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kookie175 : she should start a seminar on how to grow an extra pair of balls..i would pay money to attend it!

JRNexGen : I guess you'd have to be the type who is willing to be eaten alive.  Jumping onto a random great white at a random time (which I don't believe she is doing) means that you may get beaten in half.  Regardless of what anyone here thinks (even if you think you're an expert), this is one of the top predators of the ocean since the prehistoric times(or even longer probably).  This creature will bite you and it could kill you instantly.  That is the difference.  No humans can change its nature in their natural environment.  What she is doing is setting a very bad example.  Good for her to prove her own point but still don't and never will have any respect for what she is doing. 

Daniel Chalhoub : incredible... i'd love to do this, don't have enough courage though...

Ricky Chan : she better remember not to dive with them when she has her period! hahaha

DAVE GALLOWAY : Bravery or Stupidity ?

Dinos Latinos : i guess this shark is on a diet

Jupp Baron Kerckerinck : Amazing footage but I personally don't like to touch those animals too much. I did 16 dives with GWs in open water and have never felt like I was in danger. We swam with them and they were close but we never had body contact. We don't need to fear them when we are diving with them; but we should always respect them. I'm not judging, I'm just expressing my feelings.

reactor4 : Reminds me of the bear guy.

keeturbo : She's probably used to diving with this particular shark.I don't think she would just jump in with any random shark,since great whites are known to have different personalities.Some are pretty docile like this one and others are quite inquisitive and will try to check you out the moment you enter the water with them and then there are the aggressive no nonsense ones.You can't really stay on a boat and know which is which.

SciCurious : She's got some serious backbone. Wow.

Ben S : Amazing footage! Those sharks are Huge!!

1stelist : This is just WOW !  She's badass that's all i can say. What's the name of the song ? 

jesús Bachiller Otero : I think what this woman is doing is beatiful. It is like the opposite of the film of "Jaws"... I want to do that someday...

maximus merilius : what is it under 3 meters go swim with a 5 meter shark then I will honour you

Danny Clayton : I would rather swim with that shark then have to listen to that awful song ever again.

John Vogt : Anyone know the name of the song?

amh313 : Amazing, but the problem arise when you are in murky waters or just floating casually. She is on top of things here and it's thus different.

ABRAHAM F Amador Garcia : :)

32583ian : The shark can't decipher what you are or what you're capable of.  Only if it knew lol.   This is amazing footage though.  

XmenMagnetoAcolytes : Playing with fire, eventually you get burned. Sharks can turn on you on the dime.

Daryl Lott : Now that there is a Jaws 5 coming out, more ppl are gonna be fearful and the more sharks will be misunderstood. I really wish they would give the shark movies a rest. Sharks are not man-eaters. Not even the Apex Great White. Please y'all let's save these beautiful animals. They need our help or we're just not gonna have any left.

nEthing4Her : Her link and ...connection... with these leviathans. Beautiful. Ocean, You are a Goddess. 💘

freesid stf : that woman has guts and skill to be able to do that without her or the shark feeling threatened. i know i would not be able to do that. i get nervous just from seeing jellyfish(that are almost as big as me).

maximus merilius : Roma Victor

Daniel Andersson : Why did she have to be disrespectful and grab the shark´s fin? This is no toy! Look at it? Sure! But don´t disturb and harass sea creatures like that!

Benjamin Chung : I wonder how much practice it took the amazing woman to a) conquer her fears about the seal eating warm blooded shark weighing a ton. b) to be able to hold her breath for 5 minutes  and c) to get into the state of mind where neither she nor the shark feels threatened. I wouldn't encourage doing this unless all points of consideration are fully taken into account. Maybe it was a once in a lifetime experience for her.

Dre : Jesus, that girl has much more balls than me. Hahaha

Nelson Dacosta : i bet my life and jump with her -that she don't have her period


VolumedMusicMan : Beauty and the Beast.

Darcy B : I wonder if it is because she approaches the shark instead of the shark approaching her and she basically swims with him the same way a pilot fish do?  Prey usually runs/swims away from a predator and doesn't usually approach it.  Pilot fish swim along with their sharks and the shark doesn't bother with them.  Gosh I love these creatures.  Truly magnificent.

Hey Jude bebrnr : I will do this. White sharks are beautiful and not mean like people make them as to be. The tiger sharks kills more people. But I love sharks. But I think tiger sharks are more dangerous than great white.

werefruit : That shark does not care at all. He knows he is level 90 and you are at maybe 50.

Pezza Ben : All it takes is respect and almost all dangerous animals behave this way

LeiShenDao : Go girl, Go. Amazing video. Sharks need protection and more people to care about them. We have Great Whites in Greece too, however it is a taboo here and people are full of ignorance and fear for this absolute creature. Keep the videos going.

Josh Kelly : yes great whites are misinterpreted but DAM, do they have to ride them!

schuey91 : one can not love the sea without having some affection for its creatures.

Robert Anthony Alcantara : ShE started her career with sharks.. and unfortunately will end with sharks as well.. goodluck to her

SharkBytes App : I am not sure about this. Even know it is very cool, I guess I am just glad it worked out this time. I would not recommend most people to try this. You wouldn't go up to a bear in the wild and try to pet it would you? Apex predators needed to be treated with a great deal of respect and distance regardless if they are man-eaters or not. I fear this could end badly in the future.  Comments? 

Werewolf Lycan : This video is amazing and cool, but I"m afraid it's only a matter of time until she gets attacked by a great white. 

Alex Corral : It's really not that big of deal if you can understand that sharks don't like the tast of humans. Once they're aware of what you are and that you don't pose a threat, they could give a rats ass about you. Most attacks happen because of mistaken identity because humans like to linger at the surface of the water 

Richard Henry : Awesome woman. That would be an exhilarating experience. Love the song playing..

the shark whisperer 1267 : Looks like a 14 footer.

Koss Billingham : "you make me feel" by Archive. /watch?v=B9ySCqkfwSI

David Lim : This is just amazing. Sharks aren't the enemy. We are.

HyperSole : That shark must've just finished eating a huge tuna or something, that bitch got lucky as hell

HodgsonHawaii : EPIC guys n' Ocean!!

Lv2flair : Lucky shark!

Haydon Burns : I think there is a tendency for individuals who do things like this to have a certain level of arrogance towards vs. respect for whichever animal it might be. Case by case basis though and I don't see that necessarily being the case here. This is an awesome video, she and the photographer seem very skillful with what they are doing and it's their choice. I personally don't think sharks like this are dangerous nor safe. A bit of both. But without having any form of self defense, you're leaving the decision entirely up to the shark. 99.99% of the time you come out of that gamble unscathed. But if you know and respect that and choose to take that calculated risk because you love it, don't see a problem with it. Me personally when surfing I see small sharks pretty often and occasionally larger ones. The larger ones freak me out and I usually go in the times I see them. But it's the smaller younger ones that tend to pose more of a threat because of their curiosity.

Perytupi : Simply amazing... loved