Choose Life - Trainspotting (1-12) Movie CLIP (1996) HD.mp4

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Vilkku : I absolutely adore how the chase scene at the beginning is used in the context of the movie. Notice it is used two times in the movie. At the beginning and also later. It is no coincidence, but an awesome metaphore for the progression of addiction. SPOILERS FOR THE FILM BELOW The beginning of this movie starts with a bang. Our heroes are running away with Iggy Pop's Lust for Life playing in the background. It is a very energic and lively song setting a good, crazy mood. With that, we have Renton's arrogant, rebelious "choose life" monologue about shitting on normal values, instead taking the path of a heroin addict. It sets a crazy, yet appealing fun mood and when Renton hits the car at the beginning and laughs at the driver before getting knocked down, it is sort of a comedic moment based on the established atmosphere. The movie is telling us, the ride is starting and it's gonna be a fun one. I imagine it is similar to the first hits. When you try the drug for the first time and the sensation overwhelms you, all your senses are telling you that you are entering a new world, that you are in for amazing ride. You feel adventurous, rebellious and great. Cue the second time this scene is used. It immediately follows the death of the baby, which is arguably the heaviest and most desperate time of the film. The background music, Sing by Blur, is fucking leaking desperation and ugliness. There is nothing fun about it this time around, the atmosphere is heavy as fuck. Renton monologues again, but it's not rebelious anymore. It is in no way arrogant or fun or appealing. Instead it is a monologue about desperation, the constant never ending need with no promise of brighter future. This time, when Renton gets hit by a car, it is not comedic anymore. The giggle he gives is a laugh of someone on the edge of madness, someone who is hitting the bottom, so he might as well just laugh. In this context, it is a disturbing laugh and a disturbing scene. The imagery is EXACTLY THE SAME, but the context is different. A time of the film has passed and the situation is completely different. What seemed like a fun world is now a living fucking nightmare, because some time has passed. Now, this is what happens with drug use, too. At the beginning, it was a fun ride, giving you new, great sensations. But as time progresses, as the state of your body changes and you become dependant, it turns into a nightmare. In a way, it's still the same, like the scene is. You shoot up, you get better, you feel great. But the context is different. At this point, you are trapped in the never ending nightmare, just like Renton says in this monologue. Fucking flawless use of the scene, I swear.

motor4X4kombat : chose a better padawan

Steven Baxter : Choose life.choose watching a clip on YouTube from DVD you already own. Choose reading comments written by people who are doing the same. Choose running out of things to type and just leaving it at that.CHOOSE LIFE

Gryskar : Who watched Assassin's Creed Odyssey Live Trailer ? xD

Mahesh Journalist : Because, it has one of the best opening sequences in Film History. Because, it has one of the best Voice-Overs in the lines of Taxi Driver, Goodfellas. Because, 20 years before, it ridiculed today's consumerism. Because, it is unbelievably raw and profane. Because, it is technically better than Pulp-Fiction with effective usage of colours and skilfully setting various moods of characters in the screen. Because, it is Danny Boyle's best directed film till date. Finally, it is exceptionally entertaining.

Abdallah El-Ghannam : Who needs reasons when you have got heroin?

The Ground Effect : You’re an addict, so be addicted Just be addicted to something else Choose the ones you love Choose your future Choose life

Linda Boa : I will choose heroin. Thanks.

polytype. : I love the way the category for this video is Howto and Style ahahahahahahaha

Izzy belle : Favourite movie ever!

Ali Mackenzie : It's awesome seeing the scene where they're running through Edinburgh, I've walked under that bridge so many times :')

Ricardo Maccotta : the best movie start ever, no matches at all Also the part "we Scottish are shite......" it is epic

Dave Freeman : Choose T3

Shawn Fox Firth : 'If God Made anything Finer He kept It for Himself' Hunter S Thompson's reply when asked his opinion on heroin . . .

Vampires Crypt : Not as dark as Requiem for a dream but still pretty dark :|

Ilán Laham : Who needs reasons when you have *t h e h i g h g r o u n d* ?

Wee JillGee : Choose anything but fuking herion lol choose weed

Ricardo Maccotta : *Heroin walk through....* 1 - You start with it, you like it, it is funny, you enjoy it AND you think you can control it.. 2 - You start to feel that you are "a bit" hooked, still you are sure to control it, whenever you will want to. 3 - You start to realize that you are hooked, but yet, "It is just for now, I will quit in time" .... sure 4 - You slowly start to learn that "quitting" it is not "that easy". Yet.....Still, I can do it if i put myself into it. 5 - You realize you can't... you need help.. maybe you look for some detoxication centers... or you "pretend" to change you life for good and all that... you try both...... you try it again .... you insist..... ... you ....... 6 - It doesn't work, you realize you are the same whatever you do or try to do, wherever you are or try to be.... a fucking yonkie, that's all. Period 7 - You start to live the real nightmare of being a yonkie, your friends die, you other friends disappear, your family vanish, you got some overdoses all by yourself.... you realize that you are left all by yourself with another bunch of living dead zombies swimming in a pool of vomits and misery. 8 - You think you are pretty much hooked into it.. 9 - Years goes by....... ..If still you are alive, you lean that what you thought it was to be hooked, it was a joke. It is only the entrance door, you has just stepped into it, the Hall of Hell....... Welcome. Heroin it is funny not more from long ago, you just need it f not to be sick ..... The "bang"?, The fun?, The "to be high"? ...... Fuck with it, Who cares? I just need it not to feel that pain, that nightmare of mental confusion, the sickness..... 10 - You start truly to believe that there's only one way out ......... tits up. 11 - You stop to worry, you stop to think, you care no more..... you die (which is welcomed by the way) ......... (12) - Maybe God for some, a "pop-up" occasion for others..... if you has gone beyond step 7..... if you are very, very, very lucky.... you go back to life 14 - If the occasion arises, you say to others......... *_DON'T_* I reserve the 15th for myself, you can guess it though

I agree with everything you say : Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?! Ain't that the truth

SwaggyFaija : I watched this movie while coming down from meth for the first time. The way this movie shows how drug use at first can be all amazing and new, but then you hit a rock bottom and start thinking how to quit the habit. This scene itself symbolises the fact that you choose a path, even though working your ass off might not give you diamonds. I will never touch meth again, nor use party drugs frequently, many thanks to this movie and the situation I was watching it. I have faced a few rock bottoms and they have brought balance to my life. I've chosen to choose life with a little twist

1greenMitsi : choose dmt and hack life :)

Anthony Madril : I remember hearing this quote mixed on some Electronica album. it had yellow writing on the CD, that's all I can remember.

John Hintz : Chose Everything but Junk.Above all else.Chose Life!..💉😉🚅

Antoine Roquentin : Choose loif

1greenMitsi : choose dmt and get hack life :)

R Linders : With the exception of the swearing and drug references, this is, in my opinion, how Zootopia should have begun.

James Murphy : Choose life, choose smack either way it's all as meaningless as everything else.

Alpha7strike : Choose Cannabis

Mark Zedd : ahhhhh the movie of my childhood, good times xxxxx

daftman420 : Can't wait for part 2!

Charthers : Do millennials wonder who they are on a sunday morning, do they even care? Is existential angst still a thing, Or did adderall and instagram make it irrelevant?

Philip J Fry : IMO one of the best film opening scenes. I like the bit where he smiles and laughs at the driver who knocked him off

mrzack888 : this seems like evil communism. Drugs need to be outlawed. Coffee should be mandatory put into our water supply so we can be good little ant workers.

OneBagger : I didn't choose Heroin. Heroine chose me.

Lam Wing Fung : i choose death sticks

jean-michel Soto : Lust for life Iggy Pop

Octavio89 : Choose Trainspotting.

Ricardo Maccotta : I am very excited about the just upcommind second part, I hope I just like it because i don.t think can be as good as this one..

Mimon Barakacka : choose the best movie in da world ! THIS !

Theris : Oh and here am I back again high as a kite

JimmyThaCop : The Simpsons actually brougt me here :-)

Addy C: : Nobody in Edinburgh has this thick of an accent.

Rebecca West : Just come back from Edinburgh, felt like recreating that first bit of them running.

jekanyika : It's nice to know that our chancellor gets his inspiration from a Danny Boyle film. 

Hrnek Bezucha : Isn't it here when he says _'you don't need excuses when you have heroin'_?

Jorge Nuñez : In other words, ''being part of the system ain't that bad".

Vote For Pedro : One of my personal favourite movies ever I relate so much to these characters haha minus the drugs

Marco MUNI : so perfect

Vivek Acharya : what a powerful scene!!!

MrPurser : Gleaming film.