Random audience guy surprises ORIGINAL Jasmine - A WHOLE NEW WORLD

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AnimationFreak : What a beautiful, masculine voice. I love your reactions and your harmonization <3 you’re utterly fantastic

Jared Young : Thank you soooo much!!!😝 Spred the magic everywhere💫✨🤙🏽

That_Guy_ Grimm : I have no idea why this showed up in my "recommended" in 2018 but, I'm glad it did. Dude crushed it!

Melynda Andrews : Jerad, many years ago I applied for a job at Walt Disney World. My interviewer asked me what I wanted to do there, and told him I wanted to work as a character. "You'd be a perfect Alice in Wonderland," he said. And I wasn't surprised, because I really did look the part. Though I was 17, I looked about 12, and I had long, blonde hair. He hired on the spot. I was now Alice, he told me, and I'd report to the "Zoo" on the following Monday. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. But when I showed up for work, the magic carpet was yanked out from under my feet. I was horribly disappointed to find that the interviewer had lied to me. Characters, as I discovered, had to go through auditions and multiple interviews and background checks. And I learned that I'd actually been assigned to work as a ride operator on the Wedway People Mover. Now, in those days, Walt Disney World didn't have the princess and character meet and greet sessions it has now. It was actually relatively rare for a guest to get to stand right next to a Disney character. But I looked the part of Alice, and my Wedway costume was baby blue and white, as is Alice's dress. And one day a little girl came up to me with big eyes and asked in breathless tones, "Are you ~Alice~?" I put my finger to my lips and bent over to whisper, "Shhh...I'm hiding from the Queen of Hearts!" Then I regarded her more closely, mirrored her astonished expression, and asked, "Are ~you~ Snow White?" This scene played out a dozen times. Each time, I asked if the little girl was Snow White or Cinderella, or whichever princess I thought they resembled most. Usually, they'd smile and giggle. Sometimes they'd nod, admitting that yes, they really were princesses, and other times they'd shake their heads to deny it, and I'd give them a skeptical look and say, "No, I'm sure you are a princess!" and tell them that their mommy/daddy/auntie or whoever was accompanying them was the king or queen, and I'd curtsy to them. Finally, I'd look around conspiratorily. "Your secret is safe with me!" And they'd go skipping off, looking at me over the shoulders, and I'd wave and smile just like Alice was supposed to. And you know what? I ~was~ Alice. To those little girls, at least. And it was wonderful. Jerad, to me, you ~are~ Aladdin. I'd love to hear you sing more. You're really good, and you bowed like you'd been on stage your entire life. And if you're not involved in musical theatre, I'm surprised, and it's a crying shame.

Archie Pinoy Vlogger Next Door : Jared u nailed it!🙌🎤🎵🎶 Btw who’s watching this in 2018?!? Hit like! 👍😊🎶

Zee x : the dude became a giggly mess when lea started singing it’s so cute

Maher : You know this is legit his lifelong dream if he took the time to preemptively learn the harmony to her melody. You know...just in case a princess randomly calls you up to sing...

Reasonable Gump : I love how natural and untrained his voice sounded, and the fact that he looked exactly like Aladdin, lol.

LockeRobster : We just watched a man live his dream, and he CRUSHED IT! Great work +Jared Young, you're the man!

babygunz0604 : I like how every guy that sings with her gets giddy or are shocked to hear Jasmine come out lol. It's the best part.

Shifa Algadrie : Omg his face throughout is adorable! He's so happy and excited it's infectious!

NicholasC66 : Dude’s in love. Who can blame him?

Trish Alvarez : He's soooo dreamy... 💓💓💓 Ok, Trish back to work. lol

Gina Keith : He definitely is a unyet unknown professional. Maybe this will be his time to be discovered. This was great! He was great! They sounded awesome together!

David Radoszewski : He is fangirling so hard

Paul Wright : I was there that night. Sept. 2, 2011 - left side orchestra - Couldn't miss Lea in Provo. She nailed everything, including 'For Good' from Wicked as a solo. I do wish she'd also invited a soprano to sing with her on that number as she did Jared for 'A Whole New World'. I also volunteered to do the Aladdin duet with her.. needless to say, Lea, the audience, and I are all glad she picked Jared... I thought he was a student from one of her master classes at first.

Lori Pierce : I just love seeing the pure, honest joy and excitement on your face during this performance. Plus you sounded great, you did a wonderful job.

papillon : Dude is singing with Lea Salonga and he crushed it!! Great job Jared!

Emile Heskey : And that kids... is how I met your mother.

CraftingMyWorld : Wow, he was amazing!

Declan Gill : He looked terrified but my god he quickly shed the fears and sounded amazing

Vin Man : what an honor to be able to share the stage with Broadway Legend and Disney Princess twice over - Lea Salonga!

De Walt : Its nice to watch a video that brings a happy tear to the eye and a smile from ear to ear. Good job.

Perseo Hernandez : So touching how much happiness he express !..

Luna Kitty : This put a much needed smile on my face. You need to be the next Disney Prince. You have the voice!

David Knight : Wow I just love that look and expression of such pure joy on his face as she starts to sing! just wonderful

Wylerson Nogueira : Maaaaaaaaan!!! You just realized my dream of being randomly picked for singing at a stage and KILLING IT!! Hahahaha *-* You've just became my inspiration now. Who knows what opportunities are coming up in front us tomorrow, right? You just reminded me of how important it is to always get ready in order to be ready when the times comes. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

bcoutdoors : That dude fell for her so bad he could hardly sing...can't say I blame him.

mascot43085 : Dreams do come true! I wish Disney auditioned peoples heart for the character roles. You can tell most of their cast members are playing a role. But its so much better when people play a role that their heart is 100% in. The performace is magic as this video shows.

Ramona Javier : he amazing but when she open her mouth i got nostalgia and got excited like a child said omg Princess Jasmine😂

Roman Cota : He has a great voice, but she's a pro. Her projection is right from the diaphragm, powerful and pure. He did well, and it took me back all those years ago when we took our kids to see Aladdin. Robin Williams' genie stole the show.

Min_min Dowie : Hoo lea.. How to be you, how did you preserved your voice that way..

Amps3000 : I approximately watched this video like 50 times. This is my fav Disney song of all time and Jared did so good.

Yuki Allen : I can show you the world Shining, shimmering splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over sideways and under On a magic carpet ride A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no Or where to go Or say we're only dreaming A whole new world A dazzling place I never knew But when I'm way up here It's crystal clear That now I'm in a whole new world with you Now I'm in a whole new world with you Unbelievable sights Indescribable feeling Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling Through an endless diamond sky A whole new world (Don't you dare close your eyes) A hundred thousand things to see (Hold your breath, it gets better) I'm like a shooting star I've come so far I can't go back to where I used to be A whole new world (Every turn a surprise) With new horizons to pursue (Every moment, red-letter) I'll chase them anywhere There's time to spare Let me share this whole new world with you A whole new world (A whole new world) That's where we'll be (That's where we'll be) A thrilling chase A wondrous place For you and me

Mochi - san : If anyone told me Jared is actually a prince, I won't be shocked. He legit looks like a prince in disguise

Cakey Cho : I know every word in this song, but imagining being him, my head just went white. Million kudos for him!

Cockroach Charlie : I would have killed just to be on stage with Lea Salonga, let alone perform that well. Good work.

AderuMoro : I haven't grinned this much while watching a video that didn't feature puppies or kitties in a long time.  This made me so happy :D

DJ Hero : i cant tell you how many times i rewinded that first "a whole new world" that was just magic, i probably watched this video a dozen times already

Mary Yellow : Every year I come back to this video and remember how much I love it

Erin Arnold : Oh my gosh...you ARE Aladdin!!!

Nix Alerta : "Random"

2BLESSED : I wish more stuff like this would show up in my recommend. Perhaps if I wish upon a star.. 💫

Lottie Morgan : Can u pass on the message that I want to marry him thanks


Sharlene Cassius : He's so star struck. It's adorable. Bt ths guy has a Disney musical voice.Hope he got hired.lol

The Weirdlings : Have you ever seen anyone so happy?!

someone else : Why does Lea's voice never gets old?

AV L : I went to see Disney on Ice about 5 years ago for the first time, my kids were like "Meh", Me, I cried through every Disney song and relived every moment from my childhood. I'm so glad he got to live his dream and we got to see it! Hello from Australia X

Faith Kingsbury : This is so cute💕😭😭😭