Reunited After 2 yrs with My Pet Deer Albert

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After two long years of not knowing what happened to my pet deer Albert, we were reunited. I never thought that I would see him again. I have been looking at every deer involved road side accident that I've driven by for the past two years hoping that Albert, my pet deer, wasn't hit. As well as , I had no idea if one of the random deer that I’d see on the side of the road would be Albert either, but I’ve felt compelled to check and call out his name. I have been doing this for years now as I have worried and wondered about Albert ever since he left our farm over 2 years ago. When I realized that I had actually found Albert only a mile away from our farm, I was beyond ecstatic to find him and I hope that you enjoy watching this video that I put together of our history and us finding each other again. Follow me on instagram @DigginBritt Wanna see more? Here are some of my other recent YouTube videos! Life on the Farm with Dixie the Deer and Friends Abandoned 140 year old house! I Found Treasure While Live Streaming on YouTube! © 2019 Diggin Britt ALL RIGHTS RESERVED This video may not be copied or re-posted without my express written consent. #Deer #Wildlife #BestFriends


syntaxed2 : He probably took off when hormones kicked chase da ladies!

Rod Belding : Put an orange collar on him or something so no one kills him.

William M : aww.. dang it.. I think I got something in my eye. 😢💕🦌

John Brown : So heart warming. Animals know a good and gentle heart.

Artie Hess : Ask the beasts and they will teach you the beauty of this earth. Francis of Assisi

R C : Crying. Thank you for sharing this beautiful bond. May all humans come to know our connection to the earth and her creatures.

John C : Hope someone special keeps him alive as he walks the woods during dangerous time. Thumbs up for sharing that video with all of us.

Ronda Frank : Dag Nabbit!! I just got sucked into the heart warming/cute animal videos again.

Ben Dover : Such a beautiful story! I couldn't stop from shedding a tear when you realized it was him and you started to cry. The 22 dislikes are from people with no heart.

DIY- Cheap Healthy Cooking : The fact the youre not needed is all the reward you could want. Good work mom.

camping buddy : Hopefully he did not lose his fear of man, or he would become an easy target for hunters. But this story does point out that we do not give God's critters enough credit to love and care for another. Thank-you.

you build it we destroy it : Lead him back to your farm, and find him a date.

Will Stuart : This was such a beautiful story. Great bond for sure.👍👍

Jorge Martinez : Very sad video Britt! I could actually feel ur pain when u were crying! U are a wonderful human being. Great video 😢

Tara : Thankyou for sharing your wonderful story. I am so glad Albert was alive and well doing his thing. It's heart warming you go to see each other again and hang out. Peace to both of you

CarolinaGirl : Wow, a beautiful friendship that quickly brought tears to my eyes. I pray sweet Albert regularly comes to pay you a visit to let you know that he’s doing well and hasn’t forgotten you either. ❤️

Adrian Ford : A very touching video powerful stuff

Kawy Thowy : Beautiful...I wish all people treated animals like this. I do and always will. Thank you kind lady for sharing your story. ❤️❤️

jun lizada : Albert is one of gonna miss him too😥

First Last : Albert will be back(and probably has several times) to your place. You are in his home range. I'm a deer hunter, but I love those suckers too.

James Andersom : Bring him back to your farm,so he stays on your land.He might have forgotten how to get back to you.Good video,made me cry,when you realized it was him.Thanks.

Jonni Liquid : I'm definitely diggin Britt😗😘😍😙

Bingo Hall : Maybe Albert lost his mom and she became his new one.


scracer24c : If you ever have the chance, Throw a couple Vanilla Wafers to a Deer! They are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about them!!! 🤗👍

b metrix : Hey, quick question: how did you find out his name was Albert?

Proud American71 : I dig all of your videos Britt, but this is my favorite by far. You guys did a great job shooting this and in post production too. You really are blessed to have found your buddy. I hope you run across him again, but maybe in your yard next time. Cheers.

Monty : Hey Britt thats wonderful news <3

Mike Dee : I cried man tears, is that ok?

Edward Desouter : Albert might have started a family of his own!

Jan Reynolds : He was born free and should live free. Your touch and care for him will stay with him all of his days. He knows where you are and may visit you again. You both are blessed. Take care and many more blessings I wish for you both.

John Cuervo : You should put an expanding orange collar so no one shoots him. I don’t know if I could take it if he dies that way.

Danae Dolly : It's a beautiful story. I agree with James Andersom. Protect him from the hunters. Thank You.

Nina : This is so special. Thanks for sharing 🤗

CMZ 1 : Isn’t that how life plays out? You meet people, love them the next day, and they’re gone the next. If I believe in one quote it’s simply this: the act of life is to learn to let go. Beautiful story nonetheless. What state is this?

henricoshawty85 : WOW!!! 😂😂😂 Absolutely breathtaking!!!

holdmy own : I think the idea to put an orange collar on him is an excellent idea I'm an avid Hunter and I would not take a shot at a deer with a orange collar on and I'm sure many other people would not as well! Something to think about it might give him the upper hand and becoming an old buck and an old friend in your case good luck thanks for sharing Amazing Story

PD Tech : Beautiful, thanks for sharing😎👍

Marla f : Damn that broke my heart 😢

Lemmy K. Is God : 🦌💬"Okay, okay, stop cutting Onions..." sniffle sniffle 😢

onewiththestone : Damn Britt, That was very powerful... There is no thumb button for what you just shared

pierre richard Dalcourt : I hope you see him again .... all the best to Albert

Christopher Williams : What an emotional experience. This is so beautiful.

Mike Hobson : young Albert saw a friend, older Albert saw a hot blond, you heard it here first!

Doc Ash : Next time you see him place an Orange collar on him. It might prevent a hunter taking him.

Bill Trigg : Damn onions, stop with the onions..😢

Mustang Guy : kinda got me in the feels 😒

Virna Castelli : You made me cry. What an amazing experience

Brandon Scott : What a wonderful experience for you and Albert. I’m so happy you got to see him again. I hope you do again.