A calculator made from rollercoasters in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

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EpicDonutDude : wait what

OpenTronic : Amazing, my mind is blown. I once drew plans for a calculator made out of toilets. But at that time there was no toilet simulator so I never built a working model. If I find a toilet simulator I will post a video.

peblezQ : This is so unnecessarily complicated... I love it...

Danny2462 : I bet Chris Sawyer is like "finally someone plays my game as it's meant to be!"

DontTrustTheRabbit : Can you spell 80085 with it, tho?

Abelhawk : "I'm sorry, sir, you want us to invest in _what?!"_

DoomKid : Welp, we have reached RCT singularity. We can go no further.

Renggernator : "Rollercoaster 1 Looks too intense for me."

Jush 1 : So the first cart goes down as far as you set the first number and waits for the second train to spend time in the tunnels as long as its number, then knocks the first cart to the answer?

KyleJPie10 : Teacher: "NO CALCULATORS ON THE EXAM" Student: *whips out laptop and starts playing RCT2*

Doctor Medkit : 4:57 "You know how it works now" hahaahahahaHAHAHAHAHA

SimFox : My brain just doesn't comprehend this. Like...how in the world did you do this?

Robert Rowley : And here I am, unable to build a wild mouse that won't get stuck or crash every 5 minutes

Banana Duck : Where is your god now?

C Olsen : I love how a coaster literally explodes when the actual calculation is complete.

Adihsam : This infact happens inside of every calculator, it is just a lot smaller and faster. You can test this by throwing a calculator at your wall and if you listen closely you will hear two trains scream in agonizing pain.

Danny Pelisek : This is one of the great scientific achievements in the history of the human race. What a time to be alive.

Rosh Fragger : "Calculator looks too intense for me."

ezipezy : Hey yeah I used your calculate in my math final and I ran out of time. Was fun though thanks man

309EVT : I'm calling the police

Yjorik : Its time to get a job and move on, shes not coming back bro.

Damien K : But can it run RCT2?

Jurri v : My life is complete, I have seen it all now.

Julian the Ivysaur : Now make it divide by 0.

Masterboyy 212 : why does youtube recommend this to me? I'm not even mad, that's amazing.

Trygve Plaustrum : Boy, what a feat of electrical engineering.

Zacpack91 : Cool, but you should see the roller coaster I made in calculator tycoon 2

Electroduck's Software Videos : 1:49 Now that's what I'd call a *destructive read*

Going the Distance : Friend-“so how’s your summer been I have seen you in a while” This guy- “yea I’ve been busy”

Nisaras94 : Just when I thought I've seen it all with this game, you make a calculator! Absolutely incredible. Thank you for posting the save file on Imgur too. I already have OpenRCT2 so I'll definitely have to play it myself. Well done!

doomoncharlie : What planet are you from? Do you come in peace?

It's Thinzy : The gaming community has definitely proven that any game can become a calculator, impressive video!

Freecell82 : I want to get off Mr Turing's wild ride.

Stephen Knotts : I hope Chris Sawyer sees this.

EllipticGeometry : What a terrible abuse of game mechanics. I love it.

Smirnoff Vodka : >born too late to discover the earth >born too soon to discover the universe >born just intime to see someone make a calculator in rct2

xygomorphic44 : "You know how it works now" Yes. Yes of course I do. /s

Bercik87 : what do you do in your free time? uhm......

Seth Likes Things : I want to get off Mr Bones’ calculus exam

Nomit : Person 1: What talents do you have? Person 2: *shows this* Person 1: You're hired. Welcome to NASA.

BarakaPlay : My head hurts lol. this is amazing!

Brendan Maher : Teacher: "Billy, can you tell the class what 2×8 is?" Billy: "Well, you see..."

Ryan H : How in the world...

hello hey : So, do you work for S.H.I.E.L.D or Tony stark?

kakhoofd 75 : *Einstein approves.....*

totila42 : Wow, 2 minutes and a train exploded for each simple multiplication ? Do you work for french railways ? Sorry, it's impressive, nice job !!!

Sardonic : This is amazing, but also what is this song?

Slim Shady : How do you make the part when the train goes backwards it doesn’t go on the same track, but takes a turn?

gymnasiast90 : Ik ben bang dat de mannen in witte jassen jou deze week komen ophalen, dus voor het zover is wil ik toch even zeggen dat ik het verdomd knap vind!

Saad Abdullah : I got blue screen in my brain