Law & Order - Sobriety Test in Court
Law amp Order Sobriety Test in Court

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Stone makes Dr Auster perform a sobriety test at court to prove that he has a problem with alcohol after he committed a medical malpractice. Season 1, Episode 1. The emergency-room death of a young woman may lead to a negligence charge for the hospital's chief of medicine. Watch Law & Order on Google Play: Watch Law & Order on iTunes Subscribe: This is the official YouTube channel for Law & Order. Watch all of the official clips from the series, some of the best moments from within the criminal justice system, where the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.


basil al sadi : This is some good quality upload 👌 you could hardly tell it was shot in 1990

DrThunder88 : Judge: Can you hold your cross-examination until after lunch? Stone: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

antmagor : If you’re representing a drunk and the crux of your defense is that he isn’t a drunk the worst possible thing you can do is let him leave the courthouse before happy hour has ended...LOL 😂

Murchad99 : "Did he say he wasn't an alcoholic?" "Yes." Oh, well case closed, then. That's not something you lie about.

Maryanne Cracchiolo : Leo McGarry on the jury!!

Deborah Kerns : Substance abusers never want to admit they have a problem. So just because the good doctor won't say it, don't mean he doesn't have a drinking problem...

intldawn : Old school Law and Order is the best.

Mortal Clown : I recall this episode. The first one. Awesome

Giorgio Gazzola : All he had to do was not drink until after court was done for the day. Great show.

John Baird : I miss seeing Michael Moriarty on Law & Order!

Carla Ivey : My favorite original season episode!!

Joseph Valle : A lot better than the current iterations of Law and Order. They’re good but this is well crafted. Not just a police show.

David : The only part that seemed egregiously unrealistic was that the test would need to have been performed by somebody certified to perform it.

Blue Fox : Is that Miles from The Golden Girls?

Al Cd : The original - and best - series from the Law & Order franchise. Excellent episodes showing police and attorney engagement. RIP Jerry Orbach, Dennis Farina, Fred Thompson, Steven Hill, and Arthur Penn (great film director who was one of its producers).

Dobie Dude : I was in court for a traffic ticket not long ago. A person was ahead of me and was there to enter a plea on a DWI/DUI charge. He smelled of alcohol. This was brought to the judges attention. The judge revoked his bail and had the police called in to transport him to lockup. Others were there in sweat pants and tank tops. I was dressed up just a bit and stood straight, replying to him as sir and your honor. I got a slap on the wrist.

Notmi Relnam : Lol the stenographer

E P Ramos : 05:00 about a decade ago, the Fresno Ca police would have UC officers inside popular bars to see who drank and radio their description to Motor Officers outside. One of the officers was asked in court where he got the idea to do this and they stated this Law and Order episode. They were ordered to stop the practice.

Fletcher Castoria : A marvelous acting moment when Stone says, "My father...every day at lunch...." the detectives change of demeanor. Wow. Very real.

D. R. JONES : >> had a medical - thus the requirement to balence with eyes closed - from judo etc >>> = mocksu passed that test easily , did it on one leg


Michael Abercrombie : 7:29 "she's got Betty Davis eyesssss"!!

INTROVERTOMEGA : Stone is da man!!

torres deshanae : he right the true

tatsuo71 : So how many of you tried to touch your nose while your eyes are closed?

E Spock : This brings back memories! I loved the early L@O! So many great actors. Does anyone remember the episode with the artist found hung and it was the gallery owner and debutante? That caused so much controversy at the time.

Dave Boreland : I see these types of sobriety tests on US TV shows and YouTube video's and can't believe they are really still used in any modern country.

Joe Cool : Can't wait for the re-boot coming out this fall. Law & Order 2019 White House Unit

Jeremy Dayrit : He couldn’t plead the fifth?

Jason Luong : So clear. Must be a digital remaster.

Tanuki Man : Guilty! Of looking like a smug rat weasel.

Emily Frances : Leo mcgarry 👀

MWMburton : All he had to do and say is, " I plead the 5th!" Case closed, cross examination fail and drinks after to celebrate.

R. H. Kingpin : John Spencer , who famously portrayed Chief of Staff Leo McGarry on The West Wing, sitting in the gallery at the 6:56 mark playing character lawyer Howard Morton.

smirkingdevil : Good learning episode. I was shocked to hear that a coworker I had lunch with for almost a year was released for failure to do his job after being relocated to a remote job site. I defended that guy for months to upper management, even though he was no longer employed on the project. After becoming a manager myself, I saw exactly how bad alcoholics can be about lying. Worse, I came face to face with my past self, seeing how others around try and defend them.

Jason C. : Lol

Malcolm Clark : I stopped watching the TV show Law and Order when they took real events a real court case and crafted a program that inverted actual events 180 degrees from reality.

drmayeda1 : I didn't see the episode but they should have run him through a full series including a field breathalyzer. I've been pulled over a couple of times but the officer only used a ruler and flashlight on me

Von Mang : Total bull, like most Law & Order cases... no lawyer would let his client get on the stand.

entertainment-knone : This is why I cannot stand anyone who has a problem with alcohol. They never admit they have a problem until it's too late and they never take responsibility for the lives they destroy.

Robert Blakemore : All he needed to do was to refuse to perform the test, the most he could be cited for was contempt and might win any conviction on appeal.

Tiana Campos : SVU is he best law & order

Willem DaFuckedUp : This is trash TV lol