The Vape God aka Tommy Smokes on the Ingraham Angle - 11/15/18

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LiamsGhosts : This man trolled them so hard 😂

Your Average Alex : he shouldve hit them with “yeah well red meat is a class 5 carcinogen and people eat that every day”

Loucksyy : “It can cause popcorn lungs” “awh cool I love popcorn” Edit: lol I didn’t know this got a lot of likes thanks ig

The Canucklehead : I was crying, they really just showed a juul montage set to sicko mode on a news network

Red Redmon : Doctor went to medical school for 5+ years. Probably 250k invested in education and they make her argue a barstool blogger! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🦅 🇺🇸 🦅

TheUglyCouple : He has mastered the art of trolling 👏

KRAFT PUNK : Was Sicko Mode actually playing during the video they showed?!

I A M N U M B E R O N E : “No popcorn is delicious I’m not worried”- Tommy smokes, 2028

Nick Rodriguez : “It helps my swag and my drip” LMAO

Taktik Pur : 3:31 she's low-key hitting on him, bc he's so cool 😎

tawonga munyanduri : If u make it illegal it'll be cooler

Stanley Z. : Summary: Lvl 1. Crook: Doctor warns of health risks Lvl. 100 Boss: Tommy Smokes The Vape God

BAPHOMET : They want us to smoke cigarettes so bad lmao

Simon Calabuig : That news anchor was enjoying Tommy smokes' memeing

Simon VanderWall : “I love popcorn”

Top 10 Archive : A+ trolling skills.

GameswithRambo : No disrespect but....this doctor...I'd what bout you 1 like = Smash 1 Dislike = Pass

Frank 24 : I’d blow whatever....whatever’s put in front of me. 😂

Berks87 : This guy gives people who vape a bad name, I used a juul to quit smoking regular cigarettes and it was the only thing that's worked for me, I then changed to another ecig and stepped down my nicotine till I was at 0 so I could quit. This doctor is also misinformed about the facts. Wet lung and popcorn lung have never been traced back to vaping, they have been traced to ingredients in specific flavors which have been known to cause popcorn lung only in large powdered doses such as buttered popcorn factories which is where the name comes from. There are 0 cases of popcorn lung traced to ecig use. Regarding formaldehyde, the only evidence of an ecig creating formaldehyde is from continuous dry hits over and over where the coil elements burn and cause it to occur, which no vapor would ever do as they would cough up a lung, you vape a wet coil which does not create formaldehyde. Propylene glycol has been used in nebulizers and inhalers for years and is in tons of the foods we have eaten for years. For her to say removing the tar doesn't matter is just so ignorant. It's sad to see this kind of coverage on something that could help so many smokers. Yes, kids shouldnt use it, but its illegal already so if people under 18 are getting them it's the fault of adults just like it's the fault of adults when kids used to get regular cigarettes. There are problems with the youth I won't deny it, but this coverage is just false, bottom line.

TOXIC_ VENOMX_666 : Who else agrees that the Juuls kinda look lead pencil lead cases

JTsuits : Smoking causes deaths - Tommy starts coughing lmao

Joe Venuti : "I'll blow whatever, whatever's put in front of me".......yep

Matt James : What they don't know is its thc oil and hes just getting high lol

David Whit : “Ahh I love popcorn. Popcorn is delicious I’m not worried about that.” Lol!

RandomNavySEAL : The amount of people that dont undertand this is satire baffles me

prod misguided. : When he hit both Juuls I lost it

Coddy Copeland : Very heated argument, glad I could learn so much. Thank you for this Fox News.

Luke Brown : This poor woman really got her PhD just to get trolled by the Vape God

Zeroshiki : Did this woman really call vape a gateway drug ? What do they mean the FDA wants regulations ? It has the same regulations as cigarettes. I don't vape anymore but, I did for 3-4 years to quit smoking cigars and I still have clean and clear lungs. "Because they have flavors, they're targeted towards children" ? Fucking Swishers have flavors. Ignorance at it's finest.

Siaka Kamate : At the end of the day it's all publicity for fox, Juul, Tommy and the Dr 🤷🏿‍♂️

Flurr : Dude gave off some fat Eminem vibes .

OG Mudbone : This ni🅱️🅱️🅰️ pulled out 2 juuls 😂😂😂💀

Daniel Rodriguez : Lmao they're both trolling her


chuckchizzle : A leaf cigar, natural hemp wrap or the like and a nice quality nugget of Sativa is the only thing we should be smoking.

SIKKY BEATS : Anyone cringe super hard the moment he opened his mouth?

Adam Howard : Thommy smokes made me want to stop vaping. Thank you for this video

Jonny Wille : Lmao the longer i look at him the more he looks like eminem

Otto Swanson : Why does he look like great value Kyle Kuzma

kyle vine : Gateway drug 😂😂

Corey R : This guys my new hero

ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij : *the doctor*

Lein : He will develope lung problems tommy smokes Noa I’ll be cool

Pain is Evil : Lmao i used a juul everyday for a month, then I forgot about it. Not even addicted

TechRight : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this should show you a lot about the world

Albert Einstein : Anybody else think this was fake?

John Lowell : "oh I love popcorn!" 😂😂

lunx BaSick : *o I love popcorn* LOL

Brett Carlson : It’s what we call the news!

Astrosive : Dang almost BG Kumbi level trolling