Ramsay's Brilliant Reaction to Sports Car Themed Hotel | Hotel Hell

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Victor K : He should've renamed the hotel to 'Krusty Towers' and then hung a plaque up with a motto "We shall never deny a guest, even the most ridiculous request." BOOM BUSINESS WOULD BE UP

DashieSparkle : I wouldn't be surprised if the owner designed his house for customers.

R : Too much red looks like hell

Alpha : **I ' M S T A R V I N G** *proceeds to eat nothing*

Connor Ritchey : At 3:58 the lady is like my pleasure , what is this Chick-fil-A

رناد فهد. : Is this a hotel or a used tampon?

5star555555555 : spits out mouthwash *It's RAW!*

SpicyHatred : ‘There’s nothing wrong with my hotel’ Then why dafaq did u call Gordon in the first place

sdr93 : *looks at the pizza* "IT'S FOOKING RAWWWWW"

Brian D : And little does Eddie know, Gordon is one of the biggest Ferrari owners I know of.

Gabe Wright : I love when they disagree with Gordon yet are almost bankrupt

Maisha Uddin : "I designed the keating hotel to be perfect for me, not him" well I'm sorry that hotels are a business where other people stay in.

Iustin Oprea : That mouthwash tastes too *BLAND*

James Douglas : $800 a night? Does the room come with a complimentary gold watch?

SandMan Jono : Hilarious- the owner is delirious, proving once again having money does not mean you have brains!!!! Gordon as ever says as he means - quality precision hard hitting truth :))))

Minun Playz : Lol my dude's fake typing 2:50

KayLee Golightly : Gordon Ramsay go to McDonalds and rate their restaurant

Peter : Lmfao he had to stop and think wut did he smoke ha!

Yllstar : $800 for that hotel?!!!! Is he crazy?!

Maanvee Choraria : 4:39 "visionary" oozed sarcasm

FEMex : Did Christos get beat up or something? He has like a bruise on his face

Darkness Boi : You knew it’s bad when Gordon throws a towel XD

izzy B : That waitress is a babe...

Coastal Banana : OKAY FIRST OF ALL: you don't build a hotel "designed for you" you build it to satisfy your customers and SECOND: why would you wash that cup???? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH U COULD SELL THAT FOR???? IT WAS TOUCHED BY GORDON RAMSAY!!

Sophia Monis : Everytime he says darling goshhh 💕

ivy ivy : just because it's unique doesn't mean it's good. i can't even with that room just.. obnoxious

Huong Vu : The TV that close would ruin a person's eyes!

Axel Shmontes : how does gordon find all these hotels that are so embarrassingly bad?

wifebeater69 : I would pay about 30 bucks a night to stay there

Iustin Oprea : You can pay 700 dollars to *look* at pretty furniture but you cant really use it.

Galiana Llaque : There's a hotel school???! Wow

Nigro Plays : 1:44 I can't breathe

James Gardner : I watched this on a red iPhone

Alcatel Evolve2 : I wish Chef Ramsay would go to Subway and demand more napkins

spork! : Hotel hell? more like hothell

Mike Perez : I designed the hotel to be the perfect hotel for me. Boi...... boi we got your first problem right there it’s a hotel your supposed to be for the guests not your wired tastes. If I want to sleep in a car I’ll just stay in mine. Your running a business the goal is to make a product and or provide a service to a customer not to yourself but to a person who is willing to shell out money make them happy that’s it.

Medic {Healer,No Medical License,Crazy,Smart,demon} : 0:05 Zhis is red base zats vhy

Leostar : you don't design a hotel for yourself you design it for the guest

Daniel Harding : I'd love to see Gordon review airline food 😂

Ankl Brekr : The room looks like a bar

duhfireangel 02 : Omg the layout of the first floor is an almost exact replica of the Curious George’s apartment. 😂😂

Janis Ashfaq : Day am it 😹

Melanie Averruz : *wow*

davidevgen : ive seen better room designs in animal crossing games.

Cristian Barragan : poor Gordon the bad service and food took away his appetite

shhhhhhhhhhhhhh : 4:06 blah, butt pee.

Songwen Tube : Gordon is a bit to harsh

Phoebe Nguyen : Did he just say this is a luxury hotel I am confused

JR F : One like = one bone out of my pizza... again

Minecraft Miner : 1:19 Not unless it’s a *CARPOOL* -ba dum crash-