Line Rider - Mountain King

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Ehhh : Me: *Turns up volume at beginning* Me: *remembers what song I'm listening to* Me: *carefully turns music back down*

Sieger : He could switch to Geico and save 15% or more on ride insurance.

Kitty and Panda : 0:00 when you start to drink coffee 1:41: when you drink to much coffee

Gravitr : 0:58 journey through the semester be like

Ethan Dutka : 0:00 You casually walk into class 0:14 You are getting assigned seats 0:31 You got an assigned seat next to your crush 0:59 You start to get a little nervous around her 1:29 You realize you feel a fart coming 1:37 You try to hold it in. You ask the teacher to use the restroom. She says no. 1:42 You realize it's coming at an alarming rate and you must hold it in. 2:04 You can't take it anymore!! You need to fart so bad and you're still trying to hold it in!! 2:30 You have been saved by the bell! You can finally let it out now!

mako : this is a visual representation of my brain at 4am on youtube when i have no idea what i'm even watching anymore, i'm just holding on for dear life and embracing the chaos. 11/10

Fire The Gamer : Me: Oh puberty is fine Puberty: Ya think

Zwodo : I like the added flair of losing the sleigh and then using both the sleigh and rider simultaneously to finish the song. Amazing.

Train Master Gaming : My music teacher played this to my class today and everyone was cracking up

ItsYaBoiOhad 02 : "So,how's your school life looking like?" Me: 1:29

VegasLowRoller : That was incredible. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Bravo!

EC _9700 : This would be an amazing roller coaster ride lmaooo

Kristina Litvinova : Am I the only one who gets anxiety listening to the song?

핀크방탄 : 2:31 _AND THE WINNER IS-_

The BlueCreeper999 : Let’s pretend I said something funny and you like this comment 👇

Taylor Breckenridge : That sled riding panda must have one hell of a concussion.

potato management : *quiet and calm* Two seconds later *BA DA DA DA DA DA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" my ears are bleeding

Kimberley Ayers : The poor guy probably got whip lash.

Jake : You deserve every penny that this video makes

Memeulous : This makes me depressed knowing that this game doesn’t exist anymore

Zurgo Pussysmasher : Judge: We sentence you to death. Guy: Oh ok that's n- Judge: By Mountain King Guy:

Rijii : I have no idea why but this made me laugh SO HARD 😂😂

Bing Boi : I don’t know what I just watched but I’m not complaining

Night glow gaming : My teacher showed this to us in music

Suman Saini : 1:33 thank me later

•lovely Pokémon Animator owo• : My teacher played this song !! Well my music teacher we did a play on that

spielbubi 1 : why i am looking this december 2018?

ilikebanana521 : 2:27 idk why but thats really funny to me

Kagura the shinigami : And here we are peeps, back again with another episode of: *Why is this in my recommended?*

Doktor Vem : This is ridiculously good. Like, holy shit, bro. Why haven't I seen this earlier?

I love Math : Who remember the pi song from asap science???😂

Spider King : Is it strange this is how i hear/see music? like i dont see the notes, i see the curve of how high and low it gets then make my voice follow the same curve/line/ jump. Anyone else do this?

AngryGalamb :// : 1:41 Me: Staring at my computer while listening this on max volume My mom: Comes inside to say hi. Me: Slowly turn over and look at her My mom: Staring at me for 10 seconds, then slowly goes outside

Adam 77 : From 1:42 *UMCA UMCA UMCA UMCA UMCA*

BatSnacks24 : This stressed me out so much that I stopped breathing

Segatendoツ : Mmmmm 2019 😆

Subscribe to pewdiepie Unsubscribe form T-series : how to get likes: talk something about 1:41 or wait


ChomikPL : Ktoś od Planety Faktów?

Kinky gaming : That was amazing. It must have taken a lot of hours and hard work, and you probably can't even monetize it because of the song. A masterpiece.

XXLSSBBW : M (1931) Rat Race (2001) Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)

thealley : I’m really weirded out. I watched this in band today because we had a substitute. I didn’t even have my phone anywhere near me. What is happening.

nerdariu : Put this on speed x2

Matija Kliba : Me: I won`t stay up late Also me at 3AM: ...


Robert E. Lee : Reconian history from the events of March 31, 2017 to the present

Simon Simon : 2:24 wasn't perfect signed

akyra. : this gives me extremely anxiety

Amaro Garcia Gomez : Cuando se te rompen las gafas por la mitad

Natalie Alfera : How long did this take