My Hands Are Bananas

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Brad2Penske : Aaaaahhhhhh, nostalgia.

ObscureChan : this song was ahead of it's time

FanglyFish : Man, 2006... This is some super old-school YouTube right here.

Chad Roemer : Nostalgia. the good days of youtube. So innocent.

Marisol Vega : I will always love this video so much. 

Taylor Hurley : I think I`ve had this on my fave list since 2006. I love revisiting it for a smile

giggityguy : after watching this video, i decided to devote my life to theoretical geometry. after years of painstaking research, i believe i have finally proven the existence of a circly square. the squarely circle remains maddeningly beyond my reach.

sophie : one of the first videos i ever saw on youtube, still as hilarious as the first time i saw it.

zombiepenguin : This might just be a completely accurate description of the internet

MickeyBeast : Wow it's been so long since I've seen this video!! I'm so glad I've found it again!

Emma : Man I remember watching this when I was like 9 😩

Gelise Chugg : This video has a way of getting stuck in your head years after you've seen it.

MichaelLeroi : tfw they're all in their 30s now :'(

Noxrame : man. this was one of the first vids I ever watched on youtube. just found it again lurking near the beginning of my faves xD

Matthew Joseff : Happy 10th anniversary.

TentacleDicks : Eight years later and it's still just as good.

Massive Douche : 8 years later and I'm still totally in love with Frau Stripes girl.

Dat Boi : This is what the Internet was made for

BeNotNormal : but… how does chance know he doesn't like chili if he's never had it? this question has haunted me for eight years.

Mike Sloan : It's well over 5 years since I saw this for the first time. I was about to eat a banana and went to get milk out of the fridge and had some kind of Vietnam Rambo style flashback of the Milky Pirate and therefore this song. I mean, a deranged man drinking milk in the warm sun, endlessly pedalling a boat in circles. Does he even know his destination? Does the banana represent the universe collapsing into German singularity. Am I the damn chilli?

0BucketMask0 : When this first came out me and my friend had a ton of inside jokes about it that lasted for years. I'm so glad it's still up.

Ryan Veith : The most mysterious group of people in the universe.

Lps Oreoz : I remember when my older brother showed me this... I was like what 4 Lol so many memories 😱😨

Sam : even after 7 years the clapping still gets me "now clap like zees!"

just about nothing : This video was literally my childhood

Jake Haberman : teh ah all nahmal hans.

Mary Sue Scott : Still the best video on YouTube, even after all these years.

Lydia Rose : wow i remember this

ashthecat3 : These guys must've been smoking some good shit when they came up with this.

Ryan Sayre : I remember this song from when I was in 1st grade...haha I'm in 8th now

Tuxedo T-Shirt : I've been in love with Frau Stripes since 2006.

DarkEbony89 : One of the earliest videos on YouTube I ever watched. When I'm alone, I still occasionally laugh my ass off to the banana hand clap

Peter Bradshaw : THIS IS SO GOOD

GhostPants Official : ALL HAIL THE MILKY PIRATE!

Mika Smith : One of the first videos I ever saw on YouTube and never fails to randomly get stuck in my head.

spencer n : I LOVE THIS SONG :)

eric : im a grown ass man now and i remember this video from my baby days on somethingawful i wonder if the stripe girl is still super hot please let me know nandrews

Chester Fester : Everybody in this video is like sixty years old now. It's still holds up though.

G : A friend of mine was talking about seeing his doppelganger this morning and this 10 year old memory slowly crept into my conscious mind over the course of the day.

An Aspiring YouTube Commenter. : Ahhh YouTube in it's infancy. I love it!

TheSociopathicpanda : We are the monkeys😝

Matthew Johnson : What does Frau Spots and Frau Stripes mean?

ThatAnimeCartoonChick : I remember watching this and being terrified, that feeling has come back now.*hides under covers*

Sandvich : Eight years later and I bet Chance still hasn't had chili.

Wa Wi : Internet at its finest!

Hilary Waychunas : i sing this on the daily

Carolyn Walters : This was one of the first YouTube videos I ever saw. 11 years and many weird internet things later, it's still just as strange as I remember.

Commander Gree : This was filmed In my hometown in Montana, my cousin actually plays the milky pirate

dileo DJD : Doppelganger doppelganger doppel doppel doppelganger

Chase : my first youtube video