Random audience guy surprises ORIGINAL Jasmine - A WHOLE NEW WORLD

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Gina Keith : He definitely is a unyet unknown professional. Maybe this will be his time to be discovered. This was great! He was great! They sounded awesome together!

LockeRobster : We just watched a man live his dream, and he CRUSHED IT! Great work +Jared Young, you're the man!

Amps3000 : I approximately watched this video like 50 times. This is my fav Disney song of all time and Jared did so good.

The Weirdlings : Have you ever seen anyone so happy?!

Silver Pix : omai ghod it gave me literal chills man 😍👏

Mrs. McDonald's Stories and Such : What a handsome guy...and he sang like a pro!

bcoutdoors : That dude fell for her so bad he could hardly sing...can't say I blame him.

Willow Rose : What a great voice, hasnt changed one bit. The only disney princesses that havent messed up there vocals is jasmine/mulan and ariel. Absolutely amazing

suli Young : i am a proud mom Jared of course my favorite Tarzan. also, in college Productioms.  and  on to Broadway.Tours inc..American Idiot...Aida... of his Dream is to play for Disney Prince.  one fine day... his Dream will come true.  His ggreat grandfather;  Paramount High Chief of Island of Samoa. He is named after. He is  Royal.  ., His father served in the military for over 20 yrs.  7 siblings ...all love performing,  Go Jared.   Never Give Up. Love you, mom. Our Blessings go with you.  Wish you the very best. Good Luck! Love you.

MrMetallidude : Lea Salonga is my very favorite singer from Disney Studios. There are plenty of talented girls and women in its history, but Disney hit the jackpot when they took her in. I don't care what other people say - she's my favorite. If angels exists, then they got their singing voice from her. Just listen to that slice of Heaven (if Heaven exists). It's truly perfection. And since she sang my favorite Disney song (this one) - it can't get any better, than this. Thank you Disney and Lea, for making me shiver with happiness.

AnimationFreak : What a beautiful, masculine voice. I love your reactions and your harmonization <3 you’re utterly fantastic

Drew Rodney : Damn, that is AMAZING to see Jasmine's voice coming out of her :D Love Lea Solanga from WAY back.

Jesper Laumann : I'm male and heterosexual.. But I must say.. This guy is hot. Jesus Christ what a nice voice! :)

CraftingMyWorld : Wow, he was amazing!

Jared Young : Thank you soooo much!!!😝 Spred the magic everywhere💫✨🤙🏽

laureng : Dare I say it, he actually sounded better than Brad Kane...

AderuMoro : I haven't grinned this much while watching a video that didn't feature puppies or kitties in a long time.  This made me so happy :D

Isabella Brand : wait.. why am I crying?!

Faith Kingsbury : This is so cute💕😭😭😭

Leora Wambach : Wow, Jared. I am simultaneously jealous as hell and SUPER impressed. I would cut off a limb to sing with Lea Salonga. WELL done!

noidreamers : Lea Salonga is unreal... Her voice is so angelic omg

CaboVerde-ish : Awweesommmme

Jazzi Jazz : Hi.. new subbie... this video is really awesome...

Koneko : I know this is a long time ago, but your delight at 1:11 is absolutely delightful, Jared. :-)

Shahani Braga : How adorable was that smile throughout the entire song!!!

Jen Saw : Did they ever get married (in real life)?

Gt Sukma : Awesome!

mogumogu : did you just call yourself random audience guy? incredible

******* ******* : Does anyone else think he low key looks like Ted Mosby???

Matthew Ducker : Seriously!!!!!!! This is epic. WOW

abigail jungkookjintae : awww this was lovely!!! yall killed it

Pian Lim : Wonderful ! Beautiful ! Excellent !

esha mahin : omg i love his voice and his awkward smiles :)

lupe Garcia : This was awesome and beautiful!!! Love it! Beautiful voice! Dreams do come true in a whole new world!!!😍

Creatip : Holy shit, Lea's voice. The power, the control. Actually sounded better than her voice in the original song version. And this is from a digicam (or cellphone) recording of a live speaker set. Can't imagine how great her voice were, when watching her live.

josy ferezin : watching this video gave me chills. no words to describe!!! I really hope someday i'll watch you on Broadway. Awesome!!!!! your voice is breathtaking!!!!! I lost count how many times i saw this video. Became an addiction!!!

Natasha Castillo : The level of adorable satisfaction in this video is too much to measure. Just wonderful to watch.

chrisjzenteno : His smile is so cute. Warms my heart

rom dave : Go Ted Mosby!

Guido Samson : I think that was Nick Pitera

Jaco : Lea Salonga is truly a Princess. What class!

Scarlet Castle : Wow I would love to hear you live!!

Ben Botts : Is that Adam Jacobs?

雪丞七夜 : How amazing!

Yatsuka A Anime fan : Ow my gosh his voice is so soft! Its so beautiful! I Love it!😍😍

Bæ Bee : You have a really great voice. Its so whole my mind was just blown away.

Chel L : AWESOME 💖

angelintraining amen : What a beautiful rendition you made with the one n only! You have a beautiful voice Jared

toni m : i was grinning the whole time, hahahha

ana2ne1 : I can watch this over and over again. I kept grinning the whole time looking at jared's excitement. I'm happy for u, jared. U just gain a new fan from Malaysia. And to lea, i've loved u since I was a kid - u've been blessed with such a beautiful voice.