Line Rider - Mountain King

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Ehhh : Me: *Turns up volume at beginning* Me: *remembers what song I'm listening to* Me: *carefully turns music back down*

I have no creative Youtube name so here I go : Ladies and gents, welcome to another episode of “Why has youtube recommended this to me?”

Khalil Khalil : Who else got this in their recommended and just rolled with it

Not Dalu : *Doctor* : You got 2 minutes and 45 more seconds to live. *Me* :

LittleMissLouis : Watching this makes me feel exceedingly anxious

mako : this is a visual representation of my brain at 4am on youtube when i have no idea what i'm even watching anymore, i'm just holding on for dear life and embracing the chaos. 11/10

Midnightlog : It’s interesting that this video was made in 2017, these kinds of things have a very distinct old YouTube energy. I honestly expected this to be made around 2007 and for Mario paint videos to be recommended next.

Vaalhalla : *I am gradually pressing on my volume down button*


lol who did this : When its the last day of November and you accidentally find some big tiddy hentai and you trying to hold it in.

VegasLowRoller : That was incredible. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Bravo!

Sad But rad : 1:36 thats the sound of my life slowly becoming more worse and worse 😂

poisonmist13 : 0:00 - 1:47 Weeee this is fun. 😁 1:51 - 2:17 (Joseph Joestar in engrish) OOOOOH MY GOD!!

brandon7013 : Lmao out the speed to 2x.... Trust Me...

Jeffy Jeffy : My music teacher played this to my class today and everyone was cracking up

Zurgo Pussysmasher : Judge: We sentence you to death. Guy: Oh ok that's n- Judge: By Mountain King Guy:

Alex Playz : It's so..... *SATISFYING!*

Anais Grace : 2:03 ouch that looks like some rug burn

VanillaTeaspoon : Classical earrape at its finest 👌

Gravitr : 0:58 journey through the semester be like


Rijii : I have no idea why but this made me laugh SO HARD 😂😂

Panstru The piki bird : My teacher played this song !! Well my music teacher we did a play on that

Kimberley Ayers : The poor guy probably got whip lash.

Debora Snel : Don't know why this is in my recommendation but i'm living for it

Natalie Alfera : How long did this take

ci ci : This made me insanely happy

ci ci : A visual representation of my life


Nathaniel K. : That scarf....that frickin' scarf.....

BatSnacks24 : This stressed me out so much that I stopped breathing

Adam 77 : From 1:42 *UMCA UMCA UMCA UMCA UMCA*

Alpha Jess : 2:26 those beats tho

Sincerely, Llama. : Rip... That guy is like me during sight reading 😂😂

Jump_man16 : When the doctor says you have 2 minutes and 45 seconds to live Me:....

Jill Stephenson : How is it that I find this very satisfying but at the same time it gives me anxiety

Kitty : 0:00 when you start to drink coffee 1:41: when you drink to much coffee

UnReal Gaming : Idk what I just witnessed.. but whatever it is I LOVE IT!!!

Matteo73M : Credit goes to Ehhh for this one Me turn up volume Me remembers what I listing to Me blasted it threw speaker

Night glow gaming : My teacher showed this to us in music

Doktor Vem : This is ridiculously good. Like, holy shit, bro. Why haven't I seen this earlier?

mrnomore : genius. absolutely genius

The Kissing Brothers : Absolutely fantastic. Bravo!

Suman Saini : 1:33 thank me later

Simon Mason : I listened too this in music class

Kinky gaming : That was amazing. It must have taken a lot of hours and hard work, and you probably can't even monetize it because of the song. A masterpiece.

Janiahand jojo : Was it just me, or did I keep turning up the volume, then skipped to the middle because I didnt hear anything on got ear raped? Crazy, eh? 😱😱

nitzschii - JedenTagEinVideoBisIch100kAbosHabe : I have no idea why this was in my recommended's but for once YouTube has actually done a good job :D

Ruki Official : Welcome to recomended,mister

Dark Xameg : This is... true art