Line Rider - Mountain King

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O-EH : Me: *Turns up volume at beginning* Me: *remembers what song I'm listening to* Me: *carefully turns music back down*

Dylan Nelson : And here we have a visual/musical representation of the progression of a typical college student’s mental state throughout a semester

guyyouseewhenyoudie : I love the totally unnecessary measure numbering

I don't deserve subs : "What instrument do you play?"

MOCHI'S_NEW_JAMS xx : Stress level: MAX Anxiety level: Slowly increasing Heart rate: Stopped Soul: GONE Mind: Still trying to process WTF is going on....

mako : this is a visual representation of my brain at 4am on youtube when i have no idea what i'm even watching anymore, i'm just holding on for dear life and embracing the chaos. 11/10

Vanessa Williams : Imagine this... as a real-life roller coaster... *SHOOK*

A. J. Strand : This is the most creative thing I've ever seen for a classical song. It was hysterical, I was laughing the whole time! I loved every second of it!! I applaud you, well done

Elviera Lyn : Ok guys this may sound weird but... *Do you guys think this music make you feel like you are on an adventure????* *No? ok....* I don't think yhe word exist ;-;

Gwangmu Lee : This should be the official music video of this song.

Kinky gaming : That was amazing. It must have taken a lot of hours and hard work, and you probably can't even monetize it because of the song. A masterpiece.

Rach H : Woah I haven’t seen this since like 2007. It feels so nostalgic, I used to watch these on youtube all the time!

a s c e n d e d c h i l d : i was looking for reference poses for a drawing how the hell did i get here

XxËłłīęxX : When your doodle comes to life In music class

Joy Metzger : This is AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. I saw this for the first time about a year ago but only just now found it on YouTube. Thank you, YouTube recommended.

VegasLowRoller : That was incredible. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Bravo!

Rainbow Productions : 1:41 that cat vine with the ice

veronika : 2:15 - 2:40 describes my school life lol

Sinnay 81 : Who is in 2018 !!!😁😁

Shane Bauman : ME : (at a party) LETS LISTEN TO THIS! SOMEONE ELSE: Maybe n--- ME: LETS DO IT! (Turns to max volume) (After the party) ME: WHAT DID YOU SAY? I'M DEAF! SOMEONE ELSE: (rolls eyes) I'M DEAF, TOO!

Zurgo Pussysmasher : Judge: We sentence you to death. Guy: Oh ok that's n- Judge: By Mountain King Guy:

Mr. Money : *S P E E D I N T E N S I F I E S*

Apunno Justice : Me, going about my school day until I collapse at home from anxiety

Mr. Meloetta : *OH.* *MY.* *G O D.*

ぱっち は ASMR が お好き : 落ちないってわかってるんだけど 隙間の上を飛んでる時に落ちそう、あああって心臓がヒュンってする

Doktor Vem : This is ridiculously good. Like, holy shit, bro. Why haven't I seen this earlier?

tech Bass : いいねボタンつい2連打してしまったわ その後にもう一回押しました

aida collazo : At school i saw this and me and my friends were laugh ing at the crazy part but nice brovo i love it bravo

Belle Rose : *so satisfying, yet so anxiety Inducing*

LEGOSAURUS : What a masterpiece :o and the song is pretty good too

MayFlwr : I realized what was about to go down at 00:10 then i was like ahhhhh yeahhhhhhhh....this is gonna be awesome

Mr. Cheemps : Oddly satisfying

Emily Springs : I just wasted almost 3 minutes of my life watching I don't even what...

Mr. Mista : He was riding a trombone slide

Invocator : Sure way to get to the hospital.

jackofallspades98 : This is hilarious. Amazing job. I love the sequence from 1:06-1:20 when you were somehow able to control which end the little dude was sliding on.

Arndt Nymand : If a moutain like this exsoted in real life, i would not go on that moutain for sure ._.

Tyou : 2:27 ME when I have a seizure

Amour Fawer : T O O M A N Y M O L E S

Bli blup : How did you do that because in line driver you cant save

BatSnacks24 : This stressed me out so much that I stopped breathing

GreNate : The brutal ending man!

Squashy : This is just fantastic! Great fantasy artwork :)

The Man : My mans dead

Louka Ithurritze : I see you're a man of culture.

Jill Stephenson : How is it that I find this very satisfying but at the same time it gives me anxiety

WolfTheArts : Slime Videos: We are the most satisfying things on youtube Line Rider: Hold my beer...

Inspector L : And.... THE SLEDGE WON THE RACE !

NICKONOMIC GAMING : (gets up) *clap *clap (clapping increases) *clap clap *clap clap *clap

Charlie Johnson : Song was so intense you killed the Line Rider...