Oprah Winfrey's Life Advice Will Change Your Future | One of the Best Motivational Video Ever

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David Edman : will Oprah be our next president?

Sara Sindi : Knowing people like her still exist is amazing❤️

Milissa Mackenzie : Always do the right thing!!! Even when no one knows it!

Ch Garner : Thank you💗 I may not be a graduate of Spelman, but I am a woman who was led to this video, by the grace of G-d, and needed these particular words of wisdom, today- From my favorite modern woman-who is simply my hero-yesterday, today and tomorrow...💙

Nyambura Ng'ang'a : Be excellent-People notice excellence Let excellence be your brand...

SlayerQueen : I’m at my job now I had to watch this to motivate me finish the day.

mikijoe nbaubum : So beautiful message. Watching from Myanmar!

Shaun Heckstall : Bless you my "Dear Big Sister!"

Janine Garcia : She is very much like a younger version of Maya Angelou

Mega : Of Everything she said the one I loved the most was when she said " I am God's Child".

Naima Ouardi : Doing the right thing is rewarded with peace

henry murray : Thank you for letting us know what excellence looks like, Dr. Oprah Winfrey. You earned it. You are living it.

HEALING WITH SOURCE : Beautiful devotional message of soul and this woman's heart being shared to emphasise the source of who we are and our freedom within.......blessings for a Divine sistar Oprah Winfrey.........Namaste.....

Addicted to Personal Growth : Who ever disliked this doesn’t know the real truth coming from oprah...thanks for sharing it video. Much love :))

Shandini Naidoo : I listen to the shortened version of this speech every morning! Motivating. Inspiring. Life-Changing!

Lugrana RYL : Oprah is a living legend

Faith Lapointe : I wish I could get a speech like this BEFORE I graduate to help me actually get to the graduation 😪😂

WEBB24H : What another great speech from Oprah!

Sam Z : The inner peace she mentioned is the biggest success you hav.And i hav experienced it recently.it feels awesome♥️

Dominique Herbert : Amazing so motivational. But u CANNOT have adverts in between someone doing something so empowering and legendary!!!

LOYAL ROYAL : LET EXCELLENCE BE YOUR BRAND ☑️ 😀 💖 choose to do the right thang ! 🙏🏼💜

Laura Victoria : We are immortal beings having a human experience 💜

Von Dodda : So many beautiful black people in this world....

Myla Pope : That was beautiful and I felt that!

Nelson Lema : Whao! very inspirational....thanks for sharing.

DaisySmile : Love 💕 life, love Oprah and moving forward in the direction of my dreams and my life’s purpose.

ggsplace69 : They use the word of God all the time but don't give Glory to God for it , so I ask myself why are they afraid to do that ?? Are they truly servicing him or are they serving another ??? Mmmmm Jesus is the truth way and life !!! They know this so why not give Glory to his name ??

laura pimenta de oliveira : I'm so happy that I use the internet to lerning english by myself and know I understand almost everthing the Oprah said 😂

Shashi Pandey : Love you oprah

Sachin B : Damn that woman napping behind..

NICOLAS BRIÑEZ CORREA : I'm absolutely aware this can inspire, improve and develop life of people. Great and amazing speech, thank you Oprah.

Butterflies Bees : Sometimes it is good to leave room for not knowing, and let it be and explore who you are rather then know who you are from day one.

California : WOW! I have no words to describe her but to say "OPRAH you are the BEST!" May the Lord always bless you. I always listen to your speech every morning. Greetings from San Francisco Ca

Claudie A : I believe I am on the RIGHT road .. finally! Look out, because here I come!! Great motivation video! Thank you.

Melody Phakathi : I needed this to keep me pushing and working hard to get through and excel my finals .

hazel jane broa : I praise God that you are exist in this journey of life. mam oprah.... I thank God also for my son and daughter being thier mom even if thier real mom died already. I thank God for they aRE with me.....

Ference Bamidele : Good for you.GOD BLESS MS.OPRAH.

Valencia G : In a time in my life where I struggle with positivity and finding myself this message was truly appreciated. Thank you Oprah!

Mohamed Koosaar : I like motivational speaker thank you for your sharing

Daxis Star : so easy to talk when u have money

Eyiwumi Netufo : Thank you Oprah... "Surround yourself with people who will fill your cup and make your cup run over" # Always inspiring

SenoraBell : This was excellent!

Coco Glows : Phenomenal speech!!! 👏🏾👏🏾

vicky victor : All these girls were very pretty . OH MY GOODNESS , PLEASE WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL ?

Kristina Petric : Only God knows how much I love You ♡♡♡

Meenakshi Makhijani : How come not a single line can be wronged in this speech? Oh! that's why she is Oprah Winfrey. Phenomenal speech....isn't it?

Keilly Oliveira : Great content and very inspirational!

Hien Nguyen : Yes amen! your words are magical . i love your wisdom oprah

Roxanne Kinnally : I am trusting god to give me an idea to serve other I am a child of god and I am here to serve others not to be serve I am here to make a difference in someone's life

Everlyne Achieng : Very beautiful gals, sooo beautiful