How to Play Rust (Parody Guide)

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Jacob Simonsen : The square is my favorite house

Sweet Pineapple : This is amazing. The idea, execution, commentary, editing, music - all GREAT. Some scenes lacked music in my opinion, perhaps intense music in "4 options" scene and "sad" music in "friend betrayal" scene. Thanks for the awesome video, I hope you'll tell us more about Rust in another video some day!

Mega Muww : Good video, actually makes a lot of points too. No end goal/ illusion of progress. Rust is at a pretty bad state and even more so with its toxic community it breeds. Too many kids want to be the next bchillz and make plays and all the other shit.

Kerttis : Saw this on RustHQ so came here to give you a view, great video though, very well produced for such a small youtuber!

Najdorfdavid a.k.a Ultimatehaxor : 2 C4 on one sheet metal door ? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Enardo : Very helpful!

Snazzy Fazzy : This really awesome man, good job! Keep up the good work :D

Toasty!!!!! : Camera work by this sexy boy! Hahaha I love plugging myself knowing that no one actually cares who filmed this! Haha pls sub.

Some Dude Named will : I've gotta say, I've watched all the videos on this channel and wonder why you don't have more subs. I came from rust HQ, I'm glad they put me on to your channel. You've got some really good potential to grow.

Rebus Forever : Nice work, I think I learned things.

Scott Rastyles : Quite a good video, enjoyed it, work on the downtime in some moments, it takes away from the experience

Potato The turtle : Greatly made was laughing all the way through

Matt M : This is one damn good video (this is ya boi SupaWenis from Rustynoobs)

Cth Justin : End game rust is killing off the server over a few wipes

NotASpy : Hey nice vid but I think you forgot 106

Sodie Pops : An entertaining, well-done Rust video that isn't just PVP highlights. Love it.

Kris : Grate song

Vilkas : garbage content :)

MikeGamerGuy : Good video. Not satirical though. xD

DerBraune Haufen : Nice vid

Samuli Asikainen : This is the best rust guide in the universe

Luis Junior : Love this channel

Dean van der westhuizen : very nice have a sub

Woah Dud : Yer vids are great

Ryan McDonough : well done m 8

Ryan Montgomery : These parody reviews are top of the line, keep it up

benn etic : amazing! fallout style :D!

David Karlsson : I really love your content! but what is the song in the intro?

Ze Booty Pepperz : Song?

Destroy Bot : Hey Swagger Souls

Homer Simpson : Why didn't I see this 3 months ago? This was amazing!

ninjabo 01 : You forgot the teiangle

KoolGuardrailBoy : seems like a game for me

GTF Hasty : I got to admit I love the 1980 feeling of this video

a Curious Square : I love these

The Magic Konchu : You forgot 106

Ben Davis : this entire series is stolen from inotorious