...So I Sent Deadmau5 A Disposable Camera

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Clicky Crisp : this is a very unique video love it ♥

Cyranek : jealous

Beni Hotoi : That camera makes things look like they are from 90s

Syko : should've sent him a skrillex album. wonder what he'd do with that xD

Nate Lintz : There's the stereotype that Deadmau (Joel) is an asshole.. but this fan service is above and beyond any other artist. So cool.

Jackson Kotecki : WOW! His studio looks like a nuclear control room!

Lime Icing : I expected clickbait.. I was pleasantly surprised (:

Owen : Imagine all the cameras he got sent to him after this. haha

Skizerz the Almighty : idc what people say about deadmau5, he's a really chill and awesome dude if you just let him be.

TacoZebraz : Would you like random pictures from my house?

Halcyon 441 : so happy for you bro, and keep up being part of us, the mau5horde :) I will remember this idea for the future I didn't know that disposable cam thingy be4 cool stuff there !!

Sqlsh : Why is this in my recommendation it's in 2014

Crowbartender : Thought that Tim Hortons cup at 3:52 was something entirely different.

Schmidty030 : I once sent a condom to Deadmau5, he sent it back full.

DufariMusic : I bet for the next two weeks all he got in the mail was disposible camras

pmiller : Send me one and I'll take some pics

Walnut Spice : Disposable cameras are kinda expensive but damn, 35mm photos look stunning.

lyingpancake95 : Joel's such a cool guy for doing this sort of thing.

tsusurra : still waiting for him to comment

Vueey Le : Joel is truly a good man!  Love how he looks out and cares about his fans! Another reason why I am a big fan of him + his music :D  But yeah nice dude, really jealous of the photos and I hope you're super happy!  + Got yourself a new sub by the way haha ;D 

Keo Mitchell : I don't mean this in a mean way but you totally reminded me of a kid opening up gifts at Christmas. That is pretty awesome dude.

Shay Mary : Genius idea- the fact you sent in the camera in addition! :p And I'm happy for you!! :)

traida111 : wow, he's monitors are sick... joel is a proper dude for taking them photos, legend

uhhuh : lol "naturally" this guy must love his disposable cameras

Emily : That's really cool! He not only makes epic music but he has a great personality and time for his fans. 

old channel : When it's been 2 years and ur still active

Matthew Selquist : Now everyone is gonna start sending him disposable cameras :p

RonnieBavs : Wonder what would happen if you sent him a marshmello helmet XD

Magische Bloemenwereld : You're quite the fanboy lol.

Good4Josh : This is awesome!  Thanks for doing this!  Hopefully +deadmau5 will see this!

Evan Welch : get off my recommended

Stephen nicholas : Awesome man! He's got a rep for being an asshole. I think he's overly opinionated but a genuine/emotional dude.

Travis Moulding : The statue (3:21) is a Sam Flores sculpture, he is an artist that does 'extreme-realism' as a medium. Everything he does is very realistic and graphic, with some serious liberties taken (i.e. Huge hands) and almost all of his art the characters have something on their head. Check out his sneaker head collection of work its amazing, and he is also an extremely good graffiti writer. If you like his stuff you should also check out Justin Bua!

maddy bum : i dont like deadmau but this is pretty sick

Robin Cartwright : What are the songs you have on this video?

Taco : I got blocked on Twitter from Joel :')

Brett LaFemina : Is it just me that thinks that all of the pictures look like old 60's to 70's pictures? 😂😂😂

Joris van Dijk : "He knows who I am" Oh boy...

Asphalt : It's so creepy that you know so much about him but you never met him...

StonedSqueaker : Wow, back when Deadmau5 was relevant! This is quite cringy tbh lol

: "modular analog synthesizers he built himself" Nooope.

Stick Talks : That's so cool hed take the time to do that

Castle Black : Joel is so likable.

justin p : Fan boye

Nanami Suzu : Dick Picks at 3:44

Jaylin Allen : So if I sent him some condoms...

Bleeding Heart Raver : That was the coolest thing ive seen today

Josh A : No he doesn't know who you are, he just knows your name because you sent him the package.

DumandsONE : thats super cool of him tbh

daxoze : Weird how it already feels strange to see someone with a CD. Like... who uses those anymore