BASEketball: Dude Scene

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Paul Michels : Having a conversation in public about Infinity War without spoiling it for others

The Average Gaming Show : My buddies and I have been friends for so long, that we could have this exact conversation and know exactly what we were talking about.

Alex Epperly : Dude

Tyler James : This is exactly now the Naruto Manga will end. Except a crazy explosion in between every dude.

RedandBlue Bulldog : Dude!

ShortFingeredShreder : This reminds me of the "C'mon" scene from Krazy Kripples.

Abraham Simpson : Halo waypoint

caleb basile : he does have a point, i mean c'mon. dude

OfficialTmurdock : Dude!

Nemesis : here come lebowski...

george77772moons : And after 2 years of seeing a million others like it I have come to regret it.


1SpeedDean : trey parker's face at :04 it's like "oh no you didn't..."

Rapping Thugsta : fuck dudemeisters

doarner : Gal?

AWOwns : The funny thing is that I've actually done that before.

HeadNTheClouds : @ubersuperduperdude DUDE! GREAT IDEA! conered it Done!!!

HeadNTheClouds : thats how me and my friend deside arguements. haha

Agu Samban : i guess you have a point there xddxd

MrZeus141 : wise words from matt

Baldvin Páll Henrysson : Great :)

Holly Potts : lol i love his shocked face when matt stone was like dude!! real aggressively

TheElectriciti : @MrPhyrestorm haha same dude.

Rebecca Jackson : Thanks to these guys, I now say dude whenever and wherever I can.

george77772moons : I like the part where he says "dude."