Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) (Official Video)

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Bris Focus : 30 years of hurt??....make that 52...

harry cover : It's coming Home! In France of course 😂

Jm Plays : We may have not won it but hell we gave it our all and got further than we all would have expected

Cheeki Breeki : What a ride it has been in this World Cup; even though we got knocked out in the Semis, this tournament will live on in our & all of England's memories. Godspeed Southgate & Crew.

Owen the gamer : 52 years of hurt🤕

Ezra Wood : Hey its Football from the future... It's coming home 2022

wolf pal : Footballs running away from home

TINTIN : At least with France winning the World Cup it's geographically coming closer to home. -England

Fez : The world cup may not be coming home. However football is, the spirit and togetherness the country showed was unbelievable for such a young group of players to restore faith in our national team makes me proud to be English. In Southgate we trust.

Vicro Bussy : Good-bye world Cup Russia 2018

Thespiderleg : I guess we are coming home But on a plane

Karsten : Greetings from Germany! Watching this in 2018 after England lost in the semi finals against Croatia. No jokes from us anymore. The Three Lions presented themselves as a great team in this World Cup! I really ended up rooting for you guys in the end as did many Germans! England was one of the few teams that I enjoyed seeing playing in Russia. Keep it up!. Maybe in 4 years it's gonna be your time. Great song by the way and I have the fondest memories of the Euro 96! Well, of course then in 2022 it'll be the old rivalry, but you did great this time!

M Stennett : I know it's all over.. But bloody hell. Who thought we'd get this far with this squad. It was amazing. They're young. Passionate and good at what they do. I've never ever felt such pride in a team. No big players, no prima donas. A team. Yes, we were beaten. But I've never been more surprised and proud of an English team. Weird thing is, I don't think they care about '66. And that is a good thing. It's history. Let them make their own. I know it's heresy - but lets forget '66. Time for new blood to make their own history.

Toby Stoby : Congratulations to Africa for winning their first world cup

The Vicho : Goodbye World cup


Chackobrack : We never said when it was coming home ;)

TheSavagedoll : 'It's coming home' but they couldn't even make it to 3rd place looool.

Fretters 47 : First time in 28 years we made it to the semi finals!

TalkNorwichCity : This has now been stuck in my head for a month now and I bloody love it

GarlicReturns : Did you know that the World Cup was created by a French guy called Jules Rimet ? It's actually coming home.

chelseatheblues1905 : It’s coming home Euro 2020

TheSavagedoll : It's coming home to France hahaha 😂😂😂


Daniel Wiles : Unfortunately not

Walter Garcia : Any France fans

Mr Tea & Crumpets : The last time England got to the World Cup semi-final was in 1990 so being in the World Cup semi-final again in 2018 is actually a really big achievement

- IIYadXX - : Who’s here after Belgium VS England? Im from Belgium and I’ve been supporting Belgium for many years but i think England deserved to win. Unlucky England

Jason Leer : It's coming home... eventually! ⚽

DANNYonPC : Should've specified better what is coming home..

F B : It is comming to África

Jake Devlin : Wayyyyyy englands u r shite🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

Justin B : I just want to congratulate Africa on winning their first World Cup. Well deserved.

Dexter : Maybe you didn't win the Cup this time, but the english team played some great football, you can be proud! greetings from germany

Omar Seddik : The song is actually good

CoolzRainbowz : 4th place

xGeoB : I love how Scotland celebrated when England got knocked out. It was a full on party that night. Good times.

The Notorious : Im sure they"ll win in 2022, the team will have much more experience.

RKO_Gaming : Its coming home in Euro 2020!

fletch61 : Maybe ..just maybe will be coming home !

Bzbzbzbzbzb Hehehehsjsn : The only thing that came home is england...

Hare Sadzak : Meme of the year hahahhahahahahaha

damesdamo bickel : Looks like it's 4th place then lads

bjorn odinson : In 20 years we play 3 finals. And won 2. You played and won just 1 shameful 52 years ago.

Amina Plays! : Who can't wait for England vs Croatia tomorrow? {Edit, they're out you would know this if you watched the match. I'm sad but England played really well, I'm still really proud of them! Let's just hope for the best tomorrow, they could come 3rd place 😂💓 x

Fire Ice687 : 🇮🇹Italy ? Out of the Cup .🇧🇷 Brazil ? Drinks a 7 Up in home . 🇦🇷Argentina ? Whitout Maradonna they're nothing .🇩🇪 Germany ? Losed 4 finals . The real home of Football is England🇬🇪 #ItsComingHome

just another brit : Ouch

Matty : it didn't tho lmao

miss millies : If you call France or Croatia home yeh!

JOHNNY Walker : Go on englands it coming home time