...So I Sent Deadmau5 A Disposable Camera

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Evan Welch : get off my recommended

Cyranek : jealous

Zack WhoAmI : You're chill af ryan :D glad you got what you wanted!

Captain Beefheart : The selfies flash placement is sick. Looks like "the Thing".

SilverFoxStudios : Yo Joel's signature looks like a dick.

The One True Morty : and u know his address how?

PricesGame : You're fucking ugly, your laugh is ugly, skinny Twat

David Herzfeld : this is such a cool idea!

Rex Sacriticulus : dude... u look like fucking richard ramirez and you are saying you would kill... get some help

Andinga Tacho : You can get rich

Cp : 2:33 what did you just say?


BunnyLovesHam : This kid was so happy my heart smiled! 😍

Yung Booter Kid : This video wouldn't get the fuck out of my recommended even though I've seen it before a long time ago

Flexados : Send him one of his albums with a signiture from Diplo and Skrillex lul

Liam Keiler : Fuck gross ass youtuber

Tripnotyst : Dick pic 3:39

Lightning volt Plays : Wait... Deadmouse? My whole life I read it as deadmaw5

Skabor : This guy actually seems to be a pretty chilled person for his age!

Asphalt : It's so creepy that you know so much about him but you never met him...

INDOORS/OUTDOORS : He didn't build the synth, it's modules in multiple cases

ExtraSpicy : Cringy

BlueTJ : Dude, that outro music is fucking epic.

BourbonLegend : Congrats bro! Yeah, Joel is alright :)

Debbie Meyer : Deadjoel5? Lol

CatsWillLickYou : holy shit thats a lot of synthesizers

brown bear : He would kill to spend a day with deadmau5 I WOULD KILL TO BE DEADMAU5

Rize : Nice Tele

Benjamin Phillips : This kid would, like, kill, for a lot of arbitrary reasons

Griselle Alvarado : you're wierd

Joey : What's his address? I want to send him a disposable camera.

Matt Harper : Your dick is so hard for Deadmouse, I hope you guys get to 69 some day.

NME_Bane : My brother is named Ryan Talbot, strange

Papajuan 420 : 3:42 I thought that was a dick pic for a sec

Daimen Worrall : Why do you have lego man hair?

Wosrethot : This boy probably has no friends... sad.

magicSNIPER-_- : This kid is a fag

KoutaSn : inspiration for my next tactic for farming nudes

Propane And Propane Accessories : "Apartment" ...yeah.

Austin Tiner : *caugh* *caugh* EBay *caugh* *caugh*

Bippy Bo : You said apartment but he lives in a castle

Sander Talsma : dude you rolling out of bed like that and keep it like that all day?

Gabriel Cundari : Uninterested but at least it was aesthetically pleasing.

Noah Gracias : I met deadmau5 at the ROM. He's a chill dude

justin p : Fan boye

Andrei Tonido : dammn joel aka deadmau5 he is so friendly and kind

Clemens S. : The amount of cringy teenage laughs is very high in this video

Will L : 2:22 *Rare photo from inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant two days before the incident (colourized).*

CrakaJackz : His studio looks like a NASA control room

Casio Russo : wawawewa its a load of dick pics!