Shooting RC Planes with Machine Guns at Big Sandy Shoot

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Clinton : This right here is what makes America awesome.

Sphynra : Why is there so much whining and anti-americanism? Nobody is getting hurt, they aren't wasting other people's money and it looks like everyone is having fun with their weaponry. Seeing how we do this all the time in videogames I don't see what's so morally reprehensible about doing it on a cheap RC plane with a real gun. If I ever go to the US I wanna do this, lol.

eric mitchell : all you anti-gun nuts sure watch and comment on a lot of gun videos. I'm starting to think that you are jealous.

ArcturanMegadonkey : This is the coolest shit I've ever seen! you yanks have the best toys and the best parts of the world to play with said toys! I really do want to come over and see this kinda thing! Brilliant! I used to fly R/C aircraft and if someone would supply the planes I'll fly them so you can shoot em down LOL

Alex Wolf : This is why other countries were afraid to invade America, they knew they would have to fight more than just the military. However, their plan of planting liberal cry babies is working and eating this great country from the inside out.

KaffiFlight : the planes are sold on ebay as "mint condition"

Furry Destroyer : American people have strange hobbies... I wanna do that

Rex Racer : Turning money into sound....looks like a blast!!

Sendittoruss : That right there is 100% pure American FUN! No one could honestly say they wouldn't want to atleast try it once.

indiakarl : man that looks like (expensive) fun!

idriwzrd : Because 'merica! The only thing this vid is missing is a massive explosion or two.

sherlock72 : Training to spread some democrazy around the globe!

Farweasel : Its just wasteful, loud, immature and arguably it promotes violence. ...............PLEASE can I have a go. Does this happen every year or was 2010 a one-off?

Cory Brown : there is absolutely nothing about this i dont like

stavrosteve : I'm guessing 200k in ammo costs for the day?

Thomas Tuan Nguyen : Murica

Ramond Ferreal : I'm guessing this will be the safest place to be during the zombie apocalypse.

vaughn pounds : And I dont care what kind of gun ban or restrictions they put on all the damn gang bangers will still be able to get whatever they want and the good people that want ro protect there family wont be able to.

Ivium : American people really have strange hobbies...

StealthElectronVIP : At 8:45 some guy is shooting a fkin mini gun. wtf.

reticulan5 : I wish you could buy all these guns in Australia.

Rulesofethics2 : practice for drones nice

NoFatGamer : What you can do before Obama laws.

JP Stone : You guys just know how to live. FREEDOM!

El Cid Granada : i smell freedom

John O : 5:20 I once did a wing and fuselage repair on my RC plane using super glue, the back of the cardboard glue packet and sticks & leaves just so I could keep flying. It wasn't pretty but it worked! Oh and I later went on to be a aircraft engineer. 😀😂

Brock Stevens : Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like cats purring

Minong Maniac : That hill has the well that Flint Michigan gets its drinking water.

roy392003 : Not fair RC plane can not shoot them back.....

Colin Dahms : Murica!  Yee haw!

Mr C : No wonder the Viet Cong won the war, those guys are crap shots!

AuSands1 : There's lead in them there hills... and brass.

Blake Westlake : You should have dubbed in the 1812 overture for the night shooting lol

ChiefAhi : That would have to be the most ridiculous amount of fun i have ever seen, to bad i live in Australia where the only people who have guns like those are the criminals lol

David Rivero : Give a decent wingshooter a shotgun & you'll see how its done. That was fun, i bet thou .

Vlad Rybicka : This is America which I love so much!!! Obama and Hillary are crauteres who are trying to destroy this amazing free spirit and peoples' inventiveness.

valveman12 : People of Walmart firing weapons!

TheEPROM9 : Only in the US. =-)

maestrulkungfu : I R shooting plane down

DaddyLongLegs44 : only in AZ baby!

brah ket : not fair...model planes no shoot back.......

eludethis : There is nothing but win in this vid

Black Prince : Sure beats throwing rocks at bottles eh!

Kevin Chamberlain : Looks like fun, and you stayed safe, The canon was ridiculous! Great Video!

brushmandroid : I'd like to see what would happen if the RC-plane circled around them!!

phxxr650r : Ok ive got 3, 40 year old trainers and 20lbs of tanerite i can stuff in them. Who's with me.

Mike Turner : More money than sense, however they might be practicing for when they have a civil war in the USA!

Adecodoo : If this is not fun for you, something is wrong with you.

Steven Wear : Anti gun people just got jealous😂

schnecks 21 : You guys are promoting violence against little airplanes :-( VIOLENCE I SAY!!!!!