Windex suicide

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Suchoskiman : how dare you put up a video of that windex bottle in it's final moments. how would you feel if that were you committing suicide? I'm honestly disgusted. Don't talk to me or my son ever again

Of Course : You are to Windex what Logan Paul is to Japan

Sunny Mon : This is probably how legs evolved.

airlockengage : "I've cleaned all I needed to clean."

EMCE BANANA : This is Powerful

Warren Maxxon : An old tired bottle just shuffling to end the pain while there was still enough liquid to waddle.

InsecureWifi : Stick and slip, my favorite phonomenon .

Lets Windex : I can relate to how he feels

Samyul M : we live in a society

null akjg : Wow this was not worth it. Reddit really will upvote whatever trash they find.