The Vape God aka Tommy Smokes on the Ingraham Angle - 11/15/18
Fox News Tackles Vaping with Hilarious Results

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The Vape God aka Tommy Smokes on the Ingraham Angle discussing the FDA's potential ban of menthol and flavored cigarettes and e-cigarettes - 11/15/18


Rafon : "I'll blow whatever's in front of me" *sound of a zipper*

Daniel Rodriguez : Lmao they're both trolling her

Otto Swanson : Why does he look like great value Kyle Kuzma

Ya boi Connor : 4:00 it’s known as popcorn lungs Tommy: oh I love popcorn 😂😂😂

Top 10 Archive : A+ trolling skills.

Nut.Slice.69 IG : Who else agrees that the Juuls kinda look lead pencil lead cases

Wyxttt _ : “i would never do something thats bad for me i stick to juul” -Tommy 2019

OG Mudbone : This ni🅱️🅱️🅰️ pulled out 2 juuls 😂😂😂💀

I’m stupid, but : *SICK JUUL TRICK!!* **Sicko mode starts playing**

Hype Leads : "It helps my swag it helps my drip" like wtf

RandomNavySEAL : The amount of people that dont undertand this is satire baffles me

Simon Calabuig : That news anchor was enjoying Tommy smokes' memeing

liz irace : I would never do anything that’s bad for you, I just stick to juul😂😂

Simon VanderWall : “I love popcorn”

TheUglyCouple : He has mastered the art of trolling 👏

Joe Venuti : "I'll blow whatever, whatever's put in front of me".......yep

latino-boy-PR : Its funny how he keeps on smoking as she says that smoking is bad😂😂😂😂he just shrugs😂😂😂😂

Blaque : “10 20 years from now he’s gonna have trouble breathing” *”I’ll be cool”*

josh A : “He may have trouble breathing” “I’LL BE COOL”

Matt Bazilius : The fact that he trolled his way onto fox and he doesn’t even vape is amazing. This dudes a legend

Attacker 127 : Tommy: It helps my swag and my drip News Anchor: What Doctor: What

YUNG Zuzu : “They call me the Colossus of Cloud”

Big HomieJay : You can’t overdose on juul can u-tommy smokes 2018

Gabe anthony : I've seen hookers hit a vape pen harder than this dude.

Paul Huang : Lmao fox took a fat L on this. They so outta touch with reality they don’t know when a paid comedian who doesn’t even vape comes on their show and just destroys their credibility

DownGrade Grips : “It’s a gateway drug to start smoking cigarettes” I’m sleep🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Larryz World : Tommy is definitely a troll. There's no way he's that dumb. 😂 Lmao

zwebackshyper : this mans mad stupid bro but so funny😂😂

Brandon Mcroberts : Omg🤣 he said I'll never put anything bad in my lungs😂😂 gee go home

Josh Helm : "I will blow whatever is put in front of me"

Xndr r : When he pulled out that second juul I lost it lmao. H3H3 would be proud

Darius Vitek : Lmao it helps my drip it helps my swag

Steven Jemtrud : This man is a savage I love popcorn

Mr. Potatoes Head : Dude looks like a bootleg Eminem.

Dick Tan : No normal person talks anything like that they paid him to make him seem lame

Sean McCarthy : this guy is hilarious and they take him serious lmao

Zach Roth : This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen😂😂😂

J2 : Tommy smokes: *dies* Laura Ingram: hahahahahaha

The KiDD43 : Tommy Smokes, biggest troll of 2018

barty bart : Another reason why I lovs fox news over the others lmao

Prison Bill Cosby : I love how he purposely coughs when she mentions cigarettes LMAO.

Velocity Smoke : Causes depression? That guy was having the time of his life 😂😂

Patrick Swayze : I'd say that in 10 years people will look back at vapers and cringe--but they already are

Hugo-Daniel Hernandez : I was wheezing when he pulled out the second juul

Tasmanian Devil 666 : So cocaine wouldn't kill me but cigarettes would das coo

Tyler Summers : The guy takes a hit from the juul every 5seconds

kung Few : Gee, I wonder if the tobacco companies paid for the "research" that show the harmful effects of vaping?

The ONE and ONLY Jarl : Me ripping my juul as I watch this

JTsuits : Smoking causes deaths - Tommy starts coughing lmao