The Vape God aka Tommy Smokes on the Ingraham Angle - 11/15/18

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LiamsGhosts : This man trolled them so hard 😂

chuffaneilious : do they realize he's memeing on them??? 😂😂😂

Lavar Ball : “10,20 years from now tommy will have trouble breathing” Tommy- “I’ll Be Cool” 😭😭😭😂

Paul Huang : Lmao fox took a fat L on this. They so outta touch with reality they don’t even know when a guy who doesn’t vape comes on their show and just destroys their credibility

Allaboutme : 3:58 - Wet lung also known as popcorn lung -> Oh! I love popcorn

TheUglyCouple : He has mastered the art of trolling 👏

Miles Drechsler : This looks like something from Saturday night live

Krustyasianboy 69 : Good thing I smoke crystal meth

Dustin Harrison : Did he really say he will blow whatever is infront of him???? I'm dead

Josh Hsu : 2:22 I died😂

JTsuits : Smoking causes deaths - Tommy starts coughing lmao

Sky Coul : Tommy says he’ll “blow whatever” as if this vaping isn’t suspect enough 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

CamelJockey91 : Virginity levels at maximum peak.

Dave : she mentioned Propylene glycol yet its the compound of choice for delivering atomized medications. It has been used in asthma inhalers and nebulizers since the 1950s

STONEDCOLDCHILLER K : Talk about flavored vapes when there are tons of fruity alchohol drinks.

Dayton Greene : Wait FOX allowed the play of Sicko Mode? 😂😂😂

Ramon Noodles : Calling it right know this video is going to blow up as a meme I feel it

Tom M : Just smoke cigars like a real man if you're not going to inhale

Dr.Nug710 : “I’ll blow whatever’s in front of me”

BRAAAP CITY : Vaping has no tar No formaldehyde No inhaling metals No "antifreeze" Has food grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin Its 97% better than smoking Edit: Wet lung js the stupidest thing if it were actually real people couldn't take showers because of the steam and there have been no cases were vaping caused popcorn lung only reason they say that I'd bc diacetyl causes popcorn lung and is in the very cheap no name brand e liquids and still it is so minute that it still hasn't caused anyone to get it funny thing is cigarettes have more diacetyl in them and no ones got popcorn lung from them

SIKKY BEATS : Anyone cringe super hard the moment he opened his mouth?

British : I'd like to start my rant by saying that is a classic troll by Mr Smokes. Nicotine doesn't cause the problems on children as long as the children aren't 5. Nicotine is essentially the same compound as caffeine which as long as you don't take in large doses is completely fine to use. You'll also find that a lot of kids use the nicotine free versions as it is cheaper to not get hooked. No traces of chemicals and metals, no formaldehyde. They were only found with cheap 10 watt coils that were running at 30 watts (essentially overclocked) which got the coil to literally degrade and release these things. So basically a failed study rigged to make all vapes look bad. Also with the popcorn lung thing, that is caused by chemicals which, funny enough are no longer used in vape liquids as they are problematic. Essentially what we are seeing here is the usual media bullshit. They literally know fuck all and are ruining it for everyone else.

CEREAL KILLA : I'm more concerned about that doctor 😍 she can get it

Jakob Bryant : I love popcorn

Flurr : Dude gave off some fat Eminem vibes .

Matt Bazilius : The fact that he trolled his way onto fox and he doesn’t even vape is amazing. This dudes a legend

Taner Sahin : “Nah popcorns delicious I’m not worried about that”

Flurr : Why does this dude remind me of Eminem.?

Trey Moran : The best feeling is When you see a comment that's a quote from the video and while you read it that part of the video comes on

Hugo-Daniel Hernandez : I was wheezing when he pulled out the second juul

ChrisStyle : That doctor lowkey bad. I would js 🤷🏻‍♂️

Josh Leach : Walking down a street during rush hour traffic is worse for your lungs than vaping smh, I make my own vape juice and know exactly what's in it unlike the 1000's of chemicals in cigarettes.. also nicotine by itself is as harmful as caffeine.

Cloudchaser 420 : They are not as harmful as cigarettes what kind of drugs are you news people on

CJ : The only 30 seconds in FOX news history that they got turnt is when they played Sicko Mode

Divij Malkani : I’m so dead 😂😂 they thought he was serious

sum dude : "It helps my drip" bruhs wild

اوفرواتش overwatch : Lol I died when they where talking about death and he was coughing 2:02

ChillOutBruh : trying to spread more awareness of health issues by discretely making you aware of the seriousness with a joke. cuz think about it, youre seeing him puff while enjoying him "troll" but on the side there's a woman telling u ur gonna get respiratory infections. news trying put those thoughts implanted in the back of your mind. the guy is part of this scheme too. he barely talked. all he could say was "yea yea whatever." and the only time he really started cutting in was at the end of the segment. their doing psychology tricks bro. gg smart way of getting a message out in todays age.

Joe Jay : Did this woman just say vaping is as bad as smoking cigarette?!?

The Realist 4600 : 4:00 oh I love popcorn 🍿😂😂

alec bono : “10 to 20 years from now he May develop chronic bronchitis” Tommy - “I’ll be cool”

TRU About : Oh wow, she is hot as f... Never mind, she opened her mouth

kizzieking : Bro the fact she went on a rant and he pulled up two juuls and smoked them at once probes the fact that he’s mastered trolling XD

Yxnder ツ : 2:09 The "Yeah, sure" look I can't 😂😂

FCastJr : "It is just as dangerous as cigarettes, but as usual we're not doing shit about cigarettes because their lobbyist pay us too much money to fight it" #OurGovernment #Smart 🤔🤔🤔

Thomas Fuller : "I'll blow whatever is in front of me" 🤣🤣🤣

Izzy123 : *This guy is a legend* ()()()

HitThatFatDab : "I'll blow anything that's in front of me."

Timothy Kim : *give this man a grammy*

The KiDD43 : Tommy Smokes, biggest troll of 2018