Seagram's Imperial Blue TVC- Anniversary.mp4

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Nilima Pisharody : i like the scared 'kitne ki hai' at the end. freaking awesome ad

Parikshit Soman : Sumit Raghvanji - kya expression hai sir...I am fan of your acting..

Vishal Prakash : One of the best ads I've ever seen.... just brilliant !

Joydeep Kumar : Best Ad Ever.............

prevm10 : this ad is awesome. their expressions are too good..nicely put the concept of 'a man can understand a man's situation....' whenever i see this ad.. it makes me smile..

Pralok Chhajed : sensible !!!

soham sakalikar : @sunny9kapoor the guy who whats to buy the ring is Sumit Raghvan

soham sakalikar : best add ever

sorabhutube : Just notice the reaction when the sales man says "lucky wife", very subtle, brilliant actor, and overall excellent creative direction..... Ajay Nitin , Khurram sahab, can i work for you guys please ??? i beg you..... dont pay me a dime... just give one opportunity throw me a brand and message, i will give your next idea.. please....

Sunny Kapoor : What is the name of these 2 guys ?

Ishvinder Gouri : hahahahahaaaaa.........was this for me...hehehheeeeeeeee....:)

Vivek Gupta : The ghazal I think is actually just a few lines created specially for the ad series.

Malkiat Bindra : @ngl4380 I think that's why u have to buy the CD.. or easier is to check online for the tracks..

Malay Shah : wonderful Nitesh, i like the finishing 5 carat, without having to ask for it. hahahaha

Yorrick Mendes : I love the subtle nod of the head after the final ring is presented from the salesman. The hindi version seems funnier though.