BASEketball Best Of Squeak

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Links Fraulein : "How am I supposed to get a chick in that?" I love how that's his _first_ question! He doesn't complain about a tiny cardboard box being extremely uncomfortable to sleep in - no, his first concern is how he's going to get a chick in it! XD

Stonie : I swear if you guys rip on me 13 or 14 more times I'm outta here!!!!

Nerbus911 : And then Squeak actually starts messing with the blanket like he's seriously going to sleep in the box hahaha

Narbs Jones : 13 or 14 more times hahaha

Nerbus911 : I love how Coop just glides into the shot with a bowl of cereal. Fucking classic

vinnihem : lol he started fixing his bed

Danni Gresko : I hear your mom's going out with SQUEAK!

JVS28 : Best video on youtube

Tom Gobin : hahaha this is probably one of my fave scenes "Because your piece of shit". "I am not a piece of shit". "Yeah but your a little bitch" "Sure are!" hahaahahahahahahahahaha

Bigmax101 : I know its one of my faves as well!

Sying Flaucerz : "yeah, totally awesome bed, but thats jenkins bed.  your beds over here.."

Amy Nicole : My favorite scene in all cinema 😂😂

Jaiden Candia : I don’t like how it’s the one clip tho I thought it was a compilation of squeak moments

Brett Y. : Atleast i'm on the teeeam!!!

Mdanish Iskandar : Weakess scream in the whole world 1:21

Nick Schireson : Oh, don’t worry, dude. You couldn’t get a chick even if you had a 100 dollar bill hangin’ out of your zipper.

ljalexi : Bad Shawn approves this message.

loveduringketchup : 0:14 does you guys know what song was playing??????, i really wanna know

NickPlayz : I don't loik basskitbawl

Joseph Grealy : It was losing the truck that pissed them off the most

SpikeLanta : LOL "How I'm supposed to get a chick in that?" you think a hooker would go for it? she actually wants money, wouldn't turn it down. some other chicks might, but hookers need to get paid no matter what

Mike M : Since when did you need a blow torch to make a ball?

Stephen Maric : best movie

console warrior : The guys from South Park really put a lot things of South Park into this movie

C Conks : Steve Perry

intsoccersuperstar1 : Was Squeak the inspiration for Butters?

Frank McDoodle : I love this mpvie