...So I Sent Deadmau5 A Disposable Camera

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Evan Welch : get off my recommended

Cyranek : jealous

QuebeC VR : Ide send him one of my CDJ’s if they weren’t so dam expensive

shadow light : You have the same guitar as me, the far right one

Matt Orfalea : "He knows who I am"...lol

grizzly bear artist : Hi new sub

Owen Seguin : way to give out your address dumbass

Kat Sitchon : I like that you have a daruma. Very cool idea to send a disposable camera btw!


Captain Beefheart : The selfies flash placement is sick. Looks like "the Thing".

noop lapser : Saw this and instant love for the channel from me! :)

rodarignac : The clickbait was... not strong with this one??? hmmm I'm confused and happy

Effdup : Stay the fuck off my recommended.

Emon Arema : Thank to share this great video....😃👍👍👍

Zack WhoAmI : You're chill af ryan :D glad you got what you wanted!

Miguel Leysner : So I Sent Deadmau5 A Disposable Camera...*

siriusisastar : Deadmau5 music eats ass but Joel's a snappy business man who knows how to keep his fan base/customers happy. Props.

Tyler Cameron : How do you feel about Bassnectar?

Türf : Deadmau5 remained human despite the constant onslaught of fame and fortune.

Corpsi : This is actually very cool. Nice of Deadmau5.

Will Joulie : "That's right he knows own who I am" ya sorry to notify you he probably doesn't even remember relieving your mail.

Mr. Jim Business : Why do you talk like you are best friends? Youre just an obsessed fan, who knows too much about his cats genetics, and the corn in his shit he ate the other night.

PricesGame : You're fucking ugly, your laugh is ugly, skinny Twat

Andinga Tacho : You can get rich

Rex Sacriticulus : dude... u look like fucking richard ramirez and you are saying you would kill... get some help

Memes n Shet : 2:39 desdmau5 did a masterclass showing how to become a producer!!!its fuckin awesome check it out!


kowalityjesus : Funky song/music during captions is Slow Down Start Over by Deadmau5

David Herzfeld : this is such a cool idea!

BunnyLovesHam : This kid was so happy my heart smiled! 😍

Yung Booter Kid : This video wouldn't get the fuck out of my recommended even though I've seen it before a long time ago

Liam Keiler : Fuck gross ass youtuber

SilverFoxStudios : Yo Joel's signature looks like a dick.

Skabor : This guy actually seems to be a pretty chilled person for his age!

Brookie Barbour : joel is a fucking asshole

Tripnotyst : Dick pic 3:39

The One True Morty : and u know his address how?

Asphalt : It's so creepy that you know so much about him but you never met him...

Cp : 2:33 what did you just say?

Brah U Serious? : This is hella gay

Flexados : Send him one of his albums with a signiture from Diplo and Skrillex lul

Love God : Wait... Deadmouse? My whole life I read it as deadmaw5

Debbie Meyer : Deadjoel5? Lol

CatsWillLickYou : holy shit thats a lot of synthesizers

Benjamin Phillips : This kid would, like, kill, for a lot of arbitrary reasons

Joey : What's his address? I want to send him a disposable camera.

Wosrethot : This boy probably has no friends... sad.

Gabriel Cundari : Uninterested but at least it was aesthetically pleasing.

Bippy Bo : You said apartment but he lives in a castle

brown bear : He would kill to spend a day with deadmau5 I WOULD KILL TO BE DEADMAU5