Hot Potato (ORIGINAL)

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Kevin Rokks : Thumbs to his his buddy keeping a straight face till 0:26

seven lesure : 2018 and im still here

Zodyrus Sevaron : A 30 minute video needs to be made of this

Fela : This kid seriously deserve some type of award this was just awesome !!

Doc Kaos815 Beats : at 0:25 gets me every damn time its hilarious...lmao its good seeing kids being kids and having fun

Faith Mabel : Who watches this every day

jordan ard : Lol at the very end he looks like Steve Urkel with that face he made!😃

zaquan platt : Yooo he look like norbit doee 😂😂😂

Tony Riberal : Shit just got real after 17 seconds.

AJMX_3331 : that must be a really hot potato

Hamani Henry : lol.I remember when this came out like 2 years ago

E Cost : I literally watch this at least 5 times a day. Comedy!!!!

Soul_Eater_Fan _10 : my brother showed me this vid and didn't really like before,but now it's so freaking funny

Obama Bun Lagin : Why is his shirt like that hahahahaha

Ari H : vine brought me here 😂😂👌👏

Sam Fuller : Beat so fire I'm gonna need a preview of the mixtape

Ferlande Jeanty : Kml. I love hot potato

Takashi Haynes : Funny every time I watch it 😂😂😂😂😂

Anthony Ferreri : WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE "Supa Hot Fire"

Abdool Mohamad : Yoyoyiyiyoyoyoyoyoybgfhfhfjd

Mandy : Why is this kid not on Ellen?!

Jeffrey Gao : Came here prodigys stream

Foggy : He didn't blink and kept going. XD

PhoneGuyYT : Best table tapping man

thifa davis : lmaoooo POTATO !!!

Nicholas k : This has completed my life.. Thank you!

Jay Tae : Lmfaoo Ty stupid

Aj Boykin : I love it

dzk : this is my new jam

Young Dagger Dic : i was syingxwhen my friend sent this video to me on messanger

Nicki Mcgee : This is my grandma favorite song LoL

Kaylyn Madkins : 😩😫😭😂😂😂😂

Vivala. Nisa : 2017!!!!!!

Queen Claire : the end part killed me 😂

Niara Lara : that beat

cain victoro : Damn!!!!!

Sattaporn Gamble : But he's not a rapper

monsterq : 0:26

RuffneckRaven : Black people are the best thing to america I s2g

Corey Myers : Can I use this video for a drum cover???

Dederose1211 : 2018

Nikita Charles : This always makes my 19 month old son laugh and it's tickles everyone

Isaiah Parker : yo if he put this on iTunes and kept on making more stuff like this he make money

Kalon101 : Anyone know a good remix?

Saleh Haymoor : black people and their beats XDDDD

Joel Tesfaldet : long time since😂

Whitney Mayfield : this never gets old whenever I have a bad day, I come here

JusDrop Gucci : Hot potato he is too funny lol😂😂😂😂😂

Chloe Playz : +Kookie Creamer I can see Cris doing this

Tashanique Lee : No matter how many times I watch this