My Hands Are Bananas

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MichaelLeroi : tfw they're all in their 30s now :'(

ObscureChan : this song was ahead of it's time

Brad2Penske : Aaaaahhhhhh, nostalgia.

FanglyFish : Man, 2006... This is some super old-school YouTube right here.

giggityguy : after watching this video, i decided to devote my life to theoretical geometry. after years of painstaking research, i believe i have finally proven the existence of a circly square. the squarely circle remains maddeningly beyond my reach.

Mike Sloan : It's well over 5 years since I saw this for the first time. I was about to eat a banana and went to get milk out of the fridge and had some kind of Vietnam Rambo style flashback of the Milky Pirate and therefore this song. I mean, a deranged man drinking milk in the warm sun, endlessly pedalling a boat in circles. Does he even know his destination? Does the banana represent the universe collapsing into German singularity. Am I the damn chilli?

Nirad802 : someone: what kind of music are you into me: *plays this*

Ryan Veith : The most mysterious group of people in the universe.

BeNotNormal : but… how does chance know he doesn't like chili if he's never had it? this question has haunted me for eight years.

Chad Roemer : Nostalgia. the good days of youtube. So innocent.

erock676 : I can't believe I found this again. I still remember this from when I was 11 xD

Blu Scout : This is what the Internet was made for

Tuxedo T-Shirt : I've been in love with Frau Stripes since 2006.

zombiepenguin : This might just be a completely accurate description of the internet

Taylor Hurley : I think I`ve had this on my fave list since 2006. I love revisiting it for a smile

Emma : Man I remember watching this when I was like 9 😩

sophie : one of the first videos i ever saw on youtube, still as hilarious as the first time i saw it.

Sandvich : Eight years later and I bet Chance still hasn't had chili.

Gelise Chugg : This video has a way of getting stuck in your head years after you've seen it.

ashthecat3 : These guys must've been smoking some good shit when they came up with this.

OMGVaughanniie : 10 years later and i still know all the words whaaaaaat. I was singing this at aged 10?

lordshardik : Was this one of those highschool German class projects?

ThatAnimeCartoonChick : I remember watching this and being terrified, that feeling has come back now.*hides under covers*

Stokes A : A vision of the weird greatness that Youtube would become

Carolyn Walters : This was one of the first YouTube videos I ever saw. 11 years and many weird internet things later, it's still just as strange as I remember.

Blue Allen : I had this stuck in my head at work today. This song has lasting appeal.

Marisol Vega : I will always love this video so much. 

Isa : My art teacher loves this song

Noxrame : man. this was one of the first vids I ever watched on youtube. just found it again lurking near the beginning of my faves xD

GhostPants Official : ALL HAIL THE MILKY PIRATE!

Mary Sue Scott : Still the best video on YouTube, even after all these years.

Massive Douche : 8 years later and I'm still totally in love with Frau Stripes girl.

Matthew Joseff : Happy 10th anniversary.

Isabella W : This video was made in my town😂 That dude that doesn't eat chili, now works at Costco.

0IIIIII : First video I ever watched.

Supacazoodle : All this time and I'm still wary of the Milky Pirate every time I go to the river.

epicness20027 : You can really understand the deep meaning of this song

DarkEbony89 : One of the earliest videos on YouTube I ever watched. When I'm alone, I still occasionally laugh my ass off to the banana hand clap

G : A friend of mine was talking about seeing his doppelganger this morning and this 10 year old memory slowly crept into my conscious mind over the course of the day.

eric : im a grown ass man now and i remember this video from my baby days on somethingawful i wonder if the stripe girl is still super hot please let me know nandrews

0BucketMask0 : When this first came out me and my friend had a ton of inside jokes about it that lasted for years. I'm so glad it's still up.

Matthew Johnson : What does Frau Spots and Frau Stripes mean?

Leah Hunt : I remember discovering this with my friends at school in 5th grade back before youtube got blocked by our elementary school's library computers. That was almost 10 years ago. What a time to be alive.

Corey Wilson : When YouTube was actually YouTube

An Aspiring YouTube Commenter. : Ahhh YouTube in it's infancy. I love it!

Video Watcher : Oh God I remember seeing this in like 2008 with my brother XD

Chester Fester : Everybody in this video is like sixty years old now. It's still holds up though.

Dancing Spiderman : Those banana hands remind me of the youtube clip of James Brown's final interview... james brown's hands looked exactly like that

Ryan Sayre : I remember this song from when I was in 1st grade...haha I'm in 8th now

just about nothing : This video was literally my childhood