. Doesn't let the guest talk. Seems to always cut them off.

Lila X : Doug is so negative omg

BezBez : editing these videos down to 10 mins with only the best moments would make them way more watchable

HyperReality : 40:42 jack even gives doug the finger because he is a complete d-bag with absolutely no personality - this wasn't even funny - sad actually - never found doug funny just a complete talent-less jackass - pretty sure doug had to smoke a bunch of pole just to get where he is

Troyzswagger : He honestly should’ve left whenever he wanted. The host was making him feel bad for wanting to leave

Er n : He voices his opinion too much and doesn’t know when he makes his guests uncomfortable.Not a good host too get high with or host in general.

Stephanie Malmgren : Jack is the man, I'd rather have him smoke with like Snoop though, or just someone who can bring his mood up

Savocaatx : I would never trip with a person like Doug

Andrew Dimas : At 13:00 I thought Doug was going to keep his guest comfortable. Realizing that JB was having a bad high.. but then he took the session off the rails and continued talking about weed. The episode was all over the place and I think Doug could’ve kept him comfortable not talking about weed..

Wishing Well : That was brutal. He did that to Jack in front of a live webcam and even his wife. I can just picture Jack Black sobbing in the car as his wife drives him home. WTF is Doug's problem? Did he get all like that just because Jack Black said "Pace yourself" ?

Zoe Z : So annoying how he's always interrupting Jack. Very bad host.

Matt Bertram : so interesting to see this feeling from another perspective and how its just in your head like you took the path down the wrong thought pattern

det Bits : This was taking advantage of a novice smoker. You used Jack for your plugs and then kept on going when clearly Jack just needed a rest and the 'intervriew' had to sop. Words and voices at that point can just be bothersome as it feels different, especially because you can be hypersensitive when you're uber baked. Jack I'm so sorry this happened to you :/

Troyzswagger : Bro i know exactly how jack is feeling its how i feel when i get high now. I used to be able to smoke like everyone else now i cant

nba543 : as someone that used to smoke weed daily an enjoy and then have one horrible, bong trip. that forever gave me massive anxiety and insecurity whenever I smoke now. I have never related so much to jack black. like whenever I get high now I literally act like jack is in this, very insecure and anxious

Julien Samuel : pretty sad looking back on this.. you could of been much easier on someone 10x more successful than you. gues he walked into your "bee's nest"

Robert Blasingame : "Hey guys i wanna leave cuz im super high" "Nah dude you should stay" "Ok but im going to turn my back from these six people operating the show" "Ok thats cool, but hey jack....theres 3700 people watching the show isnt that great?"

Troyzswagger : Jack is having an insanely terrible high

Hiber Lopez : Doug: Do you think? Jack: Yes I do, I do think HAHAHAAHA nailed it

E. Betty : Doug Benson you owe me 40 dollars for taking my boyfriend on a date to see you at the comedy connection in RI and all you did was read off your phone. I'll take a joint at the least.

shay smith : “fore mun for you” 8:58-9:03

Chané Coetzee : I love how weed has become some sort of elitist thing that everyone is suddenly a god damn expert on. People are always asking for it to be legalised and telling others to try it and spread the "happiness", but as soon as someone comes along who doesn't inhale enough or actually gets stoned when smoking it, he/she gets verbally fucking crucified. What exactly pissed people off about this? Was it him being a sport and participating in something that is perhaps a little outside of his comfort zone, instead of declining? Or the fact that he has a busy schedule and a career, which means he can't afford to sit around and get high all day, every day?  Jesus, some people simply have no filter. On a side note, I'm watching this from South Africa! 

Lova Lova : Actually this is the first time that I saw jack black on this state. He actually seems to me as a deep thinker when he is high.. well, maybe everyone is.. at a certain meditative state.. medicating your mind and body comforts you to focus on your sense and feel.. more.. which might become a little intense for the first few minutes/hour... maybe would have been better show starting the without the marijuana level being at zero.. I always thought that Jack was a stoner comedian.. maybe when you have done soo many levels of art it's so hard to relax just talk about it without being creative.. in some kind of a way.. Benson has so much training on being high and using his sense

Dylan Bradford Greenlee : Love this can't believe jack black is so cool