Are you a gay christian?

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Ashhari Cassandra Lokuge : The way he says 'homosexual' :'D

Marie blückert : Rowan Atkinson. I love your sense of humour.

Olivia McDonagh : Absolutely bloody love this sketch. So funny, even thirty years on!

Naomi Wicks : come out of the toilet.... lol

Xtant Audio : Don't let fictional beings dictate any part of your life.

MasterBagnall : Is this where westboro get their slogan?

Ben Shepard : A lot of people who think it's a choice will be bisexual themselves, and lack the intelligence to recognize that other people do not share this ability to be attracted to either gender. Either that or they are simply so low intelligence that cannot really comprehend anything.

ClassifiedΩmega : Wait, Mr Bean's from the Westboro Baptist Church?! Childhood ruined!

Precieux Olivier : Jesus has a sense of humour...😊 and I believe in zat God!

TheSwenglishSimmer : Will do. I'm friends with his daughter , Lily. She asked me round to stay the other night , I am going tommorow night , I will tell him u said "hi". What I love about the Atkinson's is that they are famous but they act so normal and genuine. They don't even have servants in their house! Their kids invite normal kids like me round and they just help out in the communtity. They don't act like royalty or arrogance. Such a lovely family. Looking so forward to catching up with Lily after going away.

Tiny777 : Judgement is coming.

Tony Dempster : this was THE funniest sketch of the series i always laugh at it and think back to it often.masterpiece

O O : Do not mock God. Edit; He wasn't.

Dirk Hoekstra : From all religions I know, I like christianity the most because it is all about listening to your heart and listening to others without judging them. Thats why I don't get why me beeïng happy with a boy can be a problem if you come from that position.

john gray : A very funny man and a very apt subject at this very time.

Jason Lee : Same genital?

LukeInside : Typical low-ball attempt from Atkinson who always was anticlerical (he's stated that somewhere). I prefer Mr. Bean series which doesn't offend anyone to such attacks aimed at Christians which are always dressed as "harmless jokes". Check out the testimony of Andrew Comiskey who explains why he was gay and got out of it.

alelooooooya : I don't see why one cannot be gay and also Christian, indeed. (I do insist on the word Christian, not Catholic or else).

ChipArgyle : Wow. How old is this? 35 years or so? Could have been recorded just yesterday, in some places in the world.

Ares Craft : who you love, assuming they are of legal age, consent and mental capacity, shouldn't stop you from being attracted to them. It's so ridiculous people are setting this boundary, you are straight, you are gay. There's plenty of evidence that human are almost all bisexual. It's in fact abnormal, from the perspective of animals, to be just gay or just straight. Former indicate you won't pass on your gay gene, latter is just not true. Male lion mate with female and male 50/50.

Hannah Saul : He says 'homosexual' the same way I did in secondary school when I was still DESPERATELY TRYING to convince everyone I was straight. (Outside of the average rugby team, an all-girls' Christian school is simultaneously the most homophobic yet homoerotic environment one can be in.)

CrusaderZav : I never chose to be gay. I just found out that I wasn't even remotely attracted to girls. And there was nothing I could do about it. In a similar sense; you're not attracted to all types of women, you might like redheads over brunettes for example. A brunette might just not get you "excited". You can't -choose- to be attracted to a certain appearance or type of woman, just like I can't choose to be attracted to women as a whole. Bottom line; you don't choose who you are attracted to..

Martina Darcy : Is Ireland moving foward...VOTE YES FOR GAY MARRIAGES, HURRAW for Rowan 

Arc Kocsog : This is so good and brave, too, regarding it was 1980!

Fred Freddy : Do you walk into a party and choose who you find hot? lol (easiest thought experiment in the world)

Incognito : *"God's like that, He hates puffs!"* :D _haha!_

Stanley Plock : Being a straight male, I find it difficult to "choose" otherwise. If you believe it's a "choice" then you probably are gay.

The Arctic Gamer : Back when it was literally illegal to be gay in England.

Brakathor : Says who? I won't be told that YOU have the one correct answer for how other people should live life when you cling to such a glaring non sequitur as "We can CHOSE to be sinners, the boss forces us." Moreover, If you give a soldier the choice to rape and torture his prisoners, by human law it's a serious crime. What sicko CREATES such a choice? Secondly, you take pride your own ignorance if you think that you personally go through exactly what gay people go through in order to remain straight.

Brakathor : ....and as Rowan Atkinson points out, if you make every attempt to be saved and still cannot bring yourself to change, God simply wants you to have a rotten life. It's an elementary aspect of the all knowing God; he wouldn't be God if he didn't know who would be saved in advance; so you still have no point whatsoever. Either way, if as an organism, you're expected to abstain from something that another organism doesn't have to because of how you were made, your life is more rotten by comparison.

Brakathor : That's an INCREDIBLY stupid distinction to try and make. I honestly have to laugh at the people who try to make that distinction and actually think they're making a point. "I hate that a murderer killed someone.... but I love murderers..... I'm going to sentence this murderer to death anyway though." Absolutely meaningless point. Though at least as a juror, you didn't also personally MAKE the murderer commit murder first, if you sentence him to death.

Brakathor : Beautiful point made extremely funny; god hates gay people even though he made them that way and thus logically, simply wants and expects them to have a rotten life.

skrivbok : It was not Him who did that. All sin and all evil are the work of Satan. Though, if you open you fully heart to God and ask of forgiveness, then that it what you will receive. All you have to do, is to believe.

Josh : The reason other animals, yes im including humans, eat their sick is so hunters cant find them as easily About the creation thing, how does a god create the world, if the humans that invented the god that supposedly created them arnt around.....

Darth Fall : Well that would depend of what kind of canibalism is. If it's in their culture, they don't kill to eat on purpose and the deceased doesn't mid I don't see the problem with it.

Mikael Guggenheim : You sound like a man using a human language to communicate but without understanding any of it.

fantasy0coach : Good idea, threaten them with abhorrent rules of an imagined god. That will help. If your conscious is bothering you, forget the religion that defrauded you, and live free and happy from gullible mental burden.

fantasy0coach : Yes, but it is the only answer to the mental turmoil you suggest. people cant change their physiology to suit ancient barbaric myth. No matter how much they want to.


TheNordawg : "another lie" what was the first one? Gays don't go to hell according to you? then what happens if they arn't "living a righteous life before their God"? I never claimed my point of view deserve more respect, but I feel just fine with claiming that anyway, 'cus there's not a 50/50 shot at there being a god or not, where would you get that number? there has been 270 very large religious groups in documented history. Which god am i suppose to live righteously before again?

TheNordawg : You're avoiding my question...

TheNordawg : Silly? no, but snarky. And ofcourse i get to be snarky when you are calling me gay. I don't think there's anything wrong with being gay, but it sure pisses me off when you group me with the people you hope are going to burn and be tortured for eternity in hell. Me mocking your belief is fine, There's nothing in the public area of youtube that says your opinion deserves respect, but attacking people for being who they are is another thing. You are holding back society you dumb christian fuck.

Aaryn Cheung : Romans 1:27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. You gotta admit homosexuality itself is sinful and stop living in denial. God loves the sinners but never their sins.

TheNordawg : You need to work on your english, friend. btw, do you eat shellfish? It's mentioned 8 times in the bible not to eat shellfish, but i've never met a regular christian that cares about this.

acoow : No one can be a Christian and be a sinner? You know, your comment is in complete contradiction with what the Bible teaches about sin and salvation. Being a Christian is not about living without sin. It is about living in faith that regardless of our struggles with our personal sin nature, we have hope in the gift of salvation through Jesus. "Do not judge or you be judged. For the measure you use will be used for you". Do you REALLY want to be judged by your own measure? Will you meet muster?

acoow : Do you know what the meaning of the word "judge" as I used it in my reply to you?

Benjamin Kelly : We have Leviticus 18:22 to blame for this :/

Demiurge : westboro baptist must love him

locksh : Priceless acting

Gearoid Walsh : wow, this seems ahead of its time