Line Rider - Mountain King

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VegasLowRoller : That was incredible. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Bravo!

Jill Stephenson : How is it that I find this very satisfying but at the same time it gives me anxiety

Dancing in the 80s : This is hilarious and awesome af

Zacky F. : He dead.

German Raul Grau Perez : Youtube recommended me this video... this is so freaking amazing...

TheDotGamer GD : Finally one of your videos blew up! :)

Smoky joosh : As a music student, this makes me very happy.

School Presentations : Dang, Line Rider? Been a while since I've watched those.

TKLAX831 : one of the great accomplishments in human history

Luscas silva : holy fuck, how much time did it take to made it?

Lika : this is so freaking entertaining

Balend Bland : OMG the fast part of this song started playing when my phone was on 1% battery. Clutch.

Alex C. : You should do the nutcracker next

Melih Güler : Best music clip ever

HugoH : It really looks like the sfw version of happy wheels.

Julia's Playlists : Yeah, definitely someone felt that music while creating.

UrigellaGaming : How wrong is it that I was able to knock one out to this?

Ellen Demont : what a wild ride

TypicalNinjaGa,erKD3 : When you take an math test

Jon Merchant : I used to watch these HEAVY as a kid

Carmelo di Fede : Why is that even recomendet to me, i hate classical music (sorry for my bad english i`m from Switzerland)

the Indisposable : 1:42 BOOM TAH BOOM TAH BOOM TAH BOOOM TAH

AnimationFox : It took me a good 20 seconds to find out that the video itself is timed with the music lmao. Anyone else?

Edgar Monterrubio : 1:39 to fast

Nicholas Burke : amazing I cant believe what i just watched absolutely loved it.. im speechless

Sirdavitian : So music kills?

Hicehamer : I need new pants

Julia's Playlists : And heart is beating again

Slash Le Pew : Don't know why I clicked on this. but glad I did :D

Dandilus : Play this at X2 play back speed

Pedro Mesquita : I love you

MR tutorial : just how

Breyahna Wheeler : How did you make this

Doktor Vem : This is ridiculously good. Like, holy shit, bro. Why haven't I seen this earlier?

The Crafting Kid : awesome

dutchGO : amazing

Ms Freakshow : This is one of those videos that makes you genuinely smile Just because it's so awesome

WellIAmTheOne90 : The perfect video Doesn't exis....

MayFlwr : I realized what was about to go down at 00:10 then i was like ahhhhh yeahhhhhhhh....this is gonna be awesome

JellyTime Gaming : °—°

Breakz HD Inbox : Amazing!!! This is awesome!!

kaine fenton : Lazy.

Deadstock YT : Make the meme of this was "Mountain dew"

Zameer : The is the best video on the entire internet

JaniManga : I’ve been watching this since last month it’s so good


Richie Delgado : From 1:40 both the music and the little sled gave me anxiety

Bernadette Teaches Music : YES YES YES!! We've been playing this song in my classroom. The kids are going to LOVE it. Thank you on behalf of my 2nd grade class!

Nyan Potterhead : You need to make another one of these!

Julia's Playlists : It's too good.