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Kei : This is basically saying woman can't complain about catcalling ever again lmao this man getting touched and shit😂

Black Tarzan : 1:09 that girl was literally drooling bc of your c*ck...

ImTheBoss914 : Perfect song for this video 😂😂😂

Psylatoon4 : The legends said if u like this U Will have a 7 meters Dick !!!

Yolo Lollipops : They were all paid actors... And a paid weiner

Poudii : Hilarious! Worth the copyright, hope this goes viral

sagar jadhav : Man who's the cameraman ? He's doing a real good job.

dremoney stacks : The cute chick mouth was watering and ready to give a BJ @ 1:11 drop of saliva out her mouth. When she touched it she was disappointed it was fake.

Christian D'Amore : *0:30** Mickey Mouse has left the chat*

Reset Button : Those two Indian chicks at 1:20 were 🔥🔥 AF

Renny Holladae : The thirst is real 🤣🤣🤣🤣

RavageRaps : 0:57 that poor Asian guy didn’t deserve that lmao 😂💀

Medal Mold : How racism started.....

DrummerBB : This is funny, but at the same time this kinda ticks me off. Women complain about catcalling and junk; yet here you have them not only ogling hard but going and touching the dude. If the roles were reversed, there would be cries for rape. Just goes to show women are the most double standard people out there. "Keep your eyes and hands to yourself" my butt

Crash Bandicoot : 1:45 She was analysing all the different ways she could pounce on that *d* .

LTgamer49 : Longest 3 Minute video EVER‼️😂

StarBoi iam : U choose perfect song

Killmonger Porter : Man pornography really has change society nowadays

Sibusiso Maboya : 1:12 she drooled right there

Logan Rouse : The last one a thot tbh

SkillaTheGreat : Really stood in front of that innocent Asian guy LMFAOO.

alvin ateher : Lol I guess size does matter😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

dremoney stacks : New York Minnie Mouse a thot


ProdiigyDave : 1:43 why is she taking a picture?

TheBeardedGamer : this is the highest quality prank video I’ve ever seen

Mr Anonymous : 1:05 she was so disappointed it was fake. I feel sorry for her dad.

Kevin Condna : 0:28 LOL the mixture of the Mario sound haha! 😆😆


Convoult : They touching this man like he a door knob 😂😂

Vector Rector : The idea mixed in with the music and editing and camerawork is the best

Atlas F. : 0:59 HOLLERINGG 😂😂 Boy was wondering why he so close

Alpha Macho : Hoes ain’t loyal

massi massinissa : NRA should be put down so we could send this dude to jail 😂 no more shotguns in public

Lael Hansen Toe Sucker : How many times did he get sexually harassed in this video

Goddess Hestia : *"Sorry, this content is age restricted"* ಠ_ಠ

Rigo Montesino : 0:50 she wins

onee : Cop asked him, is that a weapon in your pants or are you just happy to see me. XD

Darryl Pender : Laughed all the way through. In 40 years, he can sue those ladies for assault.

Real One : Thats sexual harasment but we good with that ok ok...

Philippe Lods : Somebody saw my baguette ?

nuradin : That's cool and all, but do you know what's more cool? The editing with this song

ken azinec : The first girl looks like wendy from breaking bad.

Güicho x : They prolly wondering why is so far off to the side Edit: this comment did numbers lmao wow

Huzzefa Mughal : Who want Make 100th part Hit like

Anime Love : 0:58 you have a ringing bell in up of you just tap it 😂😂😂

Nirbhay Singh : Part 2 please

Anime Love : I think he should write his no.on his shirt and then start moving

Ade Oredin : The lady in the black with her husband looks like she would have taken right there on the side walk (SO DISRESPECTFUL)

Omer Asik The GOD : you earned my suscription