Eminem's Rap God in Sign Language (Bonnaro 2018)

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Marshall xv : After that she entered the 5th dimension

FACE MOVIES : Sign language god.

Sumukh : “Someone call an ambulance, there's psychopath here at Bonnaroo”

Andy Garcia : I love this with sign, I'm deaf! More of this please. Unexpected! So cool!! 😍😍❤️🔥🔥🔥

GiantsJets718 : It's when eminem was practicing in the mirror at the beginning of 8 mile

music saved my life : kakashi sharigan can't copy that jutsu

Brian F : I’d like to see a deaf person’s reaction video to this

Johnathon : Looks like her drink got spiked with some strong drugs

wallcity318 : She was kinda thick...

Rah : Nice cheat code, after this she teleported to a new dimension

Nathan : nah shes just on pills

sam farley : Looks like some crazy dance

gharbi hamza : holy shit, this is incredible

YairtheBaws : Would bang her though

Vicky Wiley : I'll bet she was exhausted after that! There's a video somewhere on here that talks about sign language interpreters ing used more & more at hip - hop shows.

Masta ! Mind ! : How'd she keep up. Looks kinda weird but still, damn, respect women!

Genos : What kinda jutsu was she using?

vlam poumchack : Jackie chan

Sonicron : That’s new...

Ishan43 : Salute!

BrokenScreen4 : Damn, she got the moves

Barry Simeon : She Woke mAh Brother

Kevin Lorimer : Wonder if those hands can actually give a good hand job

Anna EhlersDanlos : She Is The Real RAP GODess

Jeremiah White : oh

Tyron Turner : Well damn


Dexter Knife : Id hit that. All day

Vape Dude : Sick. 👍 Mr Tumble eat your heart out.

Nikolas Viana : 😂😂😂😂😂

Junior Ancinello : bolsonaro 2018 >>>>>>>> bonnaro 2018

Makaveli Makaveli : Insane Psycho

Press Kevin To Continue : LMAOO

Just_DonnaMarie : My Son Justin went to +Bonnaro every year! On February 1, 2017 he was found Deceased at a Family members home! My Son was so full of Life, & Music always tells a Story, brings up Memories. I miss my Son each and every day! I know that money 💰 which the other side of the Family has, could’ve greased the palm of a corrupt Detective, Coroner or anyone else involved?! I will Never Sleep Well, Until I Personally Find Out The Truth! I mean if you found your Son/Daughter/Child on the Floor....& a Family Member admitting to cleaning up Blood, for over 45minutes before calling the Police or 911, wouldn’t you be skeptical? That’s what I’m dealing with! I spoke to my Son just 24 hours, before receiving a call that he was Deceased! The Autopsy that was done, proves that Justin didn’t have enough drugs in his body to kill him. I feel that this is a Case of Corruption on the BSO’s! We all know that they failed multiple Families by Not doing their job on February 14, 2018! I’m calling for the Broward Sheriffs Office to be Investigated from the Sheriff, Officers, Coroner, & any other Employees that could’ve been Greedy enough to Not Care about a young Son’s Life! As Well as answering for the Valentines Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School! I have a Death Certificate, with NO Cause, or Manner of Death Listed! I’m living in Germany, while the Family lives in the States. Another interesting tidbit, is the Family Home is just down the Street from where the Valentines Shooting took place at the High School! We all know that Sheriff Israel should step down. His own officers could’ve prevented the 17 Shooting Deaths by the young man that was Expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School! I’m returning to the States, & I won’t Stop until I find Justice for my Son! He was a young man, who still should be living & enjoying Life, Music Concerts, and so much more! #RIPJustin #SIPJustin I will get Justice for you my Sohn! Danke und Auf Wiedersehen ✌🏼 💕 🤗 🙏🏼

KJZ2012 : lit

kingnatre : Keep pressing 6

Shino San : this was sooo freaking great

Rasa Normantaite : der lied super nur die frau zu agresiv

Carrie Hammett : I cannot believe the comments Below with your thoughts on one of the dopest young ladies that didn't lack no self esteem so she just threw that shit down for the deaf. I know she can hear the beats or feel them bcuz of the way she was dancing. She wasn't trying to dance. I thought that shit somebody expressing herself and having a great time. That's okay Karma is a Angelic and divine answer for herself don't get mad when you can lose something in life. Yep , disregard for a Esquite Beautiful person finally getting out of their home and then you guys wanna make u hit on everything she did wrong. Not right. . You should apologize and praise someone that can feel those beats and relate to his lyrics.

Kagarin? : The other woman at the same concert seemed to of made a lot more gestures than her?

Cliff Dyck : That's awesome!!!

Mull-T : this is sick!

ZERO INFINITY : Young 5th graders "I can do rap god fast part faster than you". < This Girl Does it in Sign language.

Tfues Mother : I bet there is a huge untapped market for sign language rappers

APK : I’m in love 😍

John Petersen : she doesnt even sign what he says... I can do that. ]

The Greek : This dude still cannot grow a beard...

William Shirley : Don’t want her job, lol

Roger Ward : He turned down fight from vanilla ice and one of the guys from back street boys and nick cannon, euf.said