Ocean Ramsey free diving with a Great White Shark

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Check out Waterinspired.com for the full story about this amazing interaction between the most feared and misunderstood fish in the ocean and this female free diver..named Ocean...


Jupp Baron Kerckerinck : Amazing footage but I personally don't like to touch those animals too much. I did 16 dives with GWs in open water and have never felt like I was in danger. We swam with them and they were close but we never had body contact. We don't need to fear them when we are diving with them; but we should always respect them. I'm not judging, I'm just expressing my feelings.

werefruit : That shark does not care at all. He knows he is level 90 and you are at maybe 50.

SharkBytes App : I am not sure about this. Even know it is very cool, I guess I am just glad it worked out this time. I would not recommend most people to try this. You wouldn't go up to a bear in the wild and try to pet it would you? Apex predators needed to be treated with a great deal of respect and distance regardless if they are man-eaters or not. I fear this could end badly in the future.  Comments? 

Chase Me Down the street : Awesome woman. That would be an exhilarating experience. Love the song playing..

Dre : Jesus, that girl has much more balls than me. Hahaha

Josh Kelly : yes great whites are misinterpreted but DAM, do they have to ride them!

1stelist : This is just WOW !  She's badass that's all i can say. What's the name of the song ? 

jesús Bachiller Otero : I think what this woman is doing is beatiful. It is like the opposite of the film of "Jaws"... I want to do that someday...

Sabyasachi Pradhan : I'll be damned..Gracefully done..Beautifully shot..Just Amazing..A Date with the Great White

amh313 : Amazing, but the problem arise when you are in murky waters or just floating casually. She is on top of things here and it's thus different.

Steven Foxworth : that's is incredible. . I am so jealous. .

Roger R. Holtz : great quality

Ben S : Amazing footage! Those sharks are Huge!!

SuperBeautifulNoise : It appears that the GW got into a fight with another by all the scaring he/she has on his/her right side.

SciCurious : She's got some serious backbone. Wow.

Dinos Latinos : i guess this shark is on a diet

Daniel Chalhoub : incredible... i'd love to do this, don't have enough courage though...

freesid stf : that woman has guts and skill to be able to do that without her or the shark feeling threatened. i know i would not be able to do that. i get nervous just from seeing jellyfish(that are almost as big as me).

André Guio : The song and the images are petrifying

Shanifornia : Wasn't hungry

Dave Brazelton : All I will say is that if she turns up half in the shark's belly and half outside, she will have no one to blame but herself. The GWS is untameable.

Phê Mekh : Song???

Alfred Putter : We have just had a fatal shark attack in Jeffreys Bay. We know how dangerous these sharks are

Alejandro Gallardo : I can not take sides with the filming crew or the fishermen. Obviously sharks can be dangerous. Really they have been demonized but what i see here is very close to harassment. Animals are not toys to play with. If the shark attacked the diver that would be her fault, but it could be used against it

nEthing4Her : Her link and ...connection... with these leviathans. Beautiful. Ocean, You are a Goddess. 💘

nEthing4Her : Anti has a very valid point.. a few tossed in that gave the divers the stink-eye would have displayed varied behaviors to reinforce caution in any numbskulls out there without Ocean's ...link with them. At the same time, juan puts me at ease that all the sharks filmed were being themselves, if only because his group admires and defends them - and so would not do so. ONLY Ocean was touching them and that seemed okay for them. 👼 Gaea's Blessings upon Her, Her group and their noble cause. 👼

Electronic Music Lab : You know you ruin the video with your lame fucking watermark, its not even your video footage so fuck off!

Meseceva Kci : they don't attack when hungry either, but they can't find anything dead in the water these days, so they must hunt instead. challenge accepted.

LiangHuBBB : so white sharks dont attack you when they are not hungry?

muel294 : and the darwin award goes to....

Antipodean33 : I never once said that shark attack is a common place happening. All i've said is we are on their menu, but these ppl claim it's bs, i say otherwise, as do the ppl who have been attacked or eaten. BTW i live in South Australia and we have alot of pointers all along our coastline. We've had numerous deaths and thats with a popuation that is less than a million and a number of those rarely see the sea and we only swim for a couple of months at best due to cold water

bronzenrule : Not true. For example, Florida's coast is teeming with countless sharks; at some beaches all bathers come within ten feet of one at some point. Such close encounters happen constantly on the West coast (US) too. Yet even with millions of people & sharks intermingling shark attacks are extremely rare (18.7 attacks, 0.5 killed yearly) giving the lie to the man-killer rep of sharks. So rare are they Down Under that, while 87 persons drown at the beach each year, just 1.5 die from 11.5 shark attacks

king jaba : here fishy fishy fishy

Antipodean33 : Like all predators they hunt by stealth, i've seen many ppl free diving with pointers, but they are showing that they themselves are a predator. But if you are swimming along and don't see it coming from behind, you are shark food

bronzenrule : /watch?v=uHaL-BP12DQ (shark expert Chris Fallows free dives with great whites, in his study to learn why they don't target humans when they have every opportunity) /watch?v=FLPNM_zanm0 (free dive with great whites filmed for a documentary, led by shark guide Andre Hartman) /watch?v=ZHB5W6RluBo (marine & shark conservationist Lesley Rochat free dives with Tiger Sharks) /watch?v=uGzrETzRp5E (Fred Buyle & William Winram free dive with great whites) /watch?v=S2QeSII_nHU (Free dive with Tiger Sharks)

Hey Jude bebrnr : I will do this. White sharks are beautiful and not mean like people make them as to be. The tiger sharks kills more people. But I love sharks. But I think tiger sharks are more dangerous than great white.

Antipodean33 : These stats are pointless, of course more humans will die from lightening than shark attack, for the simple reason we are on the earth more than we are in the sea. Listen, you come to South Australia and i'll take you out in my boat around Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island way and i'll watch you swim and film the pointers here and we'll see how long you last

bronzenrule : 2001-2012 the annual median average of unprovoked attacks & deaths reported globally was 66.5 & 4. In your neck of the woods Down Under, the median average of unprovoked attacks & deaths in those same years were 11.5 & 1.5. On Us coastal states 37.5 persons die from lightning yearly while 0.5 die from sharks. Down Under, 87 people die from drowning at the beach yearly while 1.5 die from shark attacks. In the US alone, Bees kill 53, dogs kill 30-35 flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/sharks/statistics/statsw.htm

Antipodean33 : Educate yourself "dude" many fall prey to sharks of all types and pointers ever year, just accept it FFS. Whats with you ppl trying redefine science, even truth

bronzenrule : Educate yourself, dude. If man was on their menu, more than just a few would end up sharkfood each year. I know, don't tell me, you're one of those interwebbers who don't believe in illuminati-controlled science, and that you've got it all figured out. But do yourself the favor of at least climbing out for a sec from under that petrifying fear to see a complex, thinking, logical creature instead of a 1D irrational killing machine - and that some shark whisperers have cracked much of its behavior

VolumedMusicMan : Beauty and the Beast.

Captain Chris Wade : Juan speaks the truth.... When you are leaning over the side to touch them---- Is this while fishing baiting or instigating? Are you inciting aggressive & natural feeding behaviors while the animals are in search for food? Ocean and others were being passive and comfortable in the water while working with the animals curiosity and high level thought. So - its comparing apples to oranges in my book...The shark was free to come at her own will. Lots of footage of the event on my page. Proof +++

Vanessa S : Omg relax, how come when someone does something different and refreshing, people like you come out of the wood work to spread intolerance? While sharks are known to hunt people, can't it be known that they're endangered and need to be saved? A video like this isn't assuring people that they're safe to be around, but rather raising attention to the truth that we for so many years have chosen not to see. Because of that ignorance, we may lose sharks. That's the bottom line.

Antipodean33 : If thats so, tell me why a man being dragged around on a donut (those round inflatable toys ppl drag behind boats) 300 meters off the coast of Adelaide, his mates saw the attack, just blood and thrashing. Happened right out front of the surf lifesaving club, yet his friends,police everyone involved found not a piece,not even his wet suit,nothing at all. Clear water, 15 feet deep, all sand to about 2 kilometers out,chopper overhead looking, nothing found. They do see us as prey,just live with it

Antipodean33 : No negativity on my part at all, i love these creatures and have been around them many times off my home coastline of South Australia. I despise ppl who kill these magnificent highly evolved animals, but this clip gives the wrong impression of what they can be like. They will and do target humans, this has been proven many times off South Australia. Why can't ppl tell the truth about an animal, why do all you tree huggers come out of the wood work when someone says something you don't like?

DAVE GALLOWAY : Bravery or Stupidity ?

Antipodean33 : I live in South Australia and have many encounters with pointers. There's nothing in my comment that os negative, except the way these ppl portray these animals as harmless. Also i don't want to see them destroyed at all

Vanessa S : I think we've ALL seen WAY too much footage of them being aggressive to humans. It's common knowledge that they're dangerous. Movies (like JAWS) and media have played on our fear, and amplified it, causing generations to unnecessarily kill these animals out of fear, so much so, that they're becoming endangered. Videos like this are nothing short of refreshing, and in need. So stop the negativity. You're not helping anyone

Vanessa S : Anyone who sees this n says oh, I'm now convinced a great white wont eat me-is dumb. No one is going to assume that. Don't be so offended by this video. Put it this way, if humans continue demonizing them out of fear of being eaten, and they go extinct, say goodbye to our eco system. This video isn't to say to people hey, go swim with sharks and stop killing them, rather, it's stating that they're not mindless killing machines, stay away from them, but there's no need to wipe out their species.