Ramsay's Brilliant Reaction to Sports Car Themed Hotel | Hotel Hell

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AlfeeTV : **I ' M S T A R V I N G** *proceeds to eat nothing*

Janet Snakehole : "I designed a perfect hotel for me not for him" that's already a big problem right there.

Leostar : you don't design a hotel for yourself you design it for the guest

Bunny Fluffball : The guy on the phone is like, “hello how may I hel-“ and Gordon just bursts in like, “ya hi this is Gordon I need stuff.” 😂Lmao

Stangil1 : "I designed the hotel for myself." Shouldn't it be designed for people who stay in it? Guarantee this guy is living off daddy's money.

Brian D : And little does Eddie know, Gordon is one of the biggest Ferrari owners I know of.

Me : I've stayed at $100 hotels that would be far preferable to that

Victoria Rodriguez : 3:02 This was the most random scene.

Demon-鬼 : Who wanted the red? -The Owner Who is obsessed with the super car? -The Owner Who wanted this specially designed...? -The Owner

Valeria Covarrubias : *Spits in the container* “Now I know why they have the plastic containers”

Alcatel Evolve2 : I wish Chef Ramsay would go to Subway and demand more napkins

TheJulianStephens : 5:04 "I'm more concerned with what you were smoking at the time..." LMFAO 😂😂

Monkey Bite : Hotel owner designs hotel for himself......ummmm, that's not how the hospitality industry works.

MrGeneralism : “I designed the hotel to be fancy for me, not him.” ThAtS a hOuSe

Dokkan Dude : “This place is not bad.” Yup it’s not like the hotel looks like a big bloody murder scene .

wifebeater69 : I would pay about 30 bucks a night to stay there

Akihiko Hayashi : 1:19 Not unless it’s a *CARPOOL* -ba dum crash-

Michline Al : The designer who design these stuff doesn’t even think about functional. Lol

Phoenix Intergrale : As a car enthusiast I'm struggling to see the car theme in the design. It looks nice but I'm lacking the connection.

lalarobert : I love the way she says cup@3:26. She's so bubbly.

davidevgen : ive seen better room designs in animal crossing games.

Alana Foster : "I designed it for me not for him" ...ummm no you design a hotel for quest lol

Rotting Beauty : I've never gone to school for business or hotel, but even I KNOW this place is crap. You create your business to the customer. They're the ones bringing in the money dude. How is that a luxury hotel when the food is in to go containers and the floor looked dreadful! I would not pay that much for such a crap place. All that red also had me noxious. Please hotel owners...make your place for your people and the demographic you wish to have.

PancakeFX : he says it was designed for him, but shouldn't it be designed for the comfort of the people in the hotel?

ARMY BLINK17 : The waiter is so cute with dimples it reminded me of namjoon from BTS

powerpuff4ever : Having the tub right in front of the door is really off-putting to me. I actually think it’s all kind of contemporary and cool looking but it’s set up so bizarrely that I’d probably get a bit uncomfortable

Crlng : Eight hundred dollars a night WTAF

lalarobert : Gordon, you're getting soft in your old age. I think you liked that soup! @3:52

Stephanie Colon : The front desk ppl are brainwashed or paid pretty good to say everything is ok

0riginalZer0 : Take away puke box lol

R : Too much red looks like hell

Joe M : Why have a hot tub in the middle of a room when the waitress just walks right in?

Itz Hayley : I could’ve done better design than them..😂

Nosaj : T O M A T E

SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER : Imagine being that guy who is explaining everything he even looks like yeah i know how absurd this sounds😂😂😂

Arddernog : I wouldn't be surprised if the owner designed his house for customers.

Rihanna Boothe : this hotel looked nice at first then i saw the room designs

Why Tho : That’s more expensive then a hotel room in Washington DC where you can see most of the monuments, are in the middle of the city, every thing is in walking distance, super good food, pool and hot tub on the roof, room is 50-75% windows, nice furniture. All for $500 a night

360 ooga booga booga : poor Gordon the bad service and food took away his appetite

Kup Kakes : It doesn't even have a pool ,LIKE WHAT?!?!?

Al Capwned : You dink, you're not to design a perfect hotel for YOU. You design the perfect hotel for your customers...

Keira Jones : premier inn is better than that shithole lols

Micheal Achilanga : 2017: Jacuzzi in the sitting room 2018: jacuzzi in the kitchen 2019 : Jacuzzi in cars next to the steering wheel. Mark my words

KeS_Vodo : The hotel isn’t that bad

Jennifer Ramos : Is the food really that bad? I feel like he exaggerates at times lol.

Daniel Harding : I'd love to see Gordon review airline food 😂

wldennis1 : 750 a night! I've stayed at 150 a night hotels that are far superior!

Patrick Gallagher : 2:30 what that red chaise lounge? looks good-except for its stability

Michael Espeland : "I design the hotel to be perfect for me. Not for him." Says it all

Michael Du : 5:18 "I designed the Keating Hotel for me, not for him." D: What a stupid manager to say that! There's a reason why it's called 'hotel.'