Line Rider - Mountain King
In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg synced up with a Line Rider Track

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I synchronized the song "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg to my first line rider track drawing everything by hand. It took me over a month of my free time to create. Hope you enjoy! Also quick warning for headphone users, the song starts off quiet and gets a lot louder. Subscribe if you want to see more chaotic doodles. Big thanks to Conundrumer and Rabid Squirrel for the help and inspiration. Links to their channels are below. Conundrumer: Rabid Squirrel: Business contact:


Two Tailed Warrior : Happy wheels but it's played by a symphony.

AngryGalamb :// : 1:41 Me: Staring at my computer while listening this on max volume My mom: Comes inside to say hi. Me: Slowly turn over and look at her My mom: Staring at me for 10 seconds, then slowly goes outside

DangItzDark Rose : Me: turns volume up since I can’t hear it at first Also me:realizes what I’m listening to Me as well: turns volume down

Savion Saint-prix : Editor: so how many lines do you want? Doodlechaos: Yes

ilikebanana521 : 2:27 idk why but thats really funny to me

izzy izz : 1:55 when you have 1 min on your test 2:15 when she says times up but you haven't finished 2:26 she collected your test in and she is scary 2:32 silence

евгеша : the type of videos i watch instead of doing my homework

The Atari Guy : -- So, what instrument do you play? -- I don't play any instrument, but I can play Mountain King using the game Line Rider. -- Show me. I liked my own comment cause I know no one else will do... Edit: Wow! 176 likes! Thanks! Re-edit: 381 likes! Omg! Thanks!

Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs : When I realized what song is playing, I instantly turned down my volume

guyyouseewhenyoudie : I love the totally unnecessary measure numbering

Yoshi Taba : I don’t know why this is in my recommendations but I LOVED IT

Supernova Wolf : This is so cool, that my MUSIC TEACHER showed me this in class LOLOLOL Edit: tank u for da likes. Hav cookie 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

Sabrina :D : 2:28 poor guy, after all that he has been through he needs 1000 more bumps.. :/

dragon noir : When your on a hill and have a walmart bike and the brakes stop working

mako : this is a visual representation of my brain at 4am on youtube when i have no idea what i'm even watching anymore, i'm just holding on for dear life and embracing the chaos. 11/10

TheHedgehogPlays : 0:00 learning new topic 1:35 end of topic assessment

___ ATT ___ : Geometry Dash 2.3 auto levels look good

Mike B : It was cool how the kiddo got hit on every loud beat

mwrozek24 : HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE: don’t have the volume all the way up thank me l8er

VegasLowRoller : That was incredible. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Bravo!

NICOTINE SERIES : Friend: so what are you doing after school Me: Line Rider Freind:show me

To watch Videos : 1:58 "Sir, it appears that we have hit terminal velocity. "

SquishyWolf24 :3 : Our music teacher showed us this video and for some reason I thought it was funny

TheDrJ2006 : 1:35 The Moment You've Been Waiting For The Intensity

I Exist : Ladies and gents, welcome to another episode of “Why has youtube recommended this to me?”

DougTheDog6 : The perfect YouTube video doesn’t exi—

hain ioannou : who else really wanted to turn the volume all the way up?

Woody : I watch this everytime it pops up in my recommended as it’s a masterpiece

Healthysky 50 : Everyone else:This is cool. Me:Why are there only four lines at the end when there should be five?

Lika : this is so freaking entertaining

TheEmeraldSeason : The teacher showed us this and we watched this in my music class

Sporadic Spork : Did anyone else get serious anxiety watching this? 😂

Person47 : 0:51 i swear the person playing that instrument mucked up

Felix Pham : *Edvard Grieg wants to know your location*

Gravitr : 0:58 journey through the semester be like

SidWaj 123 : Me: "well I dont HAVE to play the piano this time" My GCSE Music teacher: "For the last time, line rider is not a viable instrument!"

I StuffyStudios I : And I thought the begging was crazy... I didn’t see nothing yet

MojoKing : the acceleraction, then getting thrown off the sled, and then getting grinded up between a load of lines, love it

Dat Little Seagull : I remember this was shown to us in class... i don’t know why

Not Dalu : *Doctor* : You got 2 minutes and 45 more seconds to live. *Me* :

idk : “ So how’s life going? “ Me: 2:20

Huewulf : Me: *watching Vanoss* Utube: "Hey I saw a line in that video I think you would enjoy this video"

Khan : "drawing everything by hand. It took me over a month of my free time to create." Oh wow, that's screaming for a software solution.

Soaches : Jon: Bran, how did you make it back to Winterfell without your legs? Bran:

Gwangmu Lee : This should be the official music video of this song.

xX_Trainkid2008_Xx : *sees comments talking about song* *know song* *turn it up* *die*

Hello 123456789 : Dude I got so scared I thought he was gonna fall

Sophia Squires : 2:28 my brain when I didn’t get the chores done and I hear the garage door open😂🤣👌🏼

Zoom Gamer TM : Someone: What is your favorite cartoon? Me: Line Rider - Mountain King