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Renny Holladae : The thirst is real 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Black Tarzan : 1:09 that girl was literally drooling bc of your c*ck...

StarBoi iam : U choose perfect song

watakwamba wakambarass : At 3:02 he had two boners 😂😂😂😂

RICARDO : Just remember this.... Women are 10x dirtier than men...

Poudii : Hilarious! Worth the copyright, hope this goes viral

Alpha Macho : Hoes ain’t loyal

sagar jadhav : Man who's the cameraman ? He's doing a real good job.

Killmonger Porter : Man pornography really has change society nowadays

RavageRaps : 0:57 that poor Asian guy didn’t deserve that lmao 😂💀 *(I make music btw🤪)*

LTgamer49 : Longest 3 Minute video EVER‼️😂

dremoney stacks : The cute chick mouth was watering and ready to give a BJ @ 1:11 drop of saliva out her mouth. When she touched it she was disappointed it was fake.

Blue Face : All these thirsty NY Hoes 😂

Christian D'Amore : *0:30** Mickey Mouse has left the chat*

Reset Button : Those two Indian chicks at 1:20 were 🔥🔥 AF

NEAL 98 : Mickey Mouse disliked this video 😂😂😂👌

Mr Anonymous : 1:05 she was so disappointed it was fake. I feel sorry for her dad.

Kyeby Rno : 1:42 bruh that photobomb had me dead

ProdiigyDave : 1:43 why is she taking a picture?

SkillaTheGreat : Really stood in front of that innocent Asian guy LMFAOO.

burningkarma : 2:32 that's what i'm talking about!

Darryl Pender : Laughed all the way through. In 40 years, he can sue those ladies for assault.

Crash Bandicoot : 1:45 She was analysing all the different ways she could pounce on that *d* .

Convoult : They touching this man like he a door knob 😂😂

TheBeardedGamer : this is the highest quality prank video I’ve ever seen

dremoney stacks : New York Minnie Mouse a thot

Sibusiso Maboya : 1:12 she drooled right there

Mohit Negi : 1:44 those girls will never forget that selfie.

Mapasang Koman : 3:01 Damn

Lael Hansen Toe Sucker : How many times did he get sexually harassed in this video

Vector Rector : The idea mixed in with the music and editing and camerawork is the best

Candy Van Man : 2:30 Sara jay is that you?

albert winnepieg : Reasons why racism exists...

Don't Read My Profile Picture : 1:55 he's like "Lucky motherf****r wish mine was that big too"

Nova politan : Mario and Luigi couldnt believe the size of that pipe

Rigo Montesino : 0:50 she wins

boosted kid productions : 0:36 when you're walking down the hallway and you see your friend in the class room

Akmal Ruslan : 1:46 damnn!!! that girl is hot

Rasheed Fenwick : girl @ 0:44 can get it

Jamii Circle : Lol! The girl who drooled tho!

Mihai : 1:45 momy wants a piece

Max Amsil : These videos are hilarious

nuradin : That's cool and all, but do you know what's more cool? The editing with this song

B Dogg : This should be the actually video for the song

Güicho XD : They prolly wondering why is so far off to the side Edit: this comment did numbers lmao wow

Cmkev 17 : 1:43 Lmao 😂😂😂

Cong TV : 3:00 the fun begins

VEGETARIAN LION : girls lust >>>>>>> boys lust . I am lied my whole life.

joe rogan fan page : 1:45 she couldn't stop her eyes from staring

Mauro : real talk tho whoever filmed this needs an award damn shots looking clean asf