Line Rider - Mountain King

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O-EH : Me: *Turns up volume at beginning* Me: *remembers what song I'm listening to* Me: *carefully turns music back down*


BatSnacks24 : This stressed me out so much that I stopped breathing

Balend Hamilton : OMG the fast part of this song started playing when my phone was on 1% battery. Clutch.

Doktor Vem : This is ridiculously good. Like, holy shit, bro. Why haven't I seen this earlier?

Robby aka Nikiz : I was stunned the whole video

Natalie Alfera : How long did this take

н е б о л а ј а : i d like to seee full map of its travel xD

Sirdavitian : So music kills?

DoodleChaos : More IRL whiteboard creations coming over winter break. I'm in the middle of my junior year of college but I still wanted make something in the meantime.

Nicholas Burke : amazing I cant believe what i just watched absolutely loved it.. im speechless

WellIAmTheOne90 : The perfect video Doesn't exis....

Zuignap • : Brings back memories about when I used to make loopings and shit as a kid and that after 300 times of drawing the looping having him finally not fall off of his sled. Good times... how tf did you do this though? Such perfect lines in the perfect places

AdrenalineMango : Wow! This looks like it had a lot of effort put into it, and I love the character design aswell! I hope you don't mind if I animate one myself. I'd use a different character and song, of course ^^' It looks like a fun project to do in my spare time. How did you come up with the idea of the lines making music when the character rides across them? Its really creative, so good job!

Stasis Delta : Now this is how you make PROPER rollercoaster maps in a Physics game.

Dandilus : Play this at X2 play back speed

Deadstock YT : Make the meme of this was "Mountain dew"

Golden Lightning Anims : Now that's music

Rescuepetsrule : EYE & EAR CANDY in one video- amazing! I subscribed after seeing his "Waltz of the Flowers"- can think of so many people to share this work with. I try to watch one now every time I turn off the news... Thank you for these jewels!

VegasLowRoller : That was incredible. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Bravo!

Satan's reincarnation : I should make this a rollercoaster

TheWorldCube 47 : 2:28 at this point, I just feel bad for The guy.

Toxic Ribcage : My phone was at 1% but this just recharged it, hahahaha 😊

Alejandro N. : Y se murió

Kinky hearthstone : That was amazing. It must have taken a lot of hours and hard work, and you probably can't even monetize it because of the song. A masterpiece.

JellyTime Gaming : °—°

Shadow Thief : Watching this scares me...

Pedro Mesquita : I love you

no one : The sound remind me of the time Mr.Bean cooked in sync to this song in Johnny English.

TheDotGamer GD : Finally one of your videos blew up! :)


boi : This brings me back.

Julia's Playlists : And heart is beating again

Andy : the ending is so disappointing, I expected a lot more effort and elaborate drawings to match the frenziness of the music, instead it just became lazier, simpler, and worse. bad job!

Jill Stephenson : How is it that I find this very satisfying but at the same time it gives me anxiety

KennyN : This is a masterpiece

Vasilis Karamanlis : It is a simple, kid 's video, but I could not stop watching it till the end!

Breyahna Wheeler : How did you make this

basic kween : I was going over my music while watching this to see where each part was

pathetic : this is a visual representation of my brain at 4am on youtube when i have no idea what i'm even watching anymore, i'm just holding on for dear life and embracing the chaos. 11/10

The Crafting Kid : awesome

Breakz HD Inbox : Amazing!!! This is awesome!!

0u0 :p : Beautiful

Peirce saunders : You wanna play geometry dash on crack?

Slash Le Pew : Don't know why I clicked on this. but glad I did :D

Niamh Megan Anderson : My music teacher show me this its awesome

Tiger : Incredible 👌

Psycho : Song name?

kaine fenton : Lazy.

Taylor Breckenridge : That sled riding panda must have one hell of a concussion.