Are you a gay christian?

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Cuppa Tea : "same genital group" haha

Ashhari Cassandra Lokuge : The way he says 'homosexual' :'D

Marie blückert : Rowan Atkinson. I love your sense of humour.

Olivia McDonagh : Absolutely bloody love this sketch. So funny, even thirty years on!

Naomi Wicks : come out of the toilet.... lol

MasterBagnall : Is this where westboro get their slogan?

Ben Shepard : A lot of people who think it's a choice will be bisexual themselves, and lack the intelligence to recognize that other people do not share this ability to be attracted to either gender. Either that or they are simply so low intelligence that cannot really comprehend anything.

ClassifiedΩmega : Wait, Mr Bean's from the Westboro Baptist Church?! Childhood ruined!

Precieux Olivier : Jesus has a sense of humour...😊 and I believe in zat God!

TheSwenglishSimmer : Will do. I'm friends with his daughter , Lily. She asked me round to stay the other night , I am going tommorow night , I will tell him u said "hi". What I love about the Atkinson's is that they are famous but they act so normal and genuine. They don't even have servants in their house! Their kids invite normal kids like me round and they just help out in the communtity. They don't act like royalty or arrogance. Such a lovely family. Looking so forward to catching up with Lily after going away.

Tiny777 : Judgement is coming.

O O : Do not mock God. Edit; He wasn't.

Tony Dempster : this was THE funniest sketch of the series i always laugh at it and think back to it often.masterpiece

Aussie Rules : Between 35 and 50% of RC priests have indulged in gay sex, according to a RC who trained the clergy for over 30 years (BBC World Service).

Dirk Hoekstra : From all religions I know, I like christianity the most because it is all about listening to your heart and listening to others without judging them. Thats why I don't get why me beeïng happy with a boy can be a problem if you come from that position.

Jason Lee : Same genital?

alelooooooya : I don't see why one cannot be gay and also Christian, indeed. (I do insist on the word Christian, not Catholic or else).

LukeInside : Typical low-ball attempt from Atkinson who always was anticlerical (he's stated that somewhere). I prefer Mr. Bean series which doesn't offend anyone to such attacks aimed at Christians which are always dressed as "harmless jokes". Check out the testimony of Andrew Comiskey who explains why he was gay and got out of it.

ChipArgyle : Wow. How old is this? 35 years or so? Could have been recorded just yesterday, in some places in the world.

Hannah Saul : He says 'homosexual' the same way I did in secondary school when I was still DESPERATELY TRYING to convince everyone I was straight. (Outside of the average rugby team, an all-girls' Christian school is simultaneously the most homophobic yet homoerotic environment one can be in.)

CrusaderZav : I never chose to be gay. I just found out that I wasn't even remotely attracted to girls. And there was nothing I could do about it. In a similar sense; you're not attracted to all types of women, you might like redheads over brunettes for example. A brunette might just not get you "excited". You can't -choose- to be attracted to a certain appearance or type of woman, just like I can't choose to be attracted to women as a whole. Bottom line; you don't choose who you are attracted to..

Martina Darcy : Is Ireland moving foward...VOTE YES FOR GAY MARRIAGES, HURRAW for Rowan 

Fred Freddy : Do you walk into a party and choose who you find hot? lol (easiest thought experiment in the world)

Incognito : *"God's like that, He hates puffs!"* :D _haha!_

Jerome Reiter : "Jesus changes gays into heterosexuals" proclaimed evangelical ex-gay ministries for 40 years, drawing in almost a million Christians. This year the men with the official records admitted nobody changed from homosexual to heterosexual. Every medical association concurs: sexual orientation is not a choice. The 2 major ex-gay groups shut down forever. Prayer, deliverance, fasting, bible study, being born again, fellowship, Christian counseling and therapy were all tried. Nothing changes a person's God-given sexual orientation. Every medical association concurs: sexual orientation is not a choice.

The Arctic Gamer : Back when it was literally illegal to be gay in England.

Stanley Plock : Being a straight male, I find it difficult to "choose" otherwise. If you believe it's a "choice" then you probably are gay.

Helm Bounty Cave : What does Rowan say at around 1:13? The part where he says "You've tried tying..." Hilarious skit by the way. :D

Rob Pal : Wow he rates among the ten jerk list what a Biblical fool God does not make homosexuals if he does then he also makes fornicators and adulterers we cannot biblically say that

majordendrocopos : Christians are still worrying over homosexuality, thirty years after this was on TV. I suppose they might catch up with reality someday, but I doubt it.

Valve Wizard : 1:26 he does an impression of Bill Nighy

lutfi ramly : imagine if he said these things now

Alexraz01 : he looks like quentin tarantino

Gearoid Walsh : wow, this seems ahead of its time

G. Moeller : Watch the hands! Amazing

Steve Berg : Don’t be so bloody insulting.... of course I’m not a Christian...

Anony Mouse : Now for the time people must come out from the closet and acknowledge that they are just heterosexual ! :) What happened?

john gray : A very funny man and a very apt subject at this very time.

locksh : Priceless acting

Caterincă Românească : Wtf

Paul Mountney : 'He hates puffs!' LOL

Demiurge : westboro baptist must love him

Dave Wise : Sellouts.. Taken in thier prime, Graham was not, he would never sell out.. That's why he's dead.

Job BZ : I don't get how anyone can get offended by this, it's just funny. Anyone else think anti-religious jokes (specifically anti-christian) are going out of fashion? I feel that the secular bandwagon has been milked dry like a grandmother's tit Praise to the holiest in the height and in the depths be praise in all his works most wonderful most surely in all his ways...

Alder Ladybius : 0:40 epic moment

JobJuneEchavarria : A gay Christian is a contradiction. In the Holy Bible, gays are to be intolerable and must be killed. This Law is repeated many times through the Old Testament and in the New Testament Jesus Christ said that Old Laws must be fullfilled still...  “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them." Matthew 5:17 So I don't understanding why gays follow a religion still... where they are to be killed because of their ways.

The Messiah : Who could have known that God is really a compilation of Jesse Ventura, Captain Hook and Quido Sarducci ?....

Hope For the Planet : So funny. I don't think the SJWs can appreciate it, because they're so easily offended by everything with their thin skinneekk and inability to laugh at themselves..

Nathan Beaven : jesus wasn't gay  plus half the labour party in nz are gay

Russel Crowe de MarlonBrandO : Stumbled upon this randomly and am now gonna shift to a Hozier video. "God...hates poofs" Magic